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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another achievement bites the dust

In the last days, I've been completing the achievements for TBC HC dungeons.
I skipped heroic dungeoning in TBC because we started 25-raiding in SSC and TK, so I geared Tarithel as much as possible without badges. And Netcownt was mostly solo and PVP stuff, so... I'm doing it now, Auchindon, Shadow Lab, Underbog, all passed.
Now for the hardest: Shattered Halls (normal was hard already), Steamvault (I think I tried once but the mobs were tough as hell) and Arcatraz.

Meanwhile, Lower city rep is half way through Exalted, running Auchindon HC daily.

In the meantime, I did Onyxia and FINALLY (YAY!!!) completed the Wintergrasp Ranger achievement for killing 10 dudes in every sub-zone. This one took months !

I'm missing triumph medals for T9, as I suddenly realized I can buy the whole set with them... oh well, I'm geared enough to do around 4k in conservative mode, and 6K in aggressive mode, and, as I'm no gear freak, and I'm not so sure about raiding for weeks doing the same things over and over to get a 10 dps upgrade.

Friday, September 25, 2009

AQ40 chain and what a long trip this has been

I finally completed the completable parts of the AQ40 chain, ie, asked a guild mate to kill the Twilight Corrupter in Duskwood for me. Then I went to talk with Remulus, the Moonglade tree guardian, and he went with me to fight Eranikus. I was able to dbox the corrupted dragon and his minions all around Nightaven. It must have been a pretty epic battle back in the 60 days, I think I saw it once, but couldnt quite get what it was back then. Now I know.
All that remains now is to farm Elementium ores. I did a BWL run, even extended the lock to kill the goblins for it, but no loot, and from the looks of it, respawned goblins don't drop it anymore, to avoid heavy farming (a bit stupid nowadays).
At 10K a piece in AH, I'll never get it, so might as well forget it, since the BWL mechanics don't allow me to solo it to the technicians.

As to achievements.... GZ ME, today I (could have been yesterday but I slacked miserably in ram racing) completed the Brewfest achievements and I'm now the proud owner of a 310% VIOLET PROTO DRAKE YEEEEEEEEEEH ! Boy it surely is fast, one does notice the difference. And the purple color totally matches the brewfest hat and lock class colors hahaha.

As to raiding... I've done a few more TOC25, we downed 1st (then I had to leave and later on guild downed 2nd). We tried TOC HC but tanks had too low HP and not enough dps so... no can do.

Onyxia 80 came alive on wednesday, I tried with a pug and then with a guildie run, but ppl kept messing around, being knocktail'ed to the whelp eggs, etc, etc.

What else is going on ? Ah, reputation wise, I went to HC Ramparts, dualboxed it more or less easily, and farmed Honor Hold to exalted.

Now I'm inside HC Auchenai Crypts and will do the same for Lower City.

I think I'll try Heroic Sethekk and Heroic Shadow Lab, just in case I can do it hehe.

As to luck.. my bad luck continues, had 3 brewfest mount drops, 2 at the same time, and another guildie got it. 1-(1-20%)^3 = chance I would get it. Obviously I didnt. I'm gonna keep trying daily.

Last but not least, out of things to do, I decided to fully do ZG on my own for Hakkar's heart. Got it so easily, Mandokir and Thekal are actually the hardest bosses, the others are crap... except for the optional ones. Those I tried once and utterly failed.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

25-raids and the "many ppl" problem

What's the problem with 25-raids ?

As I mentioned sometime in the past, 10-raids are more difficult because everyone, and their death, is more important. That is true, but the opposite also applies. If you're good in your task, you also are more important than you are on 25-raid, as you need 2.5 good ppl to match your role. Which means that if you don't find 1.5 more effective ppl to do your task, your raid is screwed.

Still, it was fun to watch as we struggle to do a guilkd+guests run, but when we did a last try with guild-only members, it worked fine.

Well, not fine for me, fuck, because we lost a shadow priest after the guests left, I didnt notice until the boss entered the arena, and although it still talks for 10secs or so, you're already in combat, so no equip change. Long story short, my +3% hit went down the drain, so I missed a lot, specially conflagrates. 8% of those :( ... well, better play safe and always go for +hit gear.

After we downed the 1st trio, we tried the Demon Lord, but the best we did was 50%. Infernos are a problem, they don't spawn at the same time, and as I noticed, the volcanos like to spawn on our feet... on my feet, twice, to be exact. Supposedly we AOE them, but our offtank was never able to collect them and have them in one place, I think they tend to wander a lot. I don't want to think on what hard mode will look like. Insane.

As an addenda, our Vent chat was limited to 25, and we noticed 3 others in Arena chat, 2 of them not guildies, and so we told them to get out. It didnt go well, they pissed the officers off, so they were kicked/gkicked, then came into our vent to make noises, so we had to change the passwd, costing time, etc, etc.
In between, I was told that some dude I had invited to the guild, on request of a guildie, had already been gkicked months before. Luckily I had not invited the Vent offender, but anyway, ppl was pissed off because many RANDOMS are found in guild and some class leaders have been inviting them. So, request from GM: "NO MORE RANDOM INVITATIONS".

Lesson learned: I will never, EVER, invite ppl to the guild. There's a forum, let ppl make applcations, talk to guild leader, whatever.

On a different note, alting and AV leveling: Dear Lord: PVP leveling is so much faster. Every AV full win gives about 150K XP, that's about 1 hour of PVE. What's best, I can dualbox it. So I'm setting these 2 groups and have been dualboxing them.
I'm loving to play retradin. It's soooo much easier now than back at lvl 60. There are 2 instant casts now that work like IWIN buttons: Divine Storm and Crusader Strike. Also seals are glued for 30 mins, no need to refresh them, only judge them. Bah. Too easy.

What I need to do is to train tanking now, but still undecided which char to go. Warrior, probably.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Yes ! It's easy when ppl know what to do.

Anub'Arak (why doesnt he stay dead) has died again, by the hands of our guild.

The cinematics are funny, when the Coliseum floor falls apart and we fall too, into a deep cavern, where Anub'Arak and his burrowers and scarabs wait. Distant memories of AQ40 came back to life.

The strategy can be resumed by:

1 - Shoot "Frost Sphere" down to create lots of permafrost (1 dps).
2 - All hit Boss "if" there are no adds.
3 - When (2) elite burrowers show up, they are offtanked on permafrost, dpsers burn adds down.
4 - In phase 2, everyone stay on permafrost to avoid spikes from Anub + keep shooting Frost Spheres.
5 - Hit the non-elite Swarm Scarabs from far, to avoid their 1-min dot.
6 - In phase 3, tank+spank, burn all cooldowns, do not top ppl's health because of leeching swarm.
7 - Healers watch out for ppl with penetrating cold or impaled by Anub in Phase 2.

I kinda of noobilized, and with the boss at 1%, was too slow to Soulshatter after agro suddenly peaked when tank stopped generating it, and I died miserably.

My fault, should have soulshattered on time. Because of this, I'm going into emergency procedures and will now specifically train 0.5 sec soulshatter hit on a close key, alt-2 seems good, right below alt-f1, every man for himself.

As to the loot, it was pretty good, 3 epics, and the TOC10 achievement is now in the bag.

Fight log here.
Icecrown citadel, I'm ready for you.

Or may be not. After the kill, we made a trial on TOC10 heroic, but found out that the timers for the bosses are so small that we had Gormok at 50% when the Jormungar twins showed up. Needless to say, we'll need an avg of 4k dps to do it, and there were only 2 persons with that dmg.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Imba healing makes a difference

Today we went TOC10 again, with a not so pro but quite pushing forward group.
As a result, we downed the 4 bosses, which was something, considering that a few ppl , namely one of the healers hadn't set her feet inside TOC yet.

The fight results can be seen here (with a Razorscale guild kill too).

The amazing part of the logs is to watch on the healing power of our guildie druid, absolutely imba.

I got myself a Blade of the Silver Disciple, item 232. It beats the Kel'thuzad and the Soulscribe from Yogg-Saron 25-man. A lucky roll !

On another topic, I won a Bronze Drake, weeeee.

And last but not least, I'm now above 7000 achievement points, thanks to some nice Isle of Conquest solo achievements.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Xaire friends

2 years ago I pwned Xaire . Today in WG, after a 15 min bitch fight between 50 idiots blaming each other for the failure attacking Wintergrasp fortress, I sent a "/1 yawn..".

Guess what ?

Some jerk quickly answered "and you netcownt, owning Xaire with pots and flask and rotating keyboard, youre real pro..."

Looks like Xaire still has friends on this side LOL

He forgot to mention that:
1 - Xaire had a full 70 PVP gear while I had lvl 60 gear (T2 head can be seen on movie), and that:
2- He was an engineer and used his reflect tricks.
So he could use engineering crap, but I, as an alchemist, could not use flaks or pots, even considering that he could use pots and flasks too if he wanted.
3- And as long as I play WoW, I never used keyboard for turning.

Oh well.. sure was fun to see someone remembers it. Xaire was good indeed.
Drakonus was the only SP to kick my ass in the old lvl 60 days.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

TOC: A miss and a big hit !

The last days, I missed a TOC10 run where the guild killed the faction champions.
I was sad not to have participated in the kill, but we nearly got ppl for 25 runs, so we must give everyone a chance to participate and learn the fights.

Yesterday, I went in to see the Twin Valkyr fights. Tbh, as I did not go the day before, I had not learned the fight, so I had to watch the video and look at the WoWWiki info in a rush. I hate that, I like to prepare in advance. Then, we tried them, 5 times, and down she came, after we settled the role for everyone to hunt the orbs.

The fight is surprisingly easy, once you know what to do.
Two Valkyrs, a dark and a light one.
The raid is evenly divided in two.
Lets take the raid fighting the DarkBane.
-That raid must click on a Light portal for its essence, to get a buff.
-Then its nuke time until orbs show up.
-Because you're light, you hunt light orbs. If you touch a dark orb, you get 7K damage, but if you touch a light orb, you get a speed and damage buff. So.... forget about DPS'ing, dot the boss and take your time to collect orbs.
-Each Valkyr will trigger 2 special abilities: Vortex and heal (actually, a few more, but I think this sums it up)
-If e.g. Darkbane triggers Dark Vortex, all light essenced players must hurry to click on a dark portal to get dark essenced. Failure to do so will kill you
-If e.g. Darkbane triggers a heal process, it's also shielded so u have to unshield and then interrupt the heal. For this, all the dark dps ppl have to click on a light portal to get light essenced and dps her. When the heal has been interrupted, you click on your dark portal and get back to dpsing your Lightbane.
That's about all. I got a nice pair of boots from the fight, I was the only clothie.
Unfortunately, unless I get hit capped, I wont be able to use them as I miss 43 hit :(

Then........ we nearly got enough ppl for 25-TOC, so we asked a few 2-3 ppl from another guild, namely a very good hunter and we tried it. I dpsed quietly until the end and down the 3 bosses came. The fucking yeti targeted me once when I was stunned against a pillar, but now I learned what to do: See a pilar on one side ? run to the other :) 120 ms latency also helps.

In the end, I got an imensely good chest drop (/roll 92), but I'll have to give up my t8.5 chest. The chest without gems or enchant 30 spell power more than the t8.5 !!!

After the fights, I played with wow log analyzers a bit for practice: Here I am, top DPS on TOC10, top guild DPS on TOC25.
WoWWebStats Aesyr vs Toede

EDIT: While checking the 25 fight for the effectiveness of the Mana Spring Totem (I had to lifetap 22 times!), I found out that one of the guest DK's was unholy ! Crap ! I could have Doom Cursed 10 times ! Ffs, I need an addon that tells me when there's an Unholy DK in raid ! Boomkins and Shadowpriests are easy to spot, but DKs... ok, they supposedly have a pet, but still... there should be an addon that tells us "SHADOW PRIEST IN RAID", "BOOMKIN IN RAID", "UNHOLY DK IN RAID" !!!!

Last but not least, it's September 1st and so... I got my 12th beer in the mailbox !