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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Nobless oblige

Nobless oblige, and therefore, one must act accordingly. The Noblegarden week and achievement are pretty fun, one gets to go to the low level villages where WoW life started some years ago. Job done in two days, and now back to championing.
I've been slowly gathering rep and medals in the Argent Tournament, which is a bit tedious, but reasonable.

We should have to fight other players to win some rewards, not fight the computer champions that are totally crap.

Dailies, once again, provide lots of gold for little effort, and... are boring.

I'll try to reach exalted and 1000 dailies done. After that, I don't think I'll be patient enough to get the Argent mount.

As to raiding, I still have to set my foot in Ulduar.

Naxx is now pretty much "done", although I still need a few items to consider myself ready for Ulduar.

I'd like Naxx25 to be run with achievements in sight, since going every week doing the same thing is kinda boring, but it seems that half the guild is not bothering with them, so I might as well forget it. I'll try to join a Naxx10 team going for those.

It seems like Ulduar is getting nerfed, meaning 10 will be feasible without too much effort. Nice. Considering most things have been nerfed in WoW to allow everyone to enjoy the game, I'm for it.

Eye of Eternity, I really want to see that fight. And, also need it to become Champion of the Frozen Wastes. I'll try doing that with the guild this week.

PVP wise... arena season 6 started. Waiting for my guild partner to start 2vs2 seriously. This week I did it with a Challenger DK, we did 14-6. Not bad.

5865 achievement points... I'm getting close to the Chromaggus TOP 50.

Gurubashi Arena Grand Master
is coming... one trinket missing to finish it !

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Geburtstag in Naxx25

I accomplish things the hard way :)

Yesterday, in a race against time as I had to logoff latest by 20:15 (family birthday), we cleared the Four Horsemen, Saphiron and Kel'thuzad in Naxxramas 25 in 60 mins or so.

The group rocked.
On Four Horsemen, I tried to hang on to skull, but found out skull and cross change when the tanks switch, so I had to take note instead of the boss names, and simply switch boss to get rid of the marks. That fixed it.
On Kel'thuzad, I saw a moonkin with a turkish delight name die twice in a void zone coz he simply didnt bother to move. The rest of the 2nd Kel'thuzad attempt seemed flawless until 10%, when ppl decided to start dying... may be adds on the loose, me don't know, me dps'ed to the end. Still a bit to fix on this kill, but all in all, Kel'thuzad kill is ez as eating candy.

Pity I had no time to bid on a 7.5 head item, but wife was stabbing me in the back.

Now the best part of all... thanx to the Naxx achievement,

I'm the Alliance lock with most achievements on the server, YAY !

Monday, April 20, 2009

Dps'ing like mad in Naxx25

The time has come when some funny things happen.

Yesterday I went to Naxx25 with the guild.
From my last time with 3/13/55, I remember how difficult it was to beat anyone on the raid with my gear, and actually my last time I was the worst dps besides the tanks.

Things have changed, and amazingly, not only because of my gear. Ok, meanwhile I got one item from Naxx10, a MH sword which added 50 to my SP. But...

What happened yesterday was pretty funny.

Yes, I came out as top dps on five boss fights, actually, on all boss fights where I could go flat out, and 3rd overall dps, only loosing against a DK and a hunter with full 213 epics, and doing 1K dps more than the other locks filled with 213 (and 3/13/55 !!!). This guildie hunter and I actually engaged some conversation of how it was possible for me to do it with this gear.

Well... I just did it !

The secret is easy.. patch 3.1 went towards my way of playing, simcraft helped me tune some rotations and ... 0/41/30.

My felguard did an average 820 dps, nearly as much as one of the tanks, and 20% more than the full 213 hunter's pet.

Overall, after I've seen this run, I'm now a believer of SDD, and I think we'll soon be able to challenge Ulduar bosses. People were focused, purposeful and a joy to watch. We even tried an achievement on the spore boss, but someone killed one.

Today I have RL shit to do, so I may not attend my so wanted "HC Naxx clear"achievemnent unless we do it lightning fast. FUCK :(

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cleared Naxx 10 and a fantastic Simcraft DPS simulator

GZ me 6 months later, I cleared Naxxramas normal on a single night with the guild.
Had my debut on Gothik and the four Horsemen.
It was tons of fun to do Gothik as we did, the whole raid together aoe blasting the incoming crowd when the gate opened.
The Four Horsemen was a bit harder as I thought it wrong that the tank would switch corners, and then found out that the tank retreated to the place he was at the beginning. After I got that, it got better.
We also tried Kel'thuzad achievement but somehow failed when nearly all abominations had been pulled.. or do they respawn ? to check later.

As to my dps, not so bad, I came 2nd behind an offguild druid, and did exactly 2505 overall. I went with my 0/41/30 felguard thing.

- Felguard went thru Heigan easily, had to health funnel a bit. May be next time I'll use the imp for this fight to maximize dps, but I think it was OK.
- On Thaddius had to dismiss him and call him back for the jump.
- On Gluth didn't do it thinking may be they had fixed it. They didn't, so I had to recall him again.
- On Kel'thuzad, he went ok, with no damage, until he died suddenly after a few minutes. Some fellow locks report the same, have to check wether it has to do with the same thing affecting melee.. anyway, imp might be better for the fight as it'll be by my side. The only sh*t is void zones from nearby players.

All in all, my gear can now cope with Naxx10 with a blast.

That said, I found a fantastic simulator from the ElitistJerks. Being coded in C++, it is amazingly easy to change, so I started changing it, e.g. adding my gear to it, namely "Mark of the War prisioner".

Here's a snapshot of a simulation after my changes.

It's so much easier to test gem/gear/glyph/talent changes instead of using the Test Dummy "after" I paid for the change.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A sense of lost time

Lots of RL problems didn't allow me to play much in the last weeks.

As 3.1 was coming, I finally signed up for Naxx.. in the last day, trying to get Kelthuzad down in heroic mode.

6 hours later, with only Construct quarter left, a word springs to mind: "FAIL".

At least I learned how play Thaddius: Jumped ok, and died at the first time it switched polarity coz I was a bit slow to react and I had a brain wash on MINUS/PLUS location so had to "think". If you think, you die. I got that the hard way! After getting the hang of it, it became easy, so easy I can't understand how ranged can die.
Sapphiron looked easy too, if we had a proper 25 raid. Took a few tries.
Finally ... Kel'thuzad, 5 hours later (!), the damn tanks were never able to collect the adds so he lived on... best try 7%, even with our friends from Ovelhas dps'ing like mad. ffs, my friend Mega arrived 2 months ago from Frostmane and outdpsed everyone in the raid :)

What's worse, 3.1 is now up, Naxx 25 is now probably vapor in my guild, so I wonder if I'll be ever be able to kill Kel'thuzad. My fault, but I simply had no way try it earlier.


Real life kicking in again.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


The last days I've been gathering reputation from the Consortium, farming Netherstorm and finishing some nice quests from that faction. Pity I can not go alone to mana tombs HC to clear the secret chamber,those HC elites hit hard as hell.

The goal is the 25 tabards and the respective Tabard of the Achiever and achievement. As a side goal, going for 35 exalted, but still a long way to go.

I'm going towards Revered/Exalted with Oracles again, stupid me, started with Oracles, then went with the Frenzyhearts, but now ofc I want to farm the mount so...

Finally, I've finally called it and changed guild to Savory Delicate Delight, an interesting name with interesting ppl. The Lords of Midnight remains as something that should have succeeded, but never did. Lord knows I tried :)

Unfortunately, my back pain has gone from bad to worse so I'm halting every activity that involves long time sitting for a while, ie, playing/raiding.

WTB Supreme Healing Potion !

Oh well... forgot to say, Runes of Magic is looking more and more appealing, although less polished. The entry-level "intances" are so basic, comparing with the mighty Dead Mines in Westfall. But .. for 0EUR/month, it's the best game so far.