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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Imba druid !

Mr. Rothron the Wise, the lonely druid from the Tower of the Moon in the lands of Midnight is now level 80 !

To celebrate, I started the Swift Flight Form quest chain, since I still was flying sloowly. No more, today I finished it by soloing Anzu, and I can now fly at a respectable speed.

Heroicwise, I was able to start doing the old heroics easily, and I now equipped my first 2xT9, courtesy of those daily triumphs I saved.
Up to now it has been a breeze. Approaching 30K hp.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Massively frustrating

Arcadia stopped raiding until Catalysm !

I read on the forums but I couldn't believe it. Today I reactivated my account in time for raiding hoping for the best but confirmed the worst.

So much effort for 11/12. That's Ulduar's SDD frustration revisited, as we stopped short of killing Yogg.

What now ? I will have to find a decent PUG/partial guild run that knows what they are doing to get Lich King and Ruby Sanctum down. What are the odds of that ? <10% every week, versus a huge time effort I'll have to invest.

Today, the guild looked a zombie one, most people happily leveling alts.

Oh well, it's nice while it lasted, a lot of mature raiders having fun. It's pity it *un*finished too early.

Now I have the chance of going achievement hunting in other directions, like PVP.

Another way is of course to start creating my own raids, something I wanted to avoid because of my stress dealing with persistent failing people, in real life or otherwise. I admire raid leaders *a lot* for that. It's an impressively patient task.

Ah well, have to sleep over it, or as Helen Cooper said in Kissing Jessica Stein, "don't decide right now, just let it marinate for a while".

Meanwhile lets get my imba 79 druid tank to 80 until the end of this week

Monday, August 09, 2010


Why has there been no updates recently ? Because I'm spending some time AFK, on holidays, enjoying the hot southern summer that has been raging hot around here. In my last last raids, we tried Sindragosa 10 HC and had her down to ~10%. We also spent one night in Ruby Sanctum 15, killing trash, and getting tactics right for the kill. I kind of managed the tactics fine, and that reflected well in my dps and most important, my survivability during mini-bosses and the boss itself. There's not much to be learned about the boss on RS25 (~same as on RS10, and the minibosses and trash pulls actually seem way harder than the boss itself !).
- Run from the sides middle. Stay together and nuke.
- If getting targetted by the debuff , run away for a quick dispel.
- If incoming meteor, strafe right/left, and then move through the boss legs to the otherside.
- Rinse and repeat until P2 -> portal.
- Nuke from the side, watch out for debuff for a quick run away + dispel.
- Keep a very strict watch on the orbs and timers. Set a teleport, circle around the the boss while it is rotating, always near the tail. If in danger, teleport.

With my bad luck, ppl will pwn through the boss this week, when I'm not there :(

Oh well, next week I'll return with enhanced will for a kill, LK25 and RS25 are waiting for us.