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Saturday, May 07, 2016

Dead on arrival

Oh man, my WoW ironman girl died at 85 in Pandaria. I had just arrived at the 85 zone, did the first quests and then... lost focus, after requiring a Shadowmeld, I did not wait the necessary 2 mins, and made the same mistake, then panicked, did not think through those 10-15 secs my panic lasted, and then...surrounded by a pack of mobs that kept dazing me...RIP.

Needless to say, I don't feel like restarting. Besides it all, I did break several records, and would set them if I would get to 100.
- First Ironman on Silvermoon
- First European non-hunter.

Boy that hurts. Even if I would start again, I would not be ready before the pre-Legion patch, where they make a lot of changes and the challenge, as it is nowadays, ends.

So...got to 85, it was a HELL of an adventure.

Uninstalled everything, deleted all my challenge episodes, and I'm now officially in grief.

Gonna play some Dragon Age or another solo game for a while. Dreamfall, may be.