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Friday, August 30, 2013

Legendary ? Not really

Back to WoW, for the Assault on Orgrimmar, after Blizzard releases Pandaria patch 5.4 and last.

Chapter IV: Celestial Blessings , the legendary achievement, pre-5.4, is done (on warlock, ofc).

I got a nice a upgraded 608 iLvl legendary cloak, or so I thought.  Actually, it's not a legendary, but rumor says it will be, after the last chapter is complete.

I'm still saving my legendary Sha gem and primal, as in 5.4 I want to be raiding, if I can, with Haunted Heavens. Will I have the patience ? Time will tell...

Hopefully, the new "flex" raiding will provided means for me to raid with my portuguese guild, Turno da Noite, in a more re"flex"ing atmosphere.

As to my alting, my epic task has actually been very fast, all my chars should be 90 by the time 5.4 ends. Hopefully 5.4 will add "speedy leveling" for the 85-90 bracket.

On the GW2 front, I stopped playing and hunting my legendary. I started taking care of too many achievements, ended up loosing interest as the Living Story in GW2 goes on too fast, and they cancel playable content after each Living Story ends. That's not for me, that's for people which anxiously await every patch and start playing from day 1 for 8 hours. Forget it !

I miss only 1 puzzle to finish the GW2 puzzling section, but it's a PVP one, so I might have to wait to do it with a friend or so.

On the LOTRO front, it was a breeze to reach cap level 85. I visited all zones, and rebuilt a bit of the burnt town, Hytbold. However, the amount of days/dailies we need to do in order to fully rebuilt is simply too much. Developpers must be crazy. 
I'm now doing Wildermore quests. Finally, I have companions to kill Warbands. In the other areas, no one kills Warbands, and the dumb ring I need to get in order to upgrade it and get a decent blue item, can't be farmed without a fellowship. So the 2000 store coins I spent power leveling my reputation for the four areas were !"#$%& useless :|
The nice part, is to finally be able to be part of a 5-10 person group that roam throuh Wildermore on mounts attacking warbands and farming coins or whatever they do it for, over and over. 

It's a totally new experience, this mounted combat thingie in LOTRO.