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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Not a Veteran of the Shifting Sands.. WTF !?

Today I found out that I am missing the "Veteran of the Shifting Sands" feat of strength, although I completed (or so I thought) the AQ40 scepter chain quest and got the scepter. It seems we had to do the additional quest, given by Jonathan the Revelator, the npc near the gates of AhnQiraj, to bang a Gong. Guess what, the fucking bastards at Blizzard decided to remove the quest with 4.0.3x, so called Cata, and so, I cannot complete it.

Some quotes from chaps that, like me, didn't get it, Wowhead courtesy:

appearently, we had to do one more final quest, treasure of the timeless one, after getting the scepter, i was among the many who had recieved the scepter and have thought it ends there and i have the FoS in my pocket but boy oh boy was i sad the day shattering came and there was no any feat of strength in my achievements tab, ticketed and thumbsup we'll see what happens, will edit the post

^was also told I had to wait till Cata, then was told that no, I hadn't done the last quest (and with no weapon in my inventory to prove that I had...). I'd be curious to know if yours is glitching out too and supposedly you haven't done the final step as well. Just from the last few posts, seems there are plenty of us out there with useless scepters and no feats. /sigh.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Of Healing and Tanking part II

This week I took a few hours to start leveling some of my alts, namely my Resto shaman, or as my kid would say, Clarabela, my little cow. I soloed a few quests, and then set sail for dungeons. At lvl 81 now.

Needless to say, what I was suspicious of (huge lack of balance between healing chars) was confirmed.

With my holy shaman, I am able to heal without any problem, any trash or boss (with a iLvl of about 250, 30K HP, 30K mana), and I end up with 50% mana or more.

Actually, in Orgrimmar, I disabled my mana totem, enabled my water globes, and started to spam heal using all healing spells except Great Healing Wave, ie, Riptide, Healing Wave, Chain Heal... guess what, after 5 minutes, my mana was still at >80%.

This is *RIDICULOUS*. My priest looses all its mana at 75% of a fight and struggles like hell to keep people up.

I don't know what they are really going to do for 4.0.6, but if their plan is to to make dungeons easier, and to think that the unbalance will disappear just like that..

On the tanking side, I'm now leveling my 4th tank, Rothron the druid, and enjoying it a lot. I'm a dungeon king now, nearly 0 mistakes, and smooth fast runs. Near lvl 84 now.

On a different note, tonight I started doing Warlock+Priest arenas, playing with my kid for a few rounds before dinner. Guess what, she never played WoW... and we actually won 1 game (and nearly won another). She heals, I kill. If only they knew they are being beaten by a pre-teen girl and an old wizard.