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Saturday, December 29, 2007


My pala Moonprince, my rogue Matadora and druid Cornelius are now 70 (5×70’s now!) and I’m again enjoying ganking in Orgrimmar, alone or with some rogue friends. On the PVE side,Tarithel continues healing for PORTUCALE, Lurker in SSC and Void Reaver in Tempest Keep are down.
I’ve seen a glimpse of ZUl’Aman, and I’ve run all Kara but the last boss. Now, it’s time to run some heroics. On the private side, my server is now setup and working fine, and I’ve paid a visit the Hyjal Summit, Black Temple, etc. Looks like I wont be visiting it for real anytime soon.
On PVP, Netcownt is stalled, I lost a bit of interest in gladiating.. To get the Gladiator set ? When the extension comes out, all that crap will again turn obsolete in days. Meanwhile, my expertise is good enough to deal with all those S1 geared honor leeching noobs.
I’d like to help Lords of Midnight running Kara/Zul’, but my pala gear is too crap, My healing was good enough to heal through Shadow Labs and Arcatraz for Kara attunement, with no wipes. As a bonus, I got a Primal Nether from Black Morass, so I crafted an Engineering plate helmet for healing. As a dps, I’ve got humilliated LOL, nearly did as much damage as a totem.
By the way, I figured out a glitch in the WoW 2.3 patch, so that my lock and priest (self-controlled) are able to win Arenas HA HA HA. By tuning Emule on my server to increase the Upload to maximum, my latency goes sky high and all the melees have a hard time hitting me. Moral of the story, last week I won 3 out of 10 arenas, and a few points.
Meanwhile, Alfragitax the warrior and Patalogica the mage are leveling, now 50 and 47.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I had to break WoW for a month to improve my health condition. Now I’m back, and finally some high-end PVE again. I’ve transferred both Netcownt and Tarithel to Frostmane, and joined PORTUCALE , a nice guild with over 50 active 70’s and a friendly environment. I already downed Maulgar and Gruul, and we’re starting SSC now. Tari is now around +1400 healing and guess what, not even one Heroic or Kara gear. Lurker below looks hard, though. Netcownt is unfortunately not usable in this guild since every single kid these days has a lock alt, but I’m easily able to run Kara PUGs, because the server population is very high. On Chromaggus, Matadora and Moon prince (my old pala) are approaching 70 with my dual leveling SW, and Lords of Midnight finally started Kara. Cornelius is stalled at 67. I’m skipping serious PVP for now, only collecting honor points for Season 1 Arena Set and Vindicator. Amazing how AV times are now around 13-16 mins. Waiting for patch 2.3 and the Zul(Gurub)’Aman.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


PVP saga continues. I now own 2 season 2 items and 1 season 1 item, plus all the non-set epics, ring, necklace, with over 300 resillience. I now farm the Alliance medallion, and then may be replacing my marshal silk stuff for some veteran stuff. Got exalted with Skyriders, meaning my epic fly mount is now a giant squid. I’m also revered with Netherwing, and able to earn ~240g on dalies. Tarithel got the Whitemend set, and went a few times to Karazhan up to Moroes. As to high-end PVE…stil thinking what should I do, since my Lords of Midnight guild has stalled. Guild Master and main officers are AFK for months, and will continue to be, itseems. I’ve setup a private server to visit Kara, Tempest Keep, SSC, etc c, but it’s kinda lonely. PVP has a problem, it severely affects my stress. I’m not a teen anymore. Fuck. On horde side, Cornelius is 65, Clarabela stalled at 63 and Patalogica is slowly going up at 41. My new Alfragitax warrior on Balnazzar is also 40+. But I’m to fed up to level my 61 pala and 61 rogue…. WoW is not fun anymore. WTB Challenges or I’ll be quitting soon..

Monday, June 18, 2007


One month later, my lock finally got 5K gold and got my Epic Flying Mount and created an Alchemist Stone. Furthermore I got exalted with Stormwind, so I now own an epic brown horse, as the dreadsteed is too show-off for Battlegrounds and Arenas and gives up my class ID. Well I could use my Alterac War Ram but.. Meanwhile, I collected some more Honor Points and got more non-set epic PVP items: belt,bracer,cape. Next is boots. Meanwhile I’m thinking of moving the lock to Skullcrusher and joining an high-end raid guild as a casual raider.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Tarithel, my 70 NE priest, has finally completed the Primal Mooncloth set. I now get +900healing, +100/+300mp5. The cost was ~0g, since I farmed all the mats. The hard thing was to reach 375 Tailoring. That costed a lot, given I’ve got no patience to farm Netherweave Cloth. Now I’d go for the Whitemend Set. But mote farming again.. oh dear.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Netcownt’s Portuguese guild disbanded. As usual, Chromaggus’s Tugas dont get along. They did a few Karazhan’s, then out they go. I’ve had just time enough to watch Big Bad Wolf. Now I’ve got to find a new guild. All except those with Dutch GM’s. Dutch ppl got a serious problem. I think it has to do with them being half British, half Germans. Every Dutch I know thinks he’s the best. WoW players are no different. E.g. In Chromaggus there is some lock kid I met in my old guild over 1 year ago called Warlockje. He’s now created his own guild called “Godfather of Locks.” Typical.

Monday, February 05, 2007

TBC demasiado fácil

Ou é o meu lock que é overpowered.. mas não, sinto o mesmo efeito com o druida que é feral, mas com gear ganha só à custa de quests na Hellfire peninsula. Os quests em Hellfire são uma cagada em 3 actos, e já os fiz a todos com os 2 alliance e com os 2 horde. Os unicos mobs que dão alguma pica são o Arazzius the Cruel , que se faz com 3 tipos na boa, o Goliathon que eu fiz com o druida 63 e o shaman 62, e um worm elite chamado Fulgorge que anda por lá e ainda não consegui mandar abaixo. Falta-me ir às instancias.

O world PVP em em Hellfire parece-me cretino, fica-se à espera que o inimigo tome a torre para a tomarmos de volta, se quisermos ganhar algo com isso..se matamos o inimigo, ele não consegue tomar a torre, e não se se ganha nada, a não ser a a honor da kill. Um conselho, não gastem as marcas logo porque se pode usá-las em Zangarmarsh, onde há rewards melhores.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Estou de volta à escrita...

Ena pá, já passou tanto tempo...está na altura de voltar a sério para a BC.
Durante 2006, fui um bocado viciado nesta porcaria...
Tenho 7 lvl 60's.. e estou a subir 4 deles para 70...
3 deles foi um colega meu que tb é viciado e andou a jogar na minha conta. Agora anda outro a subir um warrior.

Status em 4.Fev.2007:
Servidor: Lightbringer RP
Chars(Horde): Cornelius (Druida 63) e Clarabela (Shaman 62)
Servidor: Chromaggus PVP
Chars(Alliance): Netcownt (Warlock 62) , Tarithel (Priest 61) e Matadora (Rogue 60)
Servidor: Laughing Skull PVP
Chars(Alliance): Netcount (Paladin 60)
Servidor: Skullcrusher PVP
Chars(Alliance): Wowforsaken (Hunter 60)

As minhas aventuras no WoW teem sido razoáveis, já limpei ZG , MC , BWL até ao Nefarian mas nunca matei o cabrão porque não cheguei a arranjar a scale of Onyxia para o Cloak.. e falta-me ver Naxx, claro. E fiz AQ40 até ao Huhuhan.Tudo isto com o Warlock, que é fabuloso. Tenho sido sempre Soul-link, a tree qeu o ppl chama noobs, mas que ripa em PVP, enquanto em PVE, não sendo top dps, é garantido que fico vivo a dotar, quando os palhaços dos over dps com tree destruction há muito que já foram com os porcos...

No Chromaggus, estive nalgumas guildas com piada, as melhores foram os Exiles of Fate (saí por causa de um filho da puta dum officer mage chamado Kiz que gamava DKP's e ficou fdd quando lhe mandei uma boca), os Expendables do Redbeard e depois da(o) Layla que lhe gamou a guilda quando o Red foi de férias.. mas que não teve tomates para aguentar a guilda e bazou para os Definition.

Vou recomeçar a postar snapshots da Burning Crusade, e alguns snaps com piada que tenho.

Esta porra é um vicio...