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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas Wowcrafters

Merry Christmas fellow Wowcrafters !

Netcownt my behated warlock is now 85 and is halfway through Uldum and Twilight Highlands questing. I positively loved Uldum and the Egypt like stuff. Being an Egyptology freak, It just couldn't get any better, I can now be an archeologist nearly as famous as.. Harrison Jones !

On this topic, I also leveled the new secondary profession up to 100 and with it was able to go from level 84.5 to 85 (30K XP per fragment = yay!).

The rest of my chars are building up rest time for faster leveling in 2011.

Ok, have fun, and nothing like a little snow from a Swedish pal to cheer things up !

Monday, December 20, 2010

Slowly but surely

This week in Cataclysm has been peaceful. Netcownt's guild is/was full of horny 3-4 day 85 people, specially warlocks, so that immediately made me slow down, since I knew I would have no spot in any raids for the near future. Therefore I went at my own pace with the warlock and the other tanking/healing toons.

It has been very profitable to watch videos and learn the strategies, but for sure things never go perfect in the first tanking attempt for a new dungeon. Again, it became clear how much easier it is too keep aggro and generally dps with a DK than with a warrior tanking.
I tanked Throne of the Tides, Blackrock caverns and the Stonecore. The first two are easy, the last one is a bit more difficult, if you have dumb people that do not interrupt and if you do not select the best target first. After learning it, though, it became easy.
I miss healing an instance to check up on how are things in the holy side of life, but again, I've been having fun.

Guildwise, my beloved Arcadia guild, although a little more "vivificated", still misses some major characters coming back. Let's hope they will, sooner or later.
Today my Day-Time raiding guild that I hoped would be a replacement for Arcadia if things did not clear, went down the drain, so I'm now rather lonely on a level 4 guild ! I think i'll stay around and use the +5% reputation bonus for now.
Meanwhile, on Chromaggus, i'm back to my $home at Savory Deviate Delight.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

First impressions of Cataclysm

Long story short, one week into Cataclysm, and it is looking great.

For sure, some effort was put in areas where high level players don't really go, except en passant. Such is the case of Darkshore and alike, which were heavily revamped due to the cataclysmic tsunami caused by Darkwing waking up. Flying in Azeroth is a long time wish, and specially Orgrimmar seems to have been 100% recreated, while Stormwind changed a bit in some areas, but essentially remained the same city.

What really looks great for me is Vash'jir. I did all the quests in this area with Netcownt and I'm now also doing them slowly with my other 6 chars (Mage, Rogue and Hunter are being left behind, the rest are trailing Netcownt, 4 of them dualboxing).

I still had no time to check up on the Goblin and Worgen starting areas, although in both cases, for me at least, a story link is missing that shows to level 80 players that killed Arthas, why are we going to interact more heavily with Goblins and Worgens now.

I'm now half way into Hyjal. The story background in Hyjal goes back to my beloved Warcraft adventures in the XXth century. Now it just develops a bit further.

Graphically, it couldnt be better. I'm still doing 50-60 fps, more detail, underwater movement, textures, etc, are stunning.

Questwise, it is also an improvement. We have much less optional quests, there is now a sense of duty, of chain questing that actually tries to achieve something. There are still those "kill 10 mobs", "grab 8 flowers", but there are also many quests where the player (this one is copied from LOTRO, by the way) impersonates the enemy (nagas), and some funny gnome adventures. Intermediate cinematics are also a good idea.

In terms of playability, I think it's too easy. Seeing hundreds of lvl 85 players after 1-2 days of the expansion being released is just ridiculous. I'm sure some of them farmed the same mobs over and over, and most quested without bothering to read one line, and are now gearing up in heroics. Ofc, each player is paying to play, and is free do to with his time whatever he pleases, and if he feels good by having 320+ gear level after 1 week of play, then be it.
Anyway, it is TOO easy. In LOTRO, in AION, in vanilla WoW, if you had more than one mobs on you, it was tough. If you had three, it was immensely challenging. In Cata, I go into Demo mode as a iLvl264 warlock and I can dispatch 5-8 mobs in 10-15 secs. I have more problems gathering them than killing them, although in some areas, respawn rates are so high you can simply stay on one spot for hours. It's probably that way that the first lvl 85 showed up, I'm sure.

I'm going slower, reading each quest, some times checking up on lore to see if it matches the RPG story outside of the computer game, and previous Warcraft games.

On Chromaggus, the PVP is..a nightmare. Alliance is outnumbered may be 5:1 or more, and horde are killing on sight with no remorse. Dualboxing plates should help, I thought, keeping them away. It doesn't. I cannot even get revenge, as when I try to, 5 of them fall on me in less than one breath. A nightmare indeed :) and it slows leveling a lot ! Oh well, it's fun too, yelling "filho da puta!" in my office :)

Monday, December 06, 2010

Crazy Cata


Millions of subscribers waiting for the moment when Cataclysm will start.

I'm too old for this :)