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Sunday, February 24, 2008


A bit bored with WoW, today I restarted my home wow private server only to try some Moonplusplus script coding. Moonplusplus is a C++ scripting project (LUA also) to emulate the real WoW in DLL's for use with Ascent, the mainstream WoW emulator.

For those willing to try it, just change the realmlist.wtf for my server and enter user/passwd guest/guest in WoW. Simple. Keep in mind that server will restart often as I change code for the scripting DLL's.

It's fun to equip different Tier sets, fly over Azeroth, visit the GM island, Mount Hyjal, Black Temple, some unfinished places like old Ironforge,etc. Raid events are working more or less fine.

In real WoW, I've been in Alterac Valley yesterday with Patalogica and Ulik, it was fun but we're not yet 60's, so we took a beating. We won and Ulik got his polearm.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Atic Atac goes for Kael

Just talked to Caritas from Atic Atac guild on EU Frostmane.
They know me as the warlock that recognized the guild name a ZX Spectrum Game from Ultimate Play the Game.
They were in my list when I was fed up with Chromaggus stalling as a server, and I talked with Caritas and Renné then. Problem was, they required Thursday raiding, and for me it was not possible.
Tonight they are going for Kael, with SSC and ZA cleared. That is amazing, considering they started pushing in Sep'07, raiding 3 nights a week, with only 20yo+ working ppl.
Ah well, I'll get there too, hopefully.

Life goes on

Last night I talked with Corleth. They seem to have a place for Moonprince in Kara, as healers are scarce. Good news: Karazhan is in farm status mode, dual healing Curator, etc. I must rush to do some runs with the lads.

PVP: Darilius and Dahboo are up for some Orgrimmar ganking. We have to set one of this idle nights to go there, may be Mega wants to come too. 4 rogue-team would absolutely rule the place.

Another solo Arena week, this one I lost 4-6, with 2 defeats so close against a rogue.. in the end I noticed my Talisman hadnt worked because I was using the PVE build LOL !!! The best win was against a SP+mage. They managed to kill Tarithel quite early so I thought it was really lost for Net. But then, I feared the mage, the SP ran the opposite way, turned holy to heal but... coil+SB+felguard=death. Then it was a case of mage kiting, he tried some ice tricks, but nothing to worry about.

On PVE-25, we keep pushing for Al'ar. New CL in the house. This one looks like Beanruz, as Nikata would say. Though, nice to have someone to press the lazy ones for pots/food. And fishing ftw.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Today I tried STV's Fishing Extravaganza.
Weird, as Netcownt has been 300(375) skilled for ages and I never tried it.
Well, being on a Sunday at lunch time probably was the cause.
Anyway, today it is raining like hell, so I gave it a shot. Set my HS to Booty Bay, equipped my Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole and went fishing to 41,59, where a lot of ponds show up at 2PM. Everything was running fine, I had 20 fish when horde showed up. They didnt attack me, since they were also fishing, but being in minority, I had to move to another spot to play safe. Had to do it a few times, and so I lost 37/40 to Thokk, a 70 horde warlock.
Funny how many people still are running for the Arcanite Fishing Pole

Friday, February 15, 2008

A quiet evening, Alfragitax leveled to 55 thanks to Alterac Valley. I forgot I should have come here at 51, since I could get the Ice Barbed Spear. Oh well, better late then ever. I also respecced Fury to try Bloodthirst against Mortal Strike. It looked fine, specially with my epic Axe, but now I got a polearm too .. the build is 15/31/0.
Tonight I'll tell Ulik to get the polearm too. The nasty part is the time one wastes leveling the damn skill to 280...
Another surprise is that I'm now able to hit guys around my level. Balnazzar looks like a PVP nightmare, every horde attacks me. Winterspring, a cretin troll hunter Trolica attacked me so many times. I only died once, and a few times I could get him with a mob on my tail. So, things are not as sour as they seemed. Warriors do kill after all !

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The fire and the flame

Another Al'ar wipe night, this time he went down to 30%, before the add tank died. I had 3 fire circles below me and I was able to live through them all. It costed me 3 healthstones, though. The damn thing really does not give enough time to run, even with 200ms latency. You have to start running (my \ key) and use the life saver (my F1 key).
As to meteors, I'm managing fine, just keep in motion.
Top healer, top priest Hot'er, 4th in overheal. My platform tank died once coz I got los'ed doing the life saver Greater Heal. Bad luck, no time to do anything.
The most important thing to retain is that I never went OOM ! Never used a mana pot, only a shadowfiend once just to play safe.
The problems with this boss in phase 2:
  • Dying DPS ppl.
  • Tanking problems with meteor falling far from them or not using spell reflect on it.
  • Taunt resists when armor melts (solved using 3 tanks)
  • Fire circles showing up on them and they stand there..
Today is Valentinsdag as Sofia would say, so, time to repeat my quests for some more Chocolate Boxes

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Two epics in one day: First 25-raid epic

Yay, got Fel Reaver's Piston last night for Tarithel, a nice drop from TK's VoidReaver. I like "Equip -only" trinkets, instead of those dreadful "Use" ones. I will make nice use of this since, besides direct healings with flash/greater heal, I spam Circle of Healing for mage groups and for my own group when we get AOE targetted by casters.

And, just before dinner, I was leveling a bit with Alfragitax, when, out of a Pterrodax in Un'goro, came this Axe of the Deep Woods.
Long time since I got one epic. I think my last was a Shadowblade when Tarithel was still 50ish.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Al'ar wiping , Arena pwning

A bit more progress.
On PVP Netcownt got the S3 [Vengeful Gladiator’s Piercing Touch] .Tarithel got the [Merciless Gladiator’s Salvation] and enchanted Spellsurge on it. AloneInTheDark reached ranking 1530 after a successful 8-2 and 7-3 weeks. Arena 2v2 is rocking. I win about all games when a holy priest is not around. Or a healer, in general

PVEwise, on Frostmane, we’ve been wiping on TK Al’ar phase 2 the last weeks, the key for smooth add killing is still to be found. I died twice on the fire circles, but now I think I managed it. Now confortably on the top 3 healers with little overhealing, nice for ego. Looking at recount graphs after a raid is useful too. I’ve finally been to Zul’Aman, and killed the first boss and nearly the second, after learning to deal with the trash waves. Nasty.

On my little dual-man Onyxia project, I cleared UBRS but found out Drakkisath fight is no-can-do for 2 70’s. Luckily, a nice mage came a long with a rogue and we beat him. After that, I had to try Onyxia. The adds are piece of cake with the felguard tanking. But… Onyxia has a problem: AGGRO. Felguard/VW controls the event until a taunt gets resisted or misses. Then Onyxia jumps on Tarithel and most times, not even Fade helps. I got her down to 90% but that was it. I plan on getting some more aggro redux stuff (-2% threat on cloak, equipping my threat trinket, threat pot,etc), and will try again, also alternating Netcownt’s pet health channelling with Tari’s healing to balance the agro on both chars.

On Lightbringer I’ve been leveling Patalógica a bit (54), nothing much, and did some questing with Ulik/Vitinho. Also, I created a little BE hunter (22 atm) to get to know the BE starting quests. Did them all. I should do the same with the Draeneis, but… /yawn.

Work on 70’s has stopped, until I find the potion for elasticity of free time. Megabbyte, my old pal, leveled a 70 rogue on Chromaggus and is now S1 geared, so next month we’ll have some late night ganking in Orgrimmar.