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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

And Herr Dr. Putricide is down too

Easy peasy, after the debuff rotation started working, we downed it. Prio job is to smash the oozes in P2 asap to get Putri fast to P3. Adding the /tar macro for the volatile (in the middle of the maelstrom, sometimes there were a few secs delay until I switched the targets as I had to check who had the debuff, checking wether it was my turn to go and get it and counting the seconds, telling ppl no longer with it to get the hell away fast, mastering goo, etc) helped a lot Immediate target ftw.

We also tried Sindra Heroic, and it's easy: It's the same fight, with 0 chance for mistakes. You can't miss hiding behind the frosted persons, or you die. You can't kill the frosted ones too soon or you'll die. You can't miss getting away during the frost pull, or you die. My teleport helps a lot. Last but not least, The debuff we get during the fight (forgot the name) becomes an AoE when it expires, so get away from everyone while you have it.

So it's now 10/12 ICC10 HC. It was a good raid, good raiders idd.

Talking about good raiders, yesterday I talked with a RL friend of mine that has been doing 10-men raids, forgetting about 25-runs. He's been playing WoW and we know each other for 10 years, since the pre-WoW days. Actually he started playing WoW before me, during the beta, I think, and he tried to convince me not to play, knowing the addiction. After seeing what he achieved, I envy him. Got Bane of the Lich King last week, and of course all the achievements for 10-raiding since Naxx. Getting 25 focused persons that can progress over a few months is so so so so much harder. He was going for RS10 heroic tonight, easy when you got 10 dedicated players... xuif ;(

Oh well, my time will come.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Step Up: Heroic Valithria down

Last night, tired that I was, I contributed to another heroic downage. This time was Valithria Dreamwalker, healed to 100% with our 2 holadins, the main healer doing 30K HPS !
I wasn't so bad either, went flat out during the whole fight, tendinitis forgotten for 5 minutes (ouch it hurts so bad sometimes I can't type properly) while smashing those adds.

Finally we tried Putricide Heroic, and took a few wipes (one I offered by getting too close to the boss while checking the best positions, shame on me) to figure a good strategy, which we will probably follow, ie, rotation and a safe spot where the unbound plagued person stays while shouting "plagued".

Last but not least, I checked the rankings today and... RANK 11 in Marrowgar normal ICC 10 ! I checked a few locks above me, just to sample their gear and... 1 had 8 heroic items, another had 5 heroic items.
But that was not all, ranked 133 in Heroic Blood-Queen, on a fight I was not bitten first, moved across the room to get bitten by a fellow mage, got 2 darkfallens and 1 swarming shadows. Everyone did the job perfectly, so it was a 1-shot kill.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Another 80 on a heroic weekend

Minutes ago I finished an easy ride to 80 tanking with my beloved DK Shareth the Heartstealer. It's fun, but it's a bit too easy. Blizzard wanted DK's to feel overpowered. Well they do. There's no way I can pull 4-6 mobs the same level as me and end up with 100% health like I do soloing. Paladins come the closest in terms of mitigation and health recovery, while warriors.. well.

To complete a nice weekend, last night I went back to ICC10 with the guild, after having done only that PUG HC run where I went 6/12 HC some time ago. Last night I went up the ladders to 8/12 ICC10 HC. Saurfang Heroic was a breeze with the dps pulsing in our veins. And then... Blood Princes Heroic with me collecting orbs again ! We tried a couple of times to get the hang of it, then we got one unlucky try (2 orbs in the back at the start => move to catch them and freeze due to the debuff, followed by Empowered Keleseth immediately after start and then an empowered vortex on my feet. Can't get any worse) and then it came down smoothly (kind of).

I got an heroic offhand, replacing my old ICC10 one. Another guildie won the bet but was kind enough to pass it. I owe him one. Thanxie !

Now only need one vanquisher's mark to finish my 4xT10 sanctified set.

Putricide heroic is next. Unbound plague incoming, omg ! Soulstoning a dead-person-to-be seems a possible tactic for P3. Let's see how it goes.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wee I got ranked !

Didn't notice it until our master reported on forums, but seems like I got ranked in worldoflogs on our last Blood Queen Normal 25 fight, and I found out I had already been ranked before in ICC10.

That's nothing you say, because... :)

1 - The top players are now doing heroics. But.. (rebuttal) there are also a *LOT* of ranked above me using heroic 25 gear, while the best I have is 1 ICC10HC item, the rest is ICC25 or ICC10 gear. So that evens it.
2- Latest reports make use of the 25% damage buff, while earlier reports had a lesser or no buff. (rebuttal) I just checked and e.g. from the TOP 20 reports of this fight, only 1 was from March, the other 19 are from June or July. Enuf said.

Last but not least.. I'm still with the f*cking tendinitis that seems to be getting worse so mouse clicking was not perfect, and the fight was not perfect as:
- I did *NOT* get bitten first, I got bitten second. Still ended up on top (eheh).
- I had two pacts of the darkfallen => move to middle, wait, teleport back.
- I moved twice to melee (just in case they forgot, although both are top players)

Btw the best thing I did a few months ago was disabling recount during fights. DPS racing while watching the meters isn't good. It's much more fun to end the fight and watch the dps meter show up suddenly with the results. Actually, that's one thing Blizz should force these kind of addons to. E.g. encrypt combat log numbers with a magic key that is only provided when the fight ends or when the player dies, so only after that the client can display the numbers. Or simply cache them but do not show them. That would be a nice way for ppl to focus, I'm pretty sure about 25% of wipes are caused by ppl not paying attention to their surroundings because they are glued to the dps meters.

All in all, it's nice to be as part of the 200 best of the world (of logs), considering all the pro guilds use it.

I wonder how age filtering would rank me. I'm probably the only 40+ yo kicking youngsters asses LOL !
All that comes with a price = tendinitis. Blame bike riding, yeah. Fingers hurt, both hands hurt, even my bloody elbow hurts. OUCH! Ice time!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Of RS and AVR and warlocks and tendinitis

Yesterday was the day of Ruby Sanctum, a preview for the incoming Black Dragonflight fights. No I didn't set foot inside it yet.

Saw a fight in video, it seems easy and a great fight to use teleporting !
P1 - Watchout for hellfire, run away and then stay out of the way of flames.
- Watchout for debuff, run away and shout for dispel.
P2 - Watchout for orbs, semi-circle around following one, avoid crossing the orbs link (beam=death)
- Watchout for debuff, run away and shout for dispel.
P3 - Same as P1 (for ranged), tune dps for 50% corporeality.

It was also the day when AVR-E was blocked [btw, DISABLE it. I didn't and as result my FPS dropped a lot, because of the amount of errors/second it generates. Costed me a few fights with 10 FPS until I found out], meaning circles on the floor helping during fights are gone. Personally, the one fight where it helped me a bit maximizing dps time was Putricide, because one would know "exactly" where to stand not to get goo'ed. Tonight I tried without it and still dps'ed quite easily, on top, I think.

That brings me to a nice topic, "warlocks of my realm". I don't really know what's going on, but it's weird to see that whatever warlock comes to my guild, they stay for a bit, and then they change class (ok, one did it to help the guild healing so it's an exception), or 99% of the time, they leave, usually after 1-2 raids with us. Some of them are good players. But it is funny to see that I outperform them almost always, irrespective of their spec or gear level. I wonder if it's me that's scaring them away. Think I'm gonna have to slack a bit when they show up !!! With my tendinitis getting worse, I might as well have to.

I noticed it first when opening water bottles. Then it got worse, and affected my bike riding, and now the usage of knifes and important stuff like writing and ..driving!! The main finger (mouse left-clicker) is the sick one,though the pain comes up to my elbow sometimes, so I'm pretty sure 20 years of furious clicking are the cause. Anyway, I'm gonna have to deal with it pretty soon. Scary :(