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Sunday, November 11, 2007


I had to break WoW for a month to improve my health condition. Now I’m back, and finally some high-end PVE again. I’ve transferred both Netcownt and Tarithel to Frostmane, and joined PORTUCALE , a nice guild with over 50 active 70’s and a friendly environment. I already downed Maulgar and Gruul, and we’re starting SSC now. Tari is now around +1400 healing and guess what, not even one Heroic or Kara gear. Lurker below looks hard, though. Netcownt is unfortunately not usable in this guild since every single kid these days has a lock alt, but I’m easily able to run Kara PUGs, because the server population is very high. On Chromaggus, Matadora and Moon prince (my old pala) are approaching 70 with my dual leveling SW, and Lords of Midnight finally started Kara. Cornelius is stalled at 67. I’m skipping serious PVP for now, only collecting honor points for Season 1 Arena Set and Vindicator. Amazing how AV times are now around 13-16 mins. Waiting for patch 2.3 and the Zul(Gurub)’Aman.