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Sunday, July 16, 2017

On accepted challenges !

Accepted and completed...hurrah. This was not quite as hard as the green fire quest, but I completed the Destruction Warlock Legion challenge (Tugar and Jormog) with 897i (see below, I wanted to make sure I did it below 900i) and got the appropriate achievement for it. Quest is "FelTotem's Fall".

As an advice for fellow locks, I'll leave my strategy. I used a pre-pot and ofc a flask and food. I had 4 interrupts available: This Mortal Coil (joke)(45sec), Spell Lock(24sec), Grimoire of Service-Felhunter(1.5min) and ofc Fear. I used fear mostly for the Earthquake cast but also sometimes for Felburst cast. Focus always on Jormog because of the Sonic Scream cast.
Don't forget to refocus when he comes out of hiding (/target Jormog /focus target /targetlasttarget /cast [target=Focus] Havoc)
Unending resolve comes handy when you have no interrupts available and it's too late to cast Fear so you know you're gonna get a Felburst right in your face.
Talents: Backdraft, Rev. Entropy, Mortail Coil, Soul Harvest, Demon Skin, Grimoire of Service, Soul Conduit.

So next in line is Demonology, Sigryn and its "The God-Queen's Fury" quest. Seems hard because it has 3 mobs to deal with and a bunch of valkyries aiming at you.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Only a bit more WOW :)

Yadayada I quit and all that. Well...Blizz gave me a free 7-days and I figured, why not try and get the class mounts, now that 7.2.5 is out ?

So I went back and got all of them ! Yay, 12 different class campaigns.
Well, it took me a few more days, so I'm still on for a month.
The quests are not that difficult, but the fact that most of my chars are below 850 made it a bit of a challenge.<850 a="" actually="" and="" bit="" challenging.="" hard.="" it="" mage="" makes="" more="" p="" trials="" warrior="" were="">

<850 a="" actually="" and="" bit="" challenging.="" hard.="" it="" mage="" makes="" more="" p="" trials="" warrior="" were="">What to do with the rest of the month ?

- There's Black Temple revisitation week, an idiotic implementation of Timewalking, where your character can enter it once, then you get saved, and then you're no longer invited for other groups because... you're saved. That's deprecated code being effectively used as a "new raid feature" for 7.2.5. Blizzard has become a JOKE.

- There's Chromie scenario. I've saved 5/8 but I guess it needs a lot of reputation to effectively be able to finish it. Furthermore, it's damn confusing, both in gaming and position/movement terms. All in all, another messy thing, chaotic even. Thank god there are offline guides, but it shouldn't be so hard. Fuck, even the Suramar one better, the wandering army scenario or whatever it was called.

- There's a pet dungeon scenario.. Guess i'm gonna try that

- There's the brawling guild.

- There's the Kil'jaeden ramp up in LFR. Probably won't make it to the end, but I can always spend a few hundred thousand gold and get carried.

- Ah, and ofc there's the triple challenge quests (yes, dual for DH) at the Broken Shore. At least for my lock, 895, I should be able to do that. Yes, lets do that!

No pics, I'm lazy. Now back to work :)

Last but not least, I've followed her for a few years, and she's graduating, so congratulations Lana, my favorite gamer (and an artist !): https://www.twitch.tv/shadowila