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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm getting out of Chromaggus !

Good news. RGC is moving out of Chromaggus, to Silvermoon.
So, I'm going with them. Raiding is not over yet.

Blizz opened up some more transfers to Chromaggus, and indeed today I spotted an entire guild that moved from Stromscale. They seem to be international/greek based.
But the environment continues to be very bad, a lot of unpolite, rude idiots, etc.

Anyway, my problem is now.. my bank, a lvl 20 char with his own guild and a lot of bank tabs, and all my alts :(

Shall I move them all ?

It's a bit of money, but nothing compared to what some jerk spent the last days, transferring from server to server so he could do the weekly on every server, in order to farm frosts and get a T10 asap... some dudes have too much money on their hands !!!

As to Lightbringer and my lovely healing bovine (how gay is that!), I tried some more HCs. I even did Occulus HC. Ok, I'm getting some seriously geared tanks, some are so imba I simply don't heal them, I just heal the dps and put the shield on them. I also tried VoA25, and boy it was fun but it's time for me to get a raid view, healbot, etc. Things for an idle future. Made me think about Portucale and our 25-portuguese-raid killing in TK when I was healing with Tarithel.

My healing gear is improved, >4K GS now, >+2K healing, 13 epics with so little effort!
But some things I must do better. One of them is thatI keep forgetting to use bloodlust e.g. on the last fightable boss. It does help.
Next target is healing TOC5 and ICC5 heroics. That'll be super !

Monday, January 25, 2010

Healing is fun

Most of the time, it is. You feel much more powerful tanking or healing than dps'ing.
You're critical, that's true, but if you're good, you know you can depend on you, and others can depend on you. With dpsing, since CC'ing has disappeared from WoW, you don't feel that anymore.

That said, I've been healing with Clarabela in the new ICC5 in normal, even did an heroic or two, but learned that I can get geared by running TOC and the new ICC5 only. I've now got 10 epics, and counting.

As to the warlock... it's so sad, the guild is empty, and will probably go down soon. Whatever. I'm sure when the Summer comes, there'll be holdiays and ppl going afk and then there'll be time for me to enter a Summer guild or pay to get to Arthas and kill it, for the sake of achievements. Chromaggus stopped being fun, and tbh, I needed a dps break for a bit. Sad, as I had 5.2K GS and was ready to pwn ICC10.

What I'm also learning is that, statisticwise... horde is sooooooooo much more mature than alliance. You get a lot of good geared ppl that don't act like idiots. Lightbringer H trade channel looks like heaven compared with Chromaggus A channel.

Btw, this weekend I had some time free so... I joined "For the Horde" and killed the 4 ally kings. Traitor :)

Last topic: Halls of reflection.. it's silly, but most ppl are doing the encounter staying behind the LK, as it is easier. Don't know if it can be done in HC, but in normal it seems that mobs do come at a slower pace. Anyway, silly.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tanking and Healing

Back I am. After a little illness pause:

Given my guild seems to be on a pause, I decided to level my healing and tanking chars up to 80, and to have some fun without the burden of responsability that comes with having a 4 year character with 200 played days (OMG) and nearly 8K achiev.

That said, Clarabela is now 80, after leveling in instances healing only, and Morkin is now 77, tanking (I'm actually liking it, although it seems a bit more stressful than healing, as the activity must be higher).

But now that I'm 80 with a healing char, totally blue geared from the Northrend Dungeons, I thought it would be easy to switch to heroics, as100% of all dps that switch to 80 do.

Forget it !

Even healing normal Forge of Souls (may be I got a wrong group) is hard, and heroics seem out of the question, at least TOC HC.

I'm about +1400 healing gear, with nearly 15K HP and 15K mana.

I turned Northrend Dungeonmaster easily, but TOC normal still is a bit of a pain, depending on the tank and dpsers, with me doing 2200 hpr or so and the rest of the party doing <1500 dps.

To darken things up, TOC normal is hard to gather, since most DPS run immediately to heroics, TOC included, as they can happily slacker while the rest of the party does twice their own. But a healer CAN'T do that. Well, TOC normal has some good trinkets and that's what keeps those guys going there, lucky us healers.

I'm learning this as my horde guild master got an 80 in the same day I did, and he's now epic geared, while I still have not a single epic (ok a bit of bad luck in my 4-5 TOC runs)

Something is wrong with all this.

EDIT: after a lucky FoS and TOC where I greeded&got +hit spell items and cloth items, plus a resto mail chest, I now have +1521 heal.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

SDD revisited

I can't believe this.

Yesterday I went with the guild to ICC25. Unfortunately only about 15 were from RGC, we pugged so the others, and they were good ones.

We downed Marrowgar25 and then wiped 2-3 times in Lady Deathwhisper, the best try we finished phase 1 but phase 2 started while adds respawned and a couple of dead. So.. wipe.

Today, I logged for ICC10 and found out that our best dps are moving to a hardcore guild, while leaving their alts for the rest of us, poor idiots that can't dps, to do something with them in their free,non-hardcore time.

Well, I couldn't get the GM online, but it seems he knows about it.

Anyway, during the process, several other guys left the guild, even moved server, namely a hunter which seemed to do amazing dps.

Long story short, Savory Deviate Delight(SDD) = Reset Gaming Clan(RGC) = most guilds with 25% idiots that don't know what to do in raids + 25% of hardcore gamers that are in a casual guild so they look imba and their ego explodes + 25% of serious casual gamers like me + 25% of whatever.

So... 1 day after I got promoted to member, it's nearly game over, I don't think I'm gonna raid ICC again with this guild.

I mean, isn't there a bunch of cool, mature, not-egocentric ppl that wants to join casually 2+ nights a week and see content, for the fun of it ?

LFGuild again ...

Saturday, January 09, 2010

TOC 10 HC made easy

Raid log here.

Yesterday there was no ICC25, the guild we were supposed to go with bailed out. So I was invited to a TOC 10 HC.

God knows how my old guild struggled to down the Beasts of Northrend in Heroic with our imba healer druid, and how we failed with Jaraxxus due to lack of dps.

This time, it was easier. We cruised the first three bosses, my dps was ok, although I went in with OpenGL configured, to check if it was better in fds than D3D, and... it's not. It's way worse, <20 fps, and that reflected in my dps too. Damn !

Anyway, we only failed once in the Twins, because me and another dps died of orbs, which do a lot more damage now. Kick myself.

And finally, Anub. Anub in HC is a "little" different, specially in what relates to waiting for the off-tank to pull "both" adds to the frost patch. I failed once, when one of the adds submerged and later respawned and went straight to me, having used the soulshatter because our tank, the same from our old guild, still has some aggro-making problems (that reminds me, have to talk with him about how he can solve that).
Another thingie Anub HC has is... the kiting. In Phase 2, there are only 3 patches available (3x2 for 2 submerges), so the raid has to move in the opposite direction of the pursuiting spike, from top to bottom, and then from bottom to top. The first 3 spikes are stopped by patches (1 on the bottom, where the off-tank tanked the 2+2 adds, and 2 on top), and the 4th, it it comes to that, is saved by hands of protection. 3 of us, the "fresh ones", me included didn't know about that. I had seen videos, but every guild seemed to have different strategies. Lucky me, I got enough time to see how they did it in RGC before being spiked, but the other two didn't have the same luck, so they died.
The last thingie Anub HC has is... in P3, the Penetrating Cold. That's something for the healers do worry about, and seems to be very hard, because our HP is supposed to be very low (10-20% max) and to have a sudden burst damage that kills us fast may be hard to handle. I died once.
Long story short, we didn't make a full TOC10-HC run, but 4 out of 5 was good enough.

The only sad part was me loosing the roll for the 245 heroic off-hand to our imba mage that has the ICC10 251 off-hand equipped. But then again, I'm not playing for gear, I'm playing for fun, and I did have fun in TOC 10 HC.

On another topic.... 3.3 raid talent respeccing.
1- Afflition seems to be much better now, and same with Demonology. Personally, I don't like demonology in raids, because it forces the caster to go into melee range for the immolation aura to help in dps, and that sucks, as it requires me to know about melee positioning. But afflition.... with long 25% burn phases... yum. On the other hand, Curse of Elements seems to be mandatory for our raid casters, if we can't get a +13% damage, and in 10-raids, I'll be forced to give up CoA, which is a primary curse for Affliton.
2 - Respeccing from 3/13/55 to 0/13/58. The 3 points for suppression suck, that's for sure. But requiring 368 instead of 446 gives a lot of flexibility in what relates to gear. However... with this new guild, a few specs like Boomkin or SP seem to show up, so it'll help me getting the +3% hit, although I don't like that very much because of "sudden deaths" and the vanishing of the effect in midfight.

Last... DK Unholyness and the stacking (or not) with Curse of Elements.
AFAIK, it does not stack. However, our imba mage wanted an unholy DK in raid yesterday because... it gives the 13% dmg... I told him I could do it with CoE, but he says it stacks. I could have started an argument, but then againt... what if something changed, and he's right ?
Better check it , or TEST it. So I will.
Common sense and a LOT of posting says it does not stack, in the same way replenishment does not stack, also taking in consideration Blizzard based posts in forums about how they want raids to "bring the person, not the class", so limiting as much as possible the class-uniqueness buffs.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Raiding for dps...

Raid log here.
Raids started yesterday on the new guild. We did a TOC25 with a few pugs (5+), complete in 1.5 hours, with 0 wipes, and 0 deaths (from me). I got no lucky Trophy, but no worries.

The guild seems cheerful, and committed.

What worried me a bit was the kind of talk I've heard during the raid... dps praising.

Everytime I hear about dps races, I laugh. Everytime I'm on top of dps, I NEVER talk about it. That's my nature. I wait for others to comment, and then I'll answer something, usually a joke, but nothing about how good I am, or how I need competiton otherwise it's boring, etc. World of Warcraft is not meant to be a dps fight during raids, you're supposed to fight the boss, the best way and the funniest way you can. It's all about fun, not mechanical key triggering. Besides, some classes have special duties like interrupts, CC, and players have different gear levels, so the Recount top dps list does not reflect who did the best job.

What I saw last night was exactly the opposite. Most dps had their eyes glued to recount and were fighting for the top. That's good in one way, but bad as hell as soon as discrimination kicks in. And it did kick in, for locks (in general), some talking of why Valkyr fight had no locks on top... and then some comments, that I didn't hear so well, about how easy it is to play a lock if you know how to play it (sigh) and to get a lock on top.
At the same time, Activity log was displayed for the fight, and I was nearly on top, while some top dps had their activity log last. A quick gear check shows.. wooooow !
No comments...
In general, I'd say dps fights are not at all good for staying alive in new fights, but are ok in farm raids, since some players need some competition fun.

I also heard some vents about demonology locks and how good they are.. and about Unholy DK's and how important they are because of +13% damage, a talk which seemed to have developped in the day before, meaning, these guys have been raiding but are not sure about some class contributions.

What I also checked yesterday, is that my 9500GT is not able to cope with 25-raids very well. The FPS slows down, specially in the Valkyr fight, to about 10-15 fps, and that surely affects in my dps.

So.. a new card is needed, but I've got not enough power for that. So, a new power supply is required, me thinks. Time to think about spending 150 EUR ! And.. ATI or Nvidia ???

Tonight we'll have ICC25, and I'll be able to see some new fights, hopefully.
I don't remember being specially strong in Morrowgar10, but I'll go and study a bit in the Warlock's Den, may be there are some more tips for dps improving, besides those I saw. Anyway, Spikes in ICC25 are not gonna be nice to impaled ppl. I hope the dps "racers" will be able to retarget quickly and get the spikes down.