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Thursday, May 07, 2015


WoW went F2P !

Well, kind of. Blizzard enabled tokens, supposedly to attempt a few things:

1 - stop the leaving player base...from leaving, of course.
2 - make more money.
3 - replace gold sellers.

How did they do that ? They now sell a token for 20€. This token can be resold on the AH for gold ! Buyers will gain 30 days gameplay, meaning, they don't have to pay. So what it is doing is that the wealthier players will pay for those that don't want to pay to play (anymore, like me!).


Swedish player A paid 13€, and paid X for gold
Russian player B paid 13€.
Blizzard got 26€ every 30 days.
Gold sellers got X.

Swedish player A pays 13€ to play, and 20€ for gold (35K-45K gold in EU servers)
Russian player B plays for free!
Blizzard gets 33€.
Gold sellers get zilch!

Blizzard wins, because player B won't leave the game and they get 27% more revenue for the same player base !!!
Player B wins, because it now plays for free !!!
Player A wins, because it now knows what X=20€=[35K-45K] and can check the prices anytime, e.g. on https://wowtoken.info/
Gold sellers loose because they must now sell gold way cheaper for player A to use their services.

A few calculations using a multi-character account like mine, and I could make 2K-3K a day easily, partly using Garrison missions. So I reactivated my account with gold, for a month, see how it goes, while I level a few more characters to lvl 100 and have some fun.

For the first week, target has been reached. Legendary Fangs of the Feather, the Dragon Soul rogue daggers !