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Friday, June 27, 2014

Back to LOTRO and GW2... and RIFT

It's been a long time since I played LOTRO. I finished the Riders of Rohan expansion, leveled to 85, did all quests, completed the epic chain quest and most of the solo deeds (except rebuilding Hytbold to 100% and Wildermore to Exalted...). As for reputations, I used my store coins (being a life-time VIP helps) for them. And last week, I noticed that LOTRO store coins can also be used to buy the Helms Deep expansion pack (around 4K, actually there was a 2K sale some months ago). So I spend 4K out of my 14K coins and got the expansion for free. This allowed me to ride into Edoras (beautifully crafted, congratulations to the grahpic developers) and start a new epic chain, interacting with Théoden, Grima, and the whole character lot. It seems that Janariel (my character) will stay behind with Éowyn to help guiding her people away from Erodas into safety, while Théoden, Éomer, and probably Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and Gandalf will go with them (can't remember this part of the novel properly, tbh, shame SHAME on me !) Well, it'll be a fun Summer with LOTRO. As to Guild Wars 2, I missed (xuif xuif) most of the Crown Pavillion 2-month event, but I came just in time to do some arenas and kill all bosses (and earn a ton of gold doing it). Now, it seems Seasons 2 of the Living World with start on July 1st, so there's a lot to be discovered... hopefully. Last but not least, RIFT: I've restarted playing with some friends in May, from scratch, leveling a rogue, doing some quests (as guardian, not defiant again) and having fun. Currently at 39. I'm in doubt wether to go with the mage or rogue for Storm legion, but last time I tried the mage, it was strange to play, lots of skills I didn't know how to use. I guess rogue is way easier, so may be I stick to it. Stealth also helps a lot while soloing. And I can even tank (and heal with a paid soul tree). All in all, I'm not missing WoW at all. And with Blizzard stupidity of creating TBC II in the same exact place (fk, even Shadowmoon Valley and Black Temple are the same !!!) and with the same kind of graphics, I think I won't miss that expansion at all. Time will tell...