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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Iron Girl !

While not paying for WoW, not even gold, I read a bit about the Iron Man challenges for World of Warcraft and decided to check or not it's too boring to do it.

There are rules for the Iron Man Challenge.

You have to get from lvl 1 to Max level, WITHOUT dying, wearing white gear, with NO class specialization, talents, glyphs, pots, food, buffs, boosts, heirlooms, etc. Cannot go into dungeons to level, do pet battles.

There's nothing about doing it on a PVP server or not. Of course it takes REAL balls to level a character like this on a PVP server, because all your effort can go down the drain the second you're spotted by some bastard of the opposite faction. It really does not make any sense, and it can give you a heart attack. So...i'll go for a PVE server.

I'd like to try it with a Demon Hunter, since I'll probably level one anyway. But it doesn't hurt to try it with a druid, or monk, classes that I leveled PURELY in dungeons, healing.

I'm giving it a try.

Check out Panoramia, my beloved lady druid, wearing her funny white gear at lvl 12, parked in New Auberdine, Darkshore.


Monday, January 04, 2016

Hiatus no more

Back I am ! Autumn has flown by, and so has my playing shortage. I had WoW on, for toy collecting and not much else really. The 60K gold I make per month kind of allows me to keep the account enabled for free, so I kept it most of the time.

Then Christmas came, or should I say, Winter Veil, and I did some more toy collecting, and got a mount !

I also did some more achievements (as tank) for the Glory of Draenor Dungeon, I now only miss two dungeons, the hardest, I think, Skyreach being one.

The nicest event happened January 1st, when my Silvermoon guild Quie (the guild I joined after RGV/Arcadia went afk for ever) had it's 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

Once again, we performed a drunk naked walk from Goldshire through Stormwind (and it's taverns), towards the tram and then to Ironforge, dancing in front of the bank and finishing with a lava bath at the Great Forge. It was nice, around 10 people, not as many as last year where we had a lot of strangers joining our walk. I guess this game is getting less and less RPG based.

As to Guild Wars2, I bought Heart of Thorns and started playing it casually. It took me until New Year's Eve to complete the last Story Act where we (SPOILER ALERT) go against Mordremor in his dream. I tried to solo it, but oh boy, it's VERY hard. So I joined a group and did it.

The Christmas activities for Guild Wars, some of them were pretty damn fun (and hard!).

Log farming

As a bonus, Heart of Thorns made precursors craftable, so I decided to pause the legendary craft and go for the precursor craft, and try to make some money in the procress. A few items are 20-100g so I hope to make a profit some time later, for now it looks like a bit of a money sink, but not so much as over 1000g would be to buy a precursor.

I also joined an active and fun guild, where the Guild Master is...a girl, and it's been fun, we do Guild Missions and Tequatl daily, and they also do Fractals and such stuff.

I also started doing the zone mega events, the latest of which is killing the dragon in the mists...gliding around from island to island. The whole event takes more than an hour, and it has three different paths with three commanders, so lot's to explore still.

RIFT, I stopped completely, same as LOTRO.

SWTRO, I restarted playing a Jedi Consular, with my RL buddies. It's fun, and not so slow to level up as I thought (as RIFT was).

Best activity of the year....installing NZXT DOKO in my living room to play these lovely MMORPGs in 1080p with a keyboard and pad, with less than 100ms latency and over 30FPS. Bargain of the year for 50 GBP