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Thursday, September 13, 2007


PVP saga continues. I now own 2 season 2 items and 1 season 1 item, plus all the non-set epics, ring, necklace, with over 300 resillience. I now farm the Alliance medallion, and then may be replacing my marshal silk stuff for some veteran stuff. Got exalted with Skyriders, meaning my epic fly mount is now a giant squid. I’m also revered with Netherwing, and able to earn ~240g on dalies. Tarithel got the Whitemend set, and went a few times to Karazhan up to Moroes. As to high-end PVE…stil thinking what should I do, since my Lords of Midnight guild has stalled. Guild Master and main officers are AFK for months, and will continue to be, itseems. I’ve setup a private server to visit Kara, Tempest Keep, SSC, etc c, but it’s kinda lonely. PVP has a problem, it severely affects my stress. I’m not a teen anymore. Fuck. On horde side, Cornelius is 65, Clarabela stalled at 63 and Patalogica is slowly going up at 41. My new Alfragitax warrior on Balnazzar is also 40+. But I’m to fed up to level my 61 pala and 61 rogue…. WoW is not fun anymore. WTB Challenges or I’ll be quitting soon..