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Friday, February 28, 2014

A Knight's Tale

Season 15, started, and I decided to give it a go, to get my RBG saddle, my RBG mount and RBG titles.
Going good. Reached 1600 rating, and... I'm now a Knight ! Yes, I know, I've been a Knight and Lt.Commander since 2008, yada yada, but this is an RBG knighthood.

Besides, I've been collecting gold in order to buy myself the Gold 9/9 Challenge Mode, together with its transmog crap, titles, and achievements. People are asking 110-140k gold, so it's within range. Actually, I respawned my account just for that, but since I still have some time until CMs are disabled...

Besides that, and doing PVP pet battles, and weekly Celestials, there's nothing more to do. Arenas are gone, as Strings went AFK, and besides doing some flex modes (oh yes, killed Garrosh in flex a few days ago), there's not much else to do.

Meanwhile, I'm getting better in the RBG business, now as destro (shadowburns on healers are so good, dear lord) , or demo, when flag carrying or guarding needs doing.