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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall gaming

The Fall of 2012 looks promising in what concerns gaming.

  • Guild Wars2 has been released a few days ago, and its success has been so big they had to suspend selling, in order to have time to accomodate players and new servers. I created a Necromancer called Netcownt (what else), but he's still parked at level 2, waiting for a few gaming nights to start proper leveling. Server is Gandara, guild will be portuguese, PlayTime.
  • In two weeks, Warcraft Mists of Pandaria will be released. I'm not sure I'll go into dualboxing mode, or may be I will level my 5 alts on the main account to get all 10+1 (of course I'll get a monk running) to level 90 by the end of next year. Personally, I'd like to go raiding and such, but not sure about my mind committing to it. For Cataclysm I waited 6 months in my Vindication guild, to start raiding, and then I only raided 3 weeks and went on holidays, a long 6 month WoW break. Let's see how it goes with MoP. It also depends on Arcadia being reborn or not, if Ssorn and Averia, my old guildies, come out of AFK.
  • LOTRO will release Riders of Rohand in October. I haven't bought it yet, but I will. I spent the summer break doing the farmer's event and the summer fest, but Turbine coders are so bad (Bangalorian 20 year old amateurs?) that they bugged up a few quests in both events, so I could not complete deeds.
  • Black Prophecy will close its doors in Setember, but Black Prophecy Tactics - Nexus Conflit (the prequel), will be released sometime later. It's already in beta, and looks quite promising. The same fabulous GUI, but more EVE-like, with less shooting and more strategy, as we drive the big space cruisers instead of the smaller fighters.
  • AION... been playing a bit, my ranger is now level 23.