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Friday, May 23, 2008

And I'm back !
Main#2 account reactivated, Tarithel, Matadora and Cornelius arrive in Azeroth.

Started with my shadow resistance gear for Cornelius, currently ~+200 res, meaning it's going to be fun with locks and SP's.
As to Matadora, LOM are stalled with Firak and Corleth AFK for some time, and I found out that the down of SSC Lurker was in fact Anonnymous. So much for 25-rais on Chromaggus. Which actually is good, because...

Tarithel went to Black Temple ! Yahoo! Me and Portucale.
Well, my gear is not so good (first boss Naj'entus requires well above +8.6K HP and I get +9.2K HP with BOK and MOTW and +20sta food). Guess I'll need the +15 from the elixir of mastery and something else to get around +9.5K. +10K would be best to play safe, though. Ah, and +30sta food. But for that I need Netcownt :(
I managed the mana ok. Boss went to +46% on the best try and I still had my pet available. The trick for the fight is really to manage the spike sending correctly (not too late, not too fast) and in my case to spam CoH at the right moment. I did some, but I must do more. A problem for me is to balance the CoH spamming after the +8.5K damage to my party with the necessary urgency moves to keep the tank alive. Also, must healers move to loot the spikes or is it left to dps ? A lost second can be a fatal second.

Got to farm some gear (badges, karazhan, za, heroics, whatever):
Priority is:
1)Gloves (attumen or curator(s4) or 60xbadge one)
2)Rings (with +sta, +int/+spi, +mp5 would be best)
3)Trinket (got to check if any engineering shit helps, probably not)
4)PVP gear replacements(though it helps a lot for +sta needed fights: belt,boots,neck). But I got the Boots of the Long Road available from guild vault, and the boots are absolutely great. 2xPrimal Nether + mooncloth, etc, farm farm farm. I'm farming Sun Offensive dailies, around +100g/day. In a week I'll have enough gold for it, hopefully.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've just finished my 60 rogue, with enough money for my epic horsey. Sliding rocks.

Well, for a totally different (?) matter, I've found out during a nice chat that the concept of multiboxing does exist, and that several crazy ppl do play with multiple toons (some with 5-6) on multiple accounts simultaneously, some even on the same machine. They use a tool called keyclone that does a similar thingie to what my self-made tool does, ie, it sends the keys of one keyboard to several WoW windows.

Most of them use only one type of character, like 5 locks, 5 mages, 5 shammies.

They also like to go arena with that. And get reported dozens of times by single-players considering it unfair. Is it ? May be.

But the nicest thing is that it IS LEGAL from Blizzard point of view.

Blizzard statement, as seen from the GM's multiboxers talk to is that "as long as you stay in front of the keyboard at all times, it is ok".

So I'm technically fine. I never used bots with my two accounts, I used a self-made kind of multiboxing and always did my questing, walking, fighting, by myself, never relying on any automated tool to do it for me.

It will be fun when WOTLK comes out: Teams are assembled.
- Warlock(tank)+Priest(healer)
- Druid(tank)+Shammy(healer) ... (will Clarabela ever reach 70 ?)
- Matadora(tank)+Moonprince(healer)
- Patalogica(?)+...
- my-soon-to-be-hunter-as-my-friend-stopped-playing+...

Since a few days I've been thinking that I never shadowpriested. Think I might try that. Also, I must choose, if I can, which toon/account will turn into a deathknight. One thing is sure: every clown and his mother will own one.

Monday, May 05, 2008

maxfps and LOTRO and the finger

Started a fresh account on WoW for testing my speed creating a 1-60 toon, automagically (sliding for the win LOL). Well, still got a few days left and he's 51 atm.

Why, you ask ? Simple anzwer: my finger is not allowing me typing for a long period ! I'm in phisioterapy so... not much keyboarding for the moment.

Still, got enough time to find out that setting /console maxfps allows my portable to display WoW with no fan usage, something that was irrititating me for a long time. After all, who needs over 25 fps on a 15.4 lcd ?

And last but not least, I'm seriously considering LOTRO for a change. I've trial-tested in long ago, but the movement sucked. Well, it still sucks, but a few things attract me:
1) The JRRT atmosphere
2) Absence of cretins