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Saturday, March 05, 2016

Ironing is hard (II)

I'm still alive ! And I'm lvl 60, starting in OUTLAND !

Wee, a few tries later, Shaniron, my nth attempt at the Ironman challenge, finally launched like a ROCKET. I crossed the 28 death mark level of my 2nd monk, then I crossed the 33 death mark level of my 3rd monk and then...I never stopped. Until now, that is.

I'm the first guy on EU-Silvermoon to be registered on the wowchallenges site and properly do Ironman to lvl 60 !

Asmongold is at lvl 75.

There are only 11 ironmen registered in the whole world !
And... am I going to become one of this rare class ? Pray that I do. 

I'm feeling that Outland is hard, Hellfire, with all its underground mobs, a Fel Reaver, packed spots, mines, and all that stuff. But at least I'm flying, something that I kind of missed in Azeroth.

I'll stop now for a few days, my account despawned after 30 days and I want rest XP, which I hope will continue for 10 days. 1 bar every 1/3 days gets blue,  so 20 bars = 1 level = 6.66 days. If I remember correctly, the rest XP goes up to 1.5 levels so that means 10 days rest.

I need a rest. Lvl 60 and I'm exhausted ;-)

PS: Blizzard, don't hurry with that silly Legion prepatch and its changes, namely, the "AUTOMATIC" specialization that will ruin the ironman challenges for everyone. Take yout time.