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Thursday, July 17, 2008

A bit of progress

This last week I've been leveling my alts a bit, Patalogica and Alfragitax are now 60 with their skills enhanced to 300... ops, minus Blacksmithing, which I carelessly forgot to level and is now stalled at 180, with lots of iron bars required and no money at all in Balnazzar. On the other hand, I finally joined the tuga guild over there, Warlords of Azeroth.

In the main world, all is quiet, my evenings have been busy so no raiding, but Portucale is now downing Black Temple in a fast pace, 3rd boss down.

On Chromaggus, I dispatched my rogue account, I'll wait for her to level 70, then will go farm S2 for Matadora. That's a hell of a nick, everytime a horde sees my nick and recognizes it, I get killed... may be it's time for a name change. Shareth comes to mind LOL

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Some dual arena fun

As promised, a few small videos of me having fun in the arena. I only show the victories, ofc :PP

A shaman and a warlock...the shaman was using a nice spot, but doing the wrong thing, he should be healing the lock, not dps'ing. Instead, he died, and the destro gnome..too LOL.

A warrior and a hunter. The warrior missed resilience, he went down too quickly with dots and didnt break fear. The huntard managed to kill Tari but then.. it was too late for him.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Discipline, the World needs discipline !

Being away from raids, although today I'm officially above the required +1800heal/+9k mana/+170mp5 for raiding, I decided to give it a try with discipline and watch the changes for arenas and Balinda.
And .... it improved !!! Reflective Improved shield, Holy Nova, Suppression, 5 points in Shadow for blackout, means Tari now makes some respectable damage, while keeping ~1700 healing (Btw, hurrah, Brutal Gladiator's Mooncloth Gloves). I was able to win 5 arenas out of 10, even with some stupid mistakes. Pretty good, considering I played with a few S3 teams that are starting to go up the 1500 ladder.
The only not so perfect thingie is that Holy Nova has a small range, and sometimes Net doesn't get Nova'd. Also, it takes more mana than CoH.

I'll now fraps some arena movies for the joy of the "galera" !

Continuing to farm Baron Rivendare in Stratholme, I'm now aiming for the 45 mins goal, which is about 10 mins far away. My main problem is with the Baroness, because she MC's Net and kills or cripples Tari LOL, and takes a long time. So, I'll just have to solo her with Net, while Tari stays away... how much away, I wonder ?

On reputation, I'm finally exalted with Sun Offensive with Net+Tari, and exalted with Scryers+Aldor. Ofc I now got my exalted enchants for shoulders and
...Sorcerer's Alchemist Stone

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Top DPS is back

It's been a long time since I PVP'ed. This time, while farming AV for some Merciless gear, I decided to go for Balinda, and save her from the evil Horde. Tarithel heals, Netcownt kills. The result ? Amazing Top Dps. Funny how kids get disoriented when someone presses them.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

This is what happens when Blizzard coders are recruited in Bangalore. Look at the picture... nothing wrong with it ? It's an arena, richtig. It's also 2v2, but there's 3v2 in there. Netcownt is human, and is playing together with .. the Horde ! And it logged on inside the Arena, before it started. Isn't this wonderful ?

On a more serious topic, both accounts are reactivated, with a nice scroll of ressurection.

As S4 has started, Netcownt has farmed a bit of honor and arena points for brutal gloves and the rest of the S2 stuff (pity, I had 2 pieces of Merciless sh*t that I got the hard way, during S2, not honor based, now they are so easy to get). I've been having tons of fun at Balinda, I just send Net and Tari multiboxing inside, setup an alliance flag, and wait for horde. Then I spam Seed of Corruption, and watch them die. Tarithel heals, Shields, Fears, the delay is usually enough for alliance to win,also because when horde delays, it helps pushing alliance minds into a winning state. In the end I get around >500 honor per game with all the deaths in 15mins, and always Top DPS. Balinda FTW !!!

As to PVE, I'm in pause/holidays mode. Priest gear is stalled at +1700, and not enough for MH/BT. I got a bit demoralized with the time I was away and everyone moved ahead with gear in SSC. I'll get +1800 this week and get the required minimums, but I'll always be undergeared compared with the other healers. Badges ? Heroics ? No thank you. Still, I'll try going to MH on a farm day to see the real sights, and SSC to see the remaining bosses in action.

In Azeroth, I did a Straholme dual run, easy peasy, but no undead horsey. I'll have to try harder.... a lot harder.

Meanwhile, I leveled Patalogica and Alfragitax by nearly 3 levels only by Summer questing, honoring and desecrating fires all over Azeroth. Fun, for a change.

And I'm dualboxing two shammies for WSG19. They are 12 atm.