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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hundreds of hundreds

All classes at lvl 100 in WoW.

Death Knight

It's been fun. No achievement for this:)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Bloody night !

Yesterday I had a lot of fun with my Guild. Quies. I asked for help for Blood infusion, and the girls came to help. Blood infusion is a legendary quest part of the chain to get Shadowmourne, the ICC legendary. I thought about doing it on my DK, but my pala was a primal character, and I had a friendly guild, so I decided to get it for Moonprince.

The quest involves killing the Blood Queen in ICC after I bite three players. It seems easy, but after 1 minute, the players become mind controlled, so they have to die.

At first it did not go so well, because it was a bit hard to die, and inform 3 players of what to do. Once the Blood queen almost died, but the mind-controlled priest healed her so much, and I only had one minute to kill the Queen, her HP was still high so it didn't work out.

As it was time for raid, we decided to leave it for later, and went for Highmaul. The guild had killed all but two bosses the day before, a huge success, but they were hungry for more. Luckily I could join, so we went in and killed both bosses. I became so casual these days, I can't even memorize the name of the raid or the name of the bosses. Or may be because everything became kind of trivial, or deja-vu, I don't know.

Down Imperator Morgok went !

Guild Photo! Show-off with Sulfuras :-) 

Anyway, Quies cleared Highmaul Normal. Great stuff for some casuals. Well, some of us are not real casuals, they seem like ex-hardcore players having a nap, with experience and learning fast from mistakes. A few also knew the strategy so I wonder...

After that, the ladies and I returned to ICC, with only 2 helpers, a priest and a warlock, and the Blood Biting went fine, we were able to do it on the first shot.

Bloof infusion complete !

The strategy for me (Pala Retradin) + PriestHoly100 + LockDestro100 was:

1-  Equip the Shadow's Edge, the sword I'm infusing with Blood in ICC25 (TWO IMPORTANT STEPS!)
2- Enable righteous fury on retradin.
3- Priest and lock stay still, marks on their heads. Soulstone on Lock
4- Attack boss until 1/2 HP, wait for the 60s timer for biting to appear as debuff.
5- Ask priest and lock to loose 50% HP by standing on purple stuff or allow damage. If too low, the priest heals herself or the warlock A BIT.
6- When timer = 0, bite the priest.
7- Ask the priest to die fast. Proceed as before.
8- Wait for 60s timer
9- Bite the warlock.
10- Ask the warlock to die fast.
11-Wait for 60s timer. Around 5s left on timer, ask the warlock to ressurrect.
12-Bite the warlock.
13-Ask the warlock to kill boss fast, together.

In general, heal as necessary, and important, have "every man for himself" ready just in case the fear casted by the boss (when she goes up) occurs when it's time to bite.
If if helps, ask the warlock and priest to unequip a few items to get their HP.

Of course, if I was a DK, we could have done this with only the warlock.

A great success !! Everyone thought it was very funny a boss where people don't kill are asked to die, while getting bitten and asked to undress ! A very naughty boss :-)

After that I proceeded with Frost Infusion, took some time to get 4 breaths from Sindragosa and I ended the night taking a picture at the Frozen Throne and getting Field Photographer achievement on Moonprince.

The only mistake I did was kill Putricide&Co wing before going for Sindra, so I wasted 3 shards that I could have gotten to complete my next task: Get 50 shards out of bosses in ICC(25 I guess).

I'll be doing ICC25 HC runs weekly to get the shards, and have a shot at the Invincible mount !!!