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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

On rifting a 50+ Rogue ... and Archeage in standby

I've been having fun with RIFT, mostly with my Rogue, since my Warlock abilities got so messed up since I started playing in 2011 or so... I can't understand how it works anymore.

No worries, I've reached 50+, going for 60 before RIFT 3.0 kicks in.

Here I am playing at night with my RL pals, going for the Elite Saga quest chains. Aelfwar in this case.

Meanwhile I found out that the makers of RIFT released Archeage, which I thought was in Beta still, but as it seems, it was released already.

I downloaded and started up just to see how it looked.

And it looks GOOD ! Smooth movement, very smooth, more than TERA or AION, more than RIFT, as smooth as SWTOR or GW2. Beautiful sceneries. I think I'll give it a go, just for fun.