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Monday, April 21, 2008

Loosing premades

10,000 USD later won on Oil (QMK8) , here I am again, a tad richer, and an improving finger :)

As a droid would say (Blade Runner dixit), I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Actually, I've read and heard from trustful sources.

- Arenas at 4 AM here a single person plays on several accounts in order to win S3 Pvp gear for all his (and his friends and his guildies) toons, taking times to win and loose.
- Loosing premades where ppl dance naked at WSG entrance with the single purpose of fast badge farming.
- People selling their gold to chinese farmers for hundreds of €.
- Primal nethers being bought; Blizzard releasing badging items that make Karazhan and instance items obsolete.
- People creating rogues for detecting and reporting botters.
- In general, ppl lurking all over the place doing nothing simply because there is nothing left to do besides waiting for the expansion.

What is WoW coming to LOL. And this is Blizzard's fault, for not investing the billions of dollars we've been giving them in new scenarios, new challenges. They've got 10 million subscribers at 10 EUR per month. That's a HUNDRED MILLION EUR per month FFS

Chronicles of Spellborn FTW, Within Temptation. Obviously.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I'll give you the f1nger

My Portucale guild is progressing in SSC. About time :)
And guess what, The Lords of Midnight downed Lurker ! Eh he no more an amateur guild in deed. Sad I wasn't there to see it. GZ Firak,Corleth&Co.
Fylgies are still stalled.

I'm gonna be back soon, my finger is improving, but so is Spring time,birds and bees..

First job will be to enhance Cornelius and Matadora's shadow resistance to around 300.
I fell like ganking warlocks :PPP


Monday, April 07, 2008

Zhe Guild

I've watched this episode months ago. It seemed above average. Looks like it was, it won the 2007 Series Award on Youtube. Enjoy episode 1 (out of 8)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

No Sunwell for a while

Fonix ! Just when I having fun in WoW, a stupid bike fall crashed my finger last month. I'm officially disabled for a (long?) time. Oh well, I can still use one hand to program and click on Youtubi.

Advice: Don't try to go up a 30cm step on your bike unless you are wearing paladin armor.