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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A nice raiding evening

A few more bosses down, on tonight's raid.

Funny how I'm so tired about WoW. I didn't even bother to read on the bosses lore, or to check on the entrances or even to remember the boss names As a result, it took me a while to figure out where BoT entrance was, after a wipe. But we killed Halfus for sure. Nuke each add, ignore whelps, nuke boss. Can't get much easier...but for sure this boss must be a healing check, with all the interrupts,knockbacks and the only-instant cast restrictions!

As to Blackwing Descent, we killed the first four bosses.
The first boss is easy with 3 ranged dps, last week was a breeze with lock,mage,hunter aoeing the lava parasites from the pillars. Tonight only a mage and warlock, so it was way messier, with adds all around. But we managed to 1-shot it.
The 2nd 4xbosses, 1-shot too, I forgot about the purple spots for dpsing, it costed me top dps ranking. But I didn't forget the oozes ;)
The 3rd boss... the vial one, was 1-shot last week, but this week was a bit messier and caused a few wipes, the last one because we had too much dps and got the boss to 20% before the 2nd green vial. But we did it after we paused dps at the right time ;)
Finally, the 4th/gong boss, last week we had a mage banging the gongs. This week I had to do it, and because of it I was chased and died (swiftness doesnt help when there's fire all around ;(), but was CR and we 1-shott'ed him.

All in all, a good raid, 5 bosses down, 2 of them new.
A very good raiding leader, good communication during the fight and tips.

Next Monday, the Valiona brothers.. and Nefarian is getting closer !

A legendary week. Well, not really

Last week I had some fun again raiding.
My near-latin guild decided to enter BWD to test ourselves. And we did. In two hours, we trashed 3 bosses, 3-shot,2-shot,1-shot. The last boss had only a few tries, it is very easy, and we got him to 5K HP ! Not bad, considering half the guild had never entered BWD.
Hopefully tonight we do a better job and we kill at least 4/6 BWD.
My performance was not bad, always on top or in the top two, and 1 mistake.. damn me. I died in the Toxitron fight... the damn ooze got me.

In the meantime, I've been soloing or dualboxing some instances, after having decided that it would be fun to see them again and most of all, to complete my Tiered equipment. Therefore I dualboxed Gruul's Lair, Karazhan, which is actually soloable with no effort for the most part. The chess is hard to solo, so I asked the help of my little girl and we both did it and ended up fighting against each other. And I lost !!!!! LOL
As for Machezzar, I kept dying because of the enfeeble (1 HP) until I remembered that the, obviously, the tank is not enfeebled so I drain tanked him as demo and it went just fine.
I also went for 6/6 im Mount Hyjal. I got to 4/6 easily. The 5th boss, Azgalor, is a pain to solo, but I found the way to do dualbox it during the 1st part of the battle until my mon-tank (healer) dies and summons a Doomguard. Then I drain-tanked (as affliction) the boss with Thrall's help, while the pet tank tanked the doomguard. Worked fine. There's a warlock solo video, which does what I do, and had enough patience to keep dying and keep killing trash waves after defeat until he did it.
Archimonde is also a pain to solo, and to dualbox I need a real person, because of fears and for the "omg falling panic button".

All in all, not a bad week, since today... Garr dropped my legendary bindings.

So.. YES !

I now have a legendary Thunderfury !

Monday, June 06, 2011

Job done

After 6 months of some fun leveling my alts, I finished the job. All 10 classes are at 85. Last one was my Hunter, and it was for sure the easiest thing I could do. It's so easy to outperform other classes even with lower levels it sucks. In total, I did about 20 pugs, the last 5 or so of them at 84, in 85 dungeons, chosen "specific" in LFG. I always came on top on dps trash, and nearly always came on top in boss dps. I don't understand what is going on, but it surely seems a huge lack of balance. May be it levels up at 85.

Anyway, it was fun. Now it's time to get back to some solo farming for the mats (namely Blood of Mountain) for legendaries, for the insane title, and some other crap.

This week I did daily ZA-mount timed runs. The first one we missed by 20 secs, but the next ones were ok. 2 more days or so and I will get my mount, as well as every guildie that wants them.