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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Cow in Karazhan

Wee my Clarabela the beautiful (?) shammy went to Karazhan with Fylgies ... who says a guild with a minimum age of 30 can't play ? We killed Attumen LOL !
And, I was top healer weeeeeeeeee. With +900 healing, with a lot of buffing and pots, it worked fine.
Patalogica is 68, and it has run out of rest time. Damn. Guess I have to start leveling the hunter, and activate my second account. Oh the pain.
Meanwhile, BRD doesn't want to drop my kodo. I guess I'll have to consider I already have a Kodo ! Actually, 2 Kodos LOL. And a raptor ! I'm missing a wolf but Patalogica is nearly Orgrimmar exalted so... it's coming soon.
The plan for October will be to level Jewelcrafting on Clara (today I went 210-250) and Enchanting (at 340 atm).

In general, I'll try to have all my professions at or around 375 before WOTLK.

Another thing I want to consider is that, for Inscripting, Tarithel will need to use a lot of herbs for milling and getting pigments. Namely:

[Alabaster Pigment] - Bloodthistle / Peacebloom / Silverleaf / Earthroot / Mageroyal
[Dusky Pigment] - Briarthorn / Swiftthistle / Bruiseweed / Stranglekelp
[Golden Pigment] - Wild Steelbloom / Grave Moss / Kingsblood / Liferoot
[Emerald Pigment] - Fadeleaf / Goldthorn / Khadgar's Whiskers / Wintersbite
[Violet Pigment] - Firebloom / Purple Lotus / Arthas' Tears / Sungrass / Blindweed / Ghost Mushroom / Gromsblood
[Silvery Pigment] - Golden Sansam / Dreamfoil / Mountain Silversage / Plaguebloom / Icecap
[Nether Pigment] - All Outland herbs.
[Azure Pigment] - All Northrend Herbs.

So, time to start gathering...

Friday, September 26, 2008

My Shaman is 70 .. and Gold Sellers are getting smarter !

I've got my seventh 70 ! Clarabela did it ! I switched from elemental to enhanced 68-70 and quite frankly, it sucks, in survivability. Still, melee+shock dps rocks.

As to the pictures, they were taken in Orgrimmar and the text is.. mmoinn.com, a gold seller site. The guys created an enormous number of trial accounts, then created one char on each account, and then, somehow controlled them all at once so that they moved to the Orgrimmar center and... somehow died at once, in an horizontal plane, 2 meters above in the air... totally weird ! I have no idea how they did it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bastards are everywhere

OMG. I've just finished my 4th BRD attempt for the Brewfest mount drops. The surprise is not that it didn't drop, the surprise is that I only did 4 attempts. Why ?

Because... Qaxe, an ally warrior 70 on EU-Frostmane created a nice scam. He invited the other 4 to the party, made us summon the boss 4 times, and when it would be his time to summon it, he just disconnected, only to reconnect 5 mins later, when we were gone. One of the other guys told me he had already done that once to his alt.
15 mins later, of course, he was already with another team, going into BRD, for another set of ... 4 attempts.

Shame on me, next time I'll be going with guildies of course.

Anyway, scammers are everywhere. I'd beat that kid to death. In real life.

Brewfest vs Warhammer !

Finally, my Warhammer Age of Reckoning (AoR) arrived. Installation wasn't a snap because it requires a weird Direct X9.0c version that I supposedly had (according to dxdiag), but it seems it missed a DLL, so a specific DirectX had to be installed for XP. Also, the CD2 failed to read and nearly had to reinstall CD1, which takes an hour. Oh well, 2 hours later, AoR was ready to go. And so it went.
Results: Looks like a nice game, looks like a nice WoW copy embedded in the Warhammer universe (Altdorf, Grimmenhaven, greenskins, bright wizards, all the crap).
However, it has a problem. It's excruciatingly slow and laggy.
Sure, WoW was like that in the first days, and 3 years passed, it's smooth as baby skin. The interface is roughly the same. The quests are around, there are also Public Quests (PQ's) that one can do in the vicinity of others, and still get a loot, which is measured by each personal contribution to the objective (usually a Champion or Hero, equivalent to the WoW Elites).

There are many PvP (called RvR) quests, so one has to engage in battle very soon.
I spent several hours inside, got myself to a lvl 8 bright wizard, and went through much of the Tier 1 Order scenario. As we go higher, we start to go further and further into enemy territory, so we do have to fight against others.
The fight is laggy and not working quite well, with spellcasters in disadvantage against melee's.
PvE fight suffers from the same problem but the server is much slower in its fighting pace, so we come up victorious easily.
Another thing that is not working, or is at least different is the pulling thing. You can have 3 PvE enemies close to each other, and you can pull each other standalone. It's not very realistic.
The graphics are superb ! Altdor is very beautiful, but also so slow I don't think we'll have Tier4 battles anytime soon inside capitals.

As to WoW, Brewfest has started, so I'll go and hunt my rewards, namely an epic Kodo.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Waiting for the train that never comes

My Warhammer Online was dispatched and WOTLK is due November 13th. Yay !
Who am I gonna be ? A greenskin ? Or a Dark Elf ? Or the usual good human fighting against evil ?
Today, a slight variation in War. Why War ? Why not Love ?

Susan Wayland, a wunderschön 28 model from Sachsen. Here she is, ready to go to War.

Meanwhile, on Frostmane, Tika, a guildie, showed my Tarithel is not so far from the 1850/200mp5 to go into MHyjal. But to go from 1800/180 hours badging is required ofc. I have 10 badges. Damn it. Should I go for Tarithel to restart raiding or should I focus on getting Justicar on Netcownt and 9x70's by 13.11 ? Oh the drudgery !

This weekend, my extravaganza didn't go so well. Lost 33-40 in 24 mins. God, I never cownted so many wrong fish on my net :) 7, SEVEN firefin,blackmouth, etc. So I was on target for 40 but... had bad luck. Guess someone had no such unluck. Also, I noticed that I only spotted the guy that won the conquest once ! Meaning, he was fishing elsewhere.. but where ?
After watching Monza F1 I had enough time before 16.00 to go Northwest and check on different fishing places. I found an island east of Yojimba with 4 (NE,SE,NW,SW) fishing spots. With luck and some persuasion to get those horde 19's out of there, I should be able to fish about 20 fishes in less than 10 mins there. With some more luck, they would respawn and I'll get close to 40. On Yojimba itself, I found no spots; found a few spots on the NW coast near Westfall, but not that many.

Last but not least, I got exalted with the League of Arathor ! An AB weekend and some pretty good grouping implied that I now am strictly into Warsong Gulch. 38 points per flag, meaning I still need 300 flags ! I'm farming swiftness pots for me or dedicated flag carriers in premades. Also, may be I'll collect a bunch of Noggerfogger elixir to decrease my size, making me less visible. Of course I can rely on others as flag carriers but...I'm committed to a goal, and most ppl are not, they get orgasms by fighting in the middle for no reason but a little honor. The bad part of this is that the next WSG week is 3 weeks away :(

Friday, September 12, 2008

Warhammer on the Horizon

And I'm back. Yes ! My Resumed Story of Warcraft is going on nicely. I'm now into WOTLK, with TBC nearly done. As to WoW itself, I've been leveling a bit. Guess I'll have a full 9 70's with WOTLK ! LOL.
My Fylgies guild is now filling up with multiboxers, thanx to Blizzard and its 3xExperience for (UK, etc) accounts that invite friends for WoW. Of course, they know precisely that most friends will be a 2nd account, and they are very happy that ppl like me pay them double. F*ck it.
Patalogica is lvling up smoothly at 63, respecced FireMage (x/41/3) and I'm liking it, but it has less survivability in Outlands than it had in Azeroth. As to PVP, today I tried it against a hunter but miserably lost. Damn pets are too hard. Tried a couple of times, with no sheep, with hunter sheep, with pet sheep.. and then got ganked by a lock... :(
Clarabela (at 65 now) is turning to be a mastering experience. I got the Addon:Call of Elements working and my action bars got amazingly empty with all the totems being pulled by the addon. Also, I finally memorized most totems, so now it's becoming a blast. I'm able to kill 2,3 mobs at once, and still come alive. And with mana shield and mana totem, my mana is infinite. Amazing ! I'm specced Elemental, so I can use distance spell dps strategies, much nicer than the melee Enhancement tree.
I guess the pain will come when I have to lvl the hunter.
As to Netcownt, another fishing Extravaganza, another rare fish, so I now got both the fishing hat and fishing rope, but... not the title. This week, a fucking mage attacked me while I was fishing, I killed him and resumed fishing LOL. May be with WOTLK some cretins will leave STV and I'll be able to get my well deserved title.
On the rare mount, I went Zul'Gurub with 2 others, but Mandokir's didn't drop. However, I got a few tips on how to make it work with Tarithel. Still.. it takes loooooooong.
Finally, last but not least, Warhammer is COMING ! And I think I'm gonna have a taste of it. After all, I know Altdorf, the greenskins, Witch Hunters, Commander Bernhardt, etc, etc. Dark Omen FTW !