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Friday, August 29, 2008

More core Lore

Having finished another Terry Brooks book (The Elves of Cintra, another Shannara prequel trilogy), I regained interest for RPG lore, so for the next days I won't be playing (Holidays, WoW accounts expired), but I'll concentrate in updating my Portuguese storyline view of Warcraft, updating it for TBC and probably preparing WOTLK, including Northrend updates.

Coming to think of it, it's easy to also spot similarities between Shannara's novels and Warcraft, the first ones beeing much older ofc. Examples, notably absent from JRRT, are the Tree(s) of Life, Nordrassil/Teldrassil for Warcraft, and Ellcrys in Arborlon for the Shannara megalogy.

I'd say Warcraft lore writers inspired themselves with three sources: JRRT, Ed Greenwood and Terry Brooks. Who else ?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mainly alts

A fellow reader suggested me that I might as well achieve a record similar to james the scarab bastard by leveling every single class I have.

Well, come to think of it, my lower ones are 63 shammie, 61 hunter, 60 mage.

This looks doable until WOTLK comes out, by December, I'd say. The only objection is the meaning of it and time los.. spent in the making of it. They are clearly the classes I dislike the most, notably the shammie and hunter. WTB a leveling pal :)

Still.. it'd be an achievement in deed, to hand level these two for WOTLK, though the hunter leveling was not my doing, but Oliver's. My own Ca├žagrossa is stalled at 22, her purpose filled, ie, quest in Ghostlands. Still.. may be I'll like one of those three so much I'll choose them as my main main. or my alt main. or my alt alt main...

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber

Dammit it was hard, but it's done. I now ride a Winterspring frostsaber and I'm not exalted with Darnassus (well...yet) :)
Talking of reputation, I found out that James, that infamous bastard that stole my Master Angling because my net disconnected for 3 minutes is exalted with nearly every single reputation in this f*cking game. He's not only a scarab lord, he's also a justicar, and... only not (yet) exalted with Darkmoon, I think. Pelo amor da santa!

Feeling strong, I decided to give a try to Onyxia. But the damn girlie dragon brought me down again, somewhere between 90% and 95%. Dammit, what is wrong with my doing, I can't seem to be able to hold aggro with my VW, even if I use nearly all the threat lowering shit I can remember. Sometimes she come for the priest, sometimes for the lock, sometimes with a resisted torment, sometimes with nothing at all. Don't know what else to do.

Still feeling strong, I went to... Zul'gurub, and decided to get my next mount: a RAPTOR. Yes, Bloodlord Mandokir is going down. It can be single manned with a lock, it can be dual-manned with a tank+healer, as long as the healer overheals from an innaccessible platform, so that the raptor doesn't reach it, and keeps trying to go for it. I tried a few times, but main screen was the lock, and sec. screen was the priest.. I made a few mistakes with the pet-attack positioning. But soon he'll come down , and enter farm status. Hopefully.

And the best for last: my wow pal mega is back :) he's starting a low lvl druid on Frostmane. Hurrah for old times.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

GZ Alfragitax

After three and a half years, Alfragitax the Mighty Warrior finally reached level 70.
It was pretty easy in fury mode, and I could even tank a few times.
Even with my scarce gold resources, I was able to gather 510+80+800+100 gold, so I'm now flying :)
On the negative side, mining is 375 but blacksmithing is a total pain in the ass. It's stalled at 235, needing tons of mithril bars and mageweave, then thorium, then..., each stack is 30g on Balnazzar. This implies that the only way is --> dailies, but.. on this far from full server, few ppl do PVE, meaning most cretins have fun themselves ganking. Actually, 75% of the times you see a horde, he's gonna go for you, even killing himself in the process. What's worse, they work in pairs, and I'm not (WTB dualboxing mate!!!) So Sunwell Island is a nightmare. Alternative, may be I'll do the dailies in Outland, takes a bit more time but at least less ganking.

I'm about 2 weeks from end-of-account-time, and after this long wanted goal (another ridiculous, virtual, nonsense goal) , I'm now seriously considering a pause. I'll gather the epic tiger from Wintersabers and then... we'll see.

Meanwhile, it's Summer, I'm off to the beach.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Mount Ryjal

On a more positive note...

Recently, a thought rushed my mind, since i've got no gear for Mount Hyjal, why not get other Mounts ?

So I set slowly on a quest for rare mounts.

First was Kurenai talbuk. I quickly got exalted and now own one.

Then I thought about the Wintersaber tiger. It's a pretty damn hard work, and an idiot repetitive triad of quests like no other in Warcraft. Anyway, it looks easy, so, with a little study, I was able to make it easier. I'm now reaching revered. In a few days/weeks it'll come. only 27 times more...(omg!)

Finally, today I remembered the AQ40 mount, notably because it was a bastard scarab lord that stole my extravaganza fishing price. So I set sail to AQ40, Netcownt and Tarithel, that is, and entered the lonely dungeon.

One nice thing about this instance is that you can single pull three mobs at 70, and with a nice dualboxing set, I was able to kill some Obsidian Eradicators and, surprise, a Blue Qiraji Resonating Crystal dropped. My Expendables guild never gave me one, well, I got one myself now :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pissed pissed pissed off !

13:35, Fishing Stravaganza just finished on Frostmane and ... I didn't win.

I lost by 37-40 to James, a fucking scarab lord from some pro guild. And why ? Because ... my fucking ISP disconnected me for 3 minutes at least, while their fucking Huawei DSLAM rebooted for reasons unknown, probably because some idiot chinese fucked up his FPGA firmware coding long ago. In conclusion, when I reconnected, I was way behind, or so I thought, and my ready-to-fish-spot was of course gone. Even so, the noob only finished the conquest at 13:25, when I was coming close. So damn close. I was gonna win by MILES in less than 20 minutes.

In times like this, we all agree it's just a stupid game and let's carry on with real life and forget this stupidity... nevertheless... it pisses me off.

Oh well, it's Summer. I'm out. Fuck it. And Clix too.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Warrior ftw

After 3 years in WoW, I finally learned how to play a warrior properly. I'm specc'ed fury, and finally loving it. It beats rogue, it's more fun, and unstoppable at leveling. Alfragitax is now 66 and flying towards 70.

After that, it looks like he will leave Balnazzar, unless my Warlords of Azeroth tuga guild starts doing Kara/ZA after summer.

As to Frostmane, PVP saga continues, 4K(x2) per day. Resilience for Netcownt approaches cap value and soon I'll be starting 3v3/5v5 for real. Aim is 2000 rating.

PVE, everytime I reach a minimum to start raiding, the minimums increase :( In conclusion... no minimums, no raiding. The idea of going raiding in order to gear up is simply not doable here. I'll have to think about it for WOTLK, wether it makes sense to be in a guild with over 100 members and not be able to raid.

On Lightbringer.. Patalogica have been going slooooow with Ulik.