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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

About celestial headaches


It took about two weeks, leveling pets and searching strategies. In the first week, I had not enough pets to battle through, but in the second week, it was a matter of finding the highest rares to level or set common pets as rares, and actually getting it done. Six days into the week, and down went Lorewalker Cho, Dr. Ion Goldbloom, Sully, their respective 3-pet crews, and in the end, four legendary pets.

As a reward, the 20th cub pet, my "Crazy Cat Man" title, as a proper achievement.

Needless, to say, this thing is HARD. I'll need to win it another 9 times, with different challenges, like Blingtron 4K or Wise Mari, and get the rest of the tournament pets and achievements. So more hardness incoming :p

With all this petting, I nearly stopped my PVP, has I had done enough to reach 1500 RBG rating. 1600 means Knighthood (I'm Lt.Commander on Lock and Knigh Champion on Pala, but those are vanilla titles), so I've been pushing, but I'm stuck around 1590, always loosing the critical battle.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Rage Hard !

Prontos, aqui vai o meu rage, é o meu blog, tenho direito a isto :)
Filhos da mãe há em todo o lado. Este é um deles. Um mage português do Aggra de uma guilda qualquer chamada Encore.
Este gajo ataca-me quando eu estou plácidamente ao lado dele, com 578i LEVEL !!!!
Depois, faço ress, vou atrás dele e estupidamente meto-me numa zona em que ambos levámos porrada (arena daily de Golden Lotus)  Claro, como ele tinha um iLvl maior e eu sou noob como DK a PVP, morri, por um cacagésimo, ele tinha 2%, e o fdm cuspiu-me em cima.
Vou ficar com este nome. Volbeat. Um dia, sacana, hás-de levar na pá como o Xaire levou ! Nem que leve anos ! É só uma questão de nos encontrarmos sem que tenhas um iLvl 70 acima de mim, fdp !

Friday, January 03, 2014

Into Battle with a Lot of Pets

Yes it's a joke about the first EP of the Art of Noise. So, what was I missing, in what Mists of Pandaria game playing was concerned ? That's right, Battle Pets.

During Cataclysm, I collected enough pets for an achievement (was it 100 ? 200 ? I forgot). 
But with MoP, pets went to battle.

With the release of Hearthstone Beta, I played a bit, and found it funny enough to play a few games. 

So I decided to reactivate my attempts to do some WoW battle Pet achievements for leveling, collecting and battling, which has the same kind of non-real-time, strategy flavor of Hearthstone.

I managed to complete most of the things I wanted, except... the Celestial Tournament, that Blizzard released in 5.4 in the Timeless Isle.

That tournament is HARD. Of course there are lots of strategies you can read, and some specific pets you should/must use, but otherwise it's not one of those things you go in and get done, not my a long mile.

Oh well, I'll get it done, eventually.

I've been having fun with Rated Battlegrounds (1590 rating, thank you OQ!), and got full PVP 522 gear.

SWTOR...I purchased the Rise of the Hutts Cartel, using a promotion pack, in order to become a subscriber the day when they FINALLY added free flight combat, the so called Galactic Starfighter expansion. 
Well.. it's been a month and I think I played for 1 hour at most...the game changed so much, or at least, I forgot so much about the game and Mercenary abilities that I get bored/tired 10 minutes after I logon. 
As to the free flight combat itself...it's a bit too fast for my taste, all kids around move around me like bees, and I get shot without even understanding what needs to be done. I guess I'm getting old... thank god for "slow" books like War and Peace !