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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Moonprince in Karazhan, LBRS farmed

Netcownt has won the S3 [Vengeful Gladiator’s Felweave Handguards], activating the fear set bonus for the gladiator set and Taríthel will win the Season 2 Salvation mace next week, which will give her exactly +1700 healing. YAY!
All of this because I realized I’m actually pretty good winning arenas on my own, actually doing better without any Emule latency legal exploitation. I simply buff, heal, shield and fear with Taríthel, while Netcownt does what he knows best: KILL ! This week, my AloneInTheDark team won 7 out of 10 and finished with ~1420. Next week my goal is to get to 1500. Of course the cretins will say
“Bah, that’s a low ranking. Ya, cretin, try to get that ranking by playing alone with 2 computers, 2 keyboards and 2 toons against 2 real players. Then talk again”.

On PVE, I’ve downed Solarian in TK, YAHOO! Morogrim is now under attack, but the damn boss seems much harder than the others, Lurker included. I’ve also farmed like 15 primals (with dailies, actually) for the guild to build the resistance gear for Hydross. Hopefully I get some DKP from that.

On the light PVE side,
Moonprince has healed my Lords of Midnight guild on Chromaggus through the first 3 bosses in Karazhan, and guess what ? It’s doable LOL. I’ve got less than +1000 healing, but still, with a few buffs, mp5, food, oils, etc, the boost gets it going.
Patalogica, my troll mage, is now 48. Alfragitax the Warrior is 52. Go Go Go ! The goal is to have a 70 of each class by the time the expansion is released.

Goal for this month is to visit Zul’Aman with the guild.

Goal for a near future is to beat Onyxia with Netcownt and Taríthel. I’ve got my UBRS key, so all I need is to drive Tarithel up to Drakkisath and get the Drakefire Amulet for her.