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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Now it's for real

WoW 5.4 is out. And with it, I got...
A proper LEGENDARY Pandaria cloak, obtained in the course of Mists expansion !

Well, it's no longer as legendary as legendaries were, as everyone can get one, with enough persistency (and luck!).


I restarted playing for 5.4, going to the timeless island, a recreation of the GW2 events, with jumping puzzles (basic ones :P), treasure chests, a few world bosses, a bunch of rares... and something new: same-faction-PVP !!! 

On the raiding side, we started, slowly, to go for Orgrimmar's Siege to kill Garrosh. Unfortunately, progress is slow in Normal-25, still 0/14 after 1 week :(

There's flex raiding, but I'm mostly kept out of pre-made groups, so... .|. it.
As to PVP, my old Saviory Deviate Delight pal, Strings, keeps playing, so we do some nice 2v2 Arenas and Bgs.  Again, Rated battlegrounds are premade, so... I'm left out :|