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Sunday, April 17, 2011

FDPs r Us

Just now I had a glimpse of why I'm right getting out of WoW after /500 days played.

I entered a Hall of Origination as healer explicitly to go for Setesh. I said in the beginning in /party that I was entering only for it, so if we please could do it.
I asked again when the platform went up, and I said I wanted Setesh, but I would ofc stay for the last boss. The tank druid ignored me and after my insistence, solely replied "My dinner is rdy soon" (meaning couldn't fucking care less of what you're saying in chat or why you are playing, I'm here to do my thing, so fuck off).
I said that was rude as I had asked in the beginning to do it and he had said nothing about dinner. He just said, he didnt know when dinner would be ready.

It's been 3 years since I called fdp to a player, and it costed me a suspended account, but today I had it.

I switched to /say and "Uma vez fdp sp fdp", because that kind of attitude resembles a few portuguese attitudes I already had in dugeons. Guess what ?

Answer: "Nem sp". I knew it.

My answer: "Quase sp". "Mas dou o beneficio da duvida".

I healed through the Rajh trash, when I could have wiped it. And I said during the Rajh fight that I could be a fdp too and cause us to wipe, but I wasn't doing it.

Btw, the run was a blitz run, with tank having no respect for my mana/drinking. But thanks to my awareness, we never wiped, trash or bosses.

Enough said why I am leaving World of Warcraft. Because of this kind of players, which unfortunately were raised by parents giving them no sense of respect for others, so they just act in virtual life like they do in real life. We see it everyday in our roads, in our government, etc.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Clarabela is (the last) Cataclysm hero

Who would say that my beloved restoration shaman would become a Cataclysm dungeon hero, healing all of them ?

Still got 3-4 crappy items, but tbh, it went easily, with just a few hiccurps being the first time, and having about 343i.

One week to go. Forums are full and I mean *full* of old players leaving. The problems they talk about ? Exactly the same.

The hottest topic is here.

The World is empty.
No world PVP.
No one anywhere but at the two hubs, or at archaeology spots, doing their stuff.
No sense of community.
Factions no longer getting together to do something, be it a world boss or defending a city.
A lot of rude people in battlegrounds and PUGS.
Difficult to find healers/tanks for progress guilds.
Everyone wants the fast lane, free epics.
It's all about achievements/iLevel. No ilvl, no achievement, no raid, no invite, no nothing.
At the same time, things are too easy, because Blizzard went into casual mode. It created concept "gear rules all", "skill is obsolete".
Anger, anger everywhere.

My guild Arcadia still standing, but still empty, people left. Unless the heroes return...

I'm outta here. I won't regret it.

(Have to repeat it to myself over and over, after all it's an psychological dependency, I have to admit, after playing for so long. There'll be a few more posts like this LOL).

PS: My LOTRO Minstrel is 64,999, near cap level. Pretty soon I'll be checking my first Portucale Electus raid. The character fluidity sucks, game mechanics seem too basic (don't get knocked-back, stay away from green sh*t on the floor), but the overall graphics are great. And the community... Oh my lord, what a difference.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Silly me

I was in a battleground. Guess what happened. A picture's worth a thousand words.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Patalogica is 85.. and 20 days to go

My primary account will close in approx. 20 days. I've run out of toons to level up, got 5+2 maxed out. Patalogica breezed as a firemage to cap level, and made me proud, pulling some good top dps in trash pulls, and in some bosses like the wind boss in Vortex Pinnacle, or the last boss in Stonecore where quickness made up for lack of gear (311 iLvl at 85 is way low :)).

All that remains to be done is to level up some professions, without much grinding, hopefully, I'll do it slowly, and to get a few fish/cook achievements for my main character. And i'll keep doing some casual PVP'ing, not gear hunting, for sure.

Raiding ? Nah. My new guild went in casual mode, and tbh, I don't even want to ask if/when we will raid. My $homeguild Arcadia is still frozen...

I hope I'll have Zul'Gurub and Zul'Aman 4.1 patch up before May 23th, so I can see what they did (or didn't) change regarding old boss strategies.

After that... Star Wars Galaxies might be a good replacement to spend a few insomnia nights, and LOTRO will keep me up in the virtual chatting, in portuguese, as we're all portuguese, mature, well behaved, no huss, no fuss.

Pity I didn't finish the Insane achievement, only one bit to go.. I surely looked like an Insane player, >365 days /played is insanity, surely.

But unless Arcadia returns.. I probably won't. Too bored with WoW.