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Thursday, December 06, 2012

On a misty morning

These days Lisbon is waking up misty, much like Holland or England. So my early mornings are spent in the mists, in the tavern of mists, checking if there's an invitation at a reasonable price.

The reason is Brawler's Guild, a new invention by Blizzard, to sum up, a bunch of goblins and you name it, showed up under the tram station of Ironforge. To enter, you need an invitation, and it can only come from a leveled up member of that guild, or from a drop in the PVP dailies from 5.1, or from... the Blackmarket Auction House near the Tavern of Mists.

Can you believe I had not seen it yet ?

Well, now I have. Seems pretty basic. There are 10 items for auction, set up by Blizzard RNG (or no so much RNG), with prices ranging from 1k to ... well, I've seen 50K or more for some items. Invitations have been sold for about 30K which is about 50% of my Geld , so... no way José.

The alternative ? Well, one is to get an invitation from a guildie. But since I'm new in the guild, it's not so easy. Another, is to make money. A lot of money. And another is to make the invitation drop from a rare in the PVP area, something quite hard on an full server. HOWEVER, on an empty server like Chromaggus, it's not. And... now there's this little thing called Cross-Realm-Invitations that allows a player to invite another to his realm (kind of). However, in order for you to be in his realm, he must be as high level as you. So I need a 90 on my dualboxing account.
Needless to say, I started leveling it, the fastest way I know, ie, pure XP farm.

So, I've been having some fun.

PVE-wise guild raiding is still 4/6 MV-25 , my iLvl is 479, because I've again been stupid and didnt roll on some 489 items I needed. We're now using EPGP, which looks much better than DKP bidding, a thing I utterly hated while raiding with Arcadia/RGC, because of DKP burning.

PVP-wise, I started to gear in a more serious way. Luckily, Strings, my old pal from SDD is on Haunted Heavens, so I can go to arenas with him. He plays well and is imba geared. I was noob the first week as I posted before, but my burst has increased now and with PVP power growing on my gear, I will soon become "good old net" and pwn people.

Today I finished chapter 1 on the Legendary Chain Quest from MoP, getting a +500 Intellect gem. Now I just need a 483/496 weapon to use it.

As to LOTRO Riders of Rohan, I bought in on Black Friday, went to the new area but haven't played it yet.

Guild Wars 2, Ive been slowly leveling with RL friends, and I'm now lvl 50. But boy oh boy oh boy, how hard it is to level a profession like Tailoring or Jewelcrafting...

Ah, last but not least, OLD DUNGEONS SOLO !!! Blizzard changed the mechanics of a few fights to allow soloing, so I've tried them, and will continue to do a few, for legendaries, mounts (Ashes of A'lar!!) or pets, since they now also drop.

Remember TK ? I soloed it.
Remember BT ? I soloed it !
Remember NAXX ? I soloed it (and got a lot of achievs :)

Next is Ulduar, I already saw some ppl soloing Razorgore. With dualboxing, it'll probably be even easier.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

On being fast and furious

Nearly a month has passed, and I've been busy doing dailies, getting reputation on the Pandaria factions, for the sake of being able to spend my valor points in vendor rewards, which is the only way to get epic gear, besides raiding. It's so ridiculous that epics are rewarded, not for the difficulty of a task, but for the length of a task (getting revered on these factions require almost of a month of constant grinding).

Some parts are fun, like Tillers, ie, Farmville, some others are ugly and generate hate, like the Klaxxi, an insectoid race AQ-like.

I moved to my new server, PVP Maelstrom, and to my new guild, Haunted Heavens, and raiding has started. I've new cleared half of Mogushan Vaults in 25-normal, which is not bad. Boss tactics seem to be easier and easier these days, as long as your awareness switch is ON. As to dps, I have some very good dpsers in my guild, a few of them warlocks, so it's been fun to see that people still continue to look at raiding as a dps race. My muscle stiffness needs relaxation every 15 mins or so nowadays... boy I'm getting OLD !

I already got ranked in Worldoflogs fight of stone guardians, number 137, with a iLvl of 470 or so !
And I found a nice site: Raidbots , that keeps track of your quality as a raider. Not bad, I've been epic !

As to PVP itself, arenas are now very hard for non-bursty lovers like me, who liked to stay alive and have time to think. Now there's no time, you are bursted to death in less than 10 secs. I don't know if that's because I suck nowadays, or my resilience sucks, or both.

Friday, October 26, 2012

On crazy daily

Dailes have come to stay in WoW.

It's the one thing they know how to do, is to get people farming reputation, for the sake of being exalted or  best buddy with somebody. It's true, in the past it was worse, dailes were all the same every day. Now, in MoP they got more creative, with (a few) different dailies day in day out, multiplied the number of factions, normalized, so there's never a weird thing like "Go find Greg. Oh, you can't wowhead it ? That's right, you can't. He's somewhere in Jade Forest, but no one know where he is, as it's totally random. If you find it, you get kudos ! If you don't, you get paid by the time you spent searching for him".

Anyway, the strategy is the same,a nd I've told it here several times. You cap, you go into dungeons, you farm gear, you farm reputation, for more gear/enchants/whatever, so you can get into heroics and raids and... /yawn. Oh, yes, there's PVP too. You cap, you go into good old AV or good new.. (what's the name of the bg anyway ? haven't bothered to go inside, but will do soon) and farm HP, and cap arenas to get.. some gear.. for ... what was the goal anyway ? Ah, have fun.

Yes, fun ! That's what it was all about. So that's why we're killing every day, X mobs of this type, gather Y herbs of that type, destroy Z machines of that other type, and so on, and so forth, in a totally boring, repetitive way. When do you know it's happening ? When your brain is switched off or thinking about the boobs you saw last night, while you're doing the damn dailies and delivering the quests, not even bothering to read the quest, or how much rep you got that day. It's a damn fun way to spend your free time. Yeah, I know... i can quit.

The nicest thing, is that although there are guilds, you do 90% of this entire tasks and spend 90% of the time... alone. At least, I do. well, not always, there are guild runs for heroics, of course.

My first heroic, in a guild run. Not bad.

And there's guild chat :P

A few things are better with MoP:

World bosses are back (FINALLY!). On a PVP server, it's fun. Well, depends, if you have it tagged at 10% and the other faction shows up with killer instincts.

Rares are back. And some are hard as hell to kill.

Tiller's farmville is fun. Kind of. If you like the genre.

I hope there's some curry recipe somewhere. Because I love curry and I'm starving.

OMG. Curry. Now. Crave. Gotta go.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On a structural relocation

After two years playing WoW in Vindication and three years on Silvermoon, the "locked" server with a multitude of players and over 100.000 items on auction every day, I decided to relocate to The Maelstrom, a PVP server where Haunted Heavens went to. Haunted Heavens, the guild absorving most of old Saviour Deviate Delight guild from Toede and Nilaihah, my old pals from Chromaggus.

It's a challenge, because Haunted Heavens, like Arcadia/RGC was, is a 25-raiding guild aiming for N/N boss kills, not a casual one like Vindication. But this time I've got a PC that can handle 25-raids A.O.K.

Dunklesweiss inside. Here I go
For now, I'm still leveling the warlock, paladin and warrior, but soon I'll have to focus on one, and of course, my necromant blood starts boiling again.

I liked the Valley of the Four Winds questing, it was fun helping Chen Stormstout. I'm now moving up to the Summit, after doing some quests on the southern Hills, but jungles are not for me.

This one looks bad !
Rares are back and hit hard :p

Tier 4 still rocks !
Some day I''ll be a farmer for real
Tankwise, I've been warrior and paladin in instances, and it's going quite good. Let's see when the first heroics come.

I noticed a weird behaviour concerning quest gear offering. Depending on the talent spec you have activated, the quest reward will be different. So if for example you're tanking but you want a reward for dps, you have to respec and then complete the quest. Blizzard... why don't they simply offer the different possibilities for the class ??? That's very stupid.

I missed PVP leveling
Had to finish this before leaving Silvermoon :P
In GW2, it goes slow, I'm now level 26, done with Kazzak Hills and moved on to the Gendarran Fields. As I'm playing together with a guardian, we're both doing the epic quests together, and it's to nice that the epic class/profession stories get merged by level 20 or so. The sad part is that the other guardian we play with is a n "elf" (ok .. sylvari) , so he gets two different starting zones at least up to level 25.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

On GW2 and MoP, first impressions

Well well well, autumn is here, and with it, Guild Wars 2 and Mists of Pandaria.

Let's start with GW2. After a few weeks with me creating chars, doing some initial quests and halting, I ultimately decided to level an Elementalist, ie, a mixture between a WoW mage, priest, and warlock (dot dot dot).

I'm happily at level 20, with the first area, Queensdale, 100% finished, and I'm now exploring the Kessex Hills.

What can I say ? The graphics engine is stunning, it resembles (a lot) Warhammer Online, and we can see that things have come a long way since 2005, when WoW launched.

The interface is smart, simpler than WoW, but skills had a lot of thought in their making, so skills are "smart". And in my case, there's 80 of them. EIGHTY different skills, spread in four attunements and a few different weapon types.

There's a class/epic quest line, similar to LOTRO. But then, there are no "quests". There are tasks to do, you may do them, or skip them. You can simply level up by exploring, by collecting stuff, by going for PVP, or by going around and finding new, different events showing up suddenly, with hard bosses, and people rushing  up to help. It gives you the feeling of a full world, the way WoW was before they invented "hubs" and "flying mounts". Furthermore, you don't heve to be in a party to do anything. You can be in a party with friends, but go for any event or task and be rewarded.

I haven't seen chinese gold trading yet, though probably there is, and I haven't seen stupid people yet, though most surely there are.

The simple fact that you get experience for reviving a player gives a sense of community that I had lost.

As to battling, I've mostly done PVE stuff, but I can say it's hard, harder than WoW (PVE WoW difficulty is a joke until cap level nowadays), but if you play your cards well, you can still feel "invencible".

I am liking GW2 very much. RIFT was a newer WoW. GW2 is not a newer RIFT, it's a bit different from everything I've seen in MMORPG, although you feel the MMO effect.

So, now... Mists of Pandaria.

I'm attempting to level 4 characters simultaneously, so it goes slow, I'm still in the same starting areas (3 allies, 1 horde).
Silvermoon on release day.. :O
Level 2 monk

A helping guildie
Damn prince...

Kiting is a warlock's life
Graphics are... WoW. I got used to the chinese way, and I'm actually enjoying the sense of peace and contemplation pandas bring to questing and to battle (or the lack of it). The views from above or from flying are nice, it gives you a feeling not only of the northern chinese mountains, near the Great Wall, but also of Machu Picchu ( may be the set for the next expansion :PPP). There are also a few laughing moments, specially with a dwarf named Sully and his raccoons !

But the rest is all the same, dungeons are easy, killing makes you feel overpowered, one can kill 4-5-6 mobs at once, as a demo Warlock, as a retribution Pala, an arms Warrior, at least. As an elemental Shaman, it is a bit harder.
And what is also the same are... players. Players are rushing through the content, not reading quests at all, but all aiming to 90 in a week and an epic gear set... what for ? I don't know, to sit down and wait for the next big patch, probably. Dear Lord, there are level 90 monks already, 1 week after release, leveling from level 1.

All things considered, if I had to exclusively choose between spending my time in GW2 or MoP, I'd go for GW2 without hesitation.

Until then, I most probably will only go for LFR to know all the raids, do some reputation, Cata runs (still miss going inside Throne of the Four Winds) and stop by Christmas for a few months. For now, I'm enjoying leveling at my own pace.

Time will tell...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall gaming

The Fall of 2012 looks promising in what concerns gaming.

  • Guild Wars2 has been released a few days ago, and its success has been so big they had to suspend selling, in order to have time to accomodate players and new servers. I created a Necromancer called Netcownt (what else), but he's still parked at level 2, waiting for a few gaming nights to start proper leveling. Server is Gandara, guild will be portuguese, PlayTime.
  • In two weeks, Warcraft Mists of Pandaria will be released. I'm not sure I'll go into dualboxing mode, or may be I will level my 5 alts on the main account to get all 10+1 (of course I'll get a monk running) to level 90 by the end of next year. Personally, I'd like to go raiding and such, but not sure about my mind committing to it. For Cataclysm I waited 6 months in my Vindication guild, to start raiding, and then I only raided 3 weeks and went on holidays, a long 6 month WoW break. Let's see how it goes with MoP. It also depends on Arcadia being reborn or not, if Ssorn and Averia, my old guildies, come out of AFK.
  • LOTRO will release Riders of Rohand in October. I haven't bought it yet, but I will. I spent the summer break doing the farmer's event and the summer fest, but Turbine coders are so bad (Bangalorian 20 year old amateurs?) that they bugged up a few quests in both events, so I could not complete deeds.
  • Black Prophecy will close its doors in Setember, but Black Prophecy Tactics - Nexus Conflit (the prequel), will be released sometime later. It's already in beta, and looks quite promising. The same fabulous GUI, but more EVE-like, with less shooting and more strategy, as we drive the big space cruisers instead of the smaller fighters.
  • AION... been playing a bit, my ranger is now level 23.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Back in business

A lot has happened in two months. One month, I was Afk.

Came back in July and
- bought GW2 and spent some time in the beta. Great game incoming !!
- went back to SWTOR for a comeback week and transferd server, my old was dead and guild was empty. Hopefully I'll find my old pals on the new server.
- went back to RIFT for the same reason and the same happened, transferred to a server as my server was empty and for trials only.
- went back to WoW, to try 12500 achiev points and did it. Guild is empty for the Summer.
- Finally decided to complete the Cataclysm Heroic achievements to get a volcanic drake and did it.
- Now I'll go afk again.

Meanwhile, I'll spend some time recreating the pictures for this damn blog. Hopefully a few can be recovered.

Today I went to the PTR to see what account achievements I will miss because I have 5 toons on each account for dualbox.

From what it looks like, profession achievement account wide requires only 5, not all 11, so it's ok. As to different classes, only two are needed. Factions A/H are covered. Races.. didn't see a specific achievement for that.

Anyway, I slowly started to lvl up my 5 lowbies on the main account, just in case. Lowest I had was lvl 20, so I went strait to LFD for all. It's so nice to level now, with heirlooms, guild perks, lots of XP buffs and dungeons where mobs can be nearly 1-shotted, most times healing is not even required. Ahhh the good old days' 3 hours in UBRS are over.

Friday, June 01, 2012


WoW addiction is terrible

Thursday, May 31, 2012

All my 85 chars on main acc are DS-LFR finitto

I've been not so much time to take care of this damn blog problem and its photos.

But I've been playing a bit, so a bit of status update:

- Completed the Mastership of Isle of Conquest, and got the Tabard of Conquest for that ! Yay !
- Completed the 150-pet achievement, and got my celestial dragon ! A thanx to my guildie Flanx who bought me a present, a ToC horde pet, and allowed me to reach 150 before I started farming for Mr. Grubs in Eastern Plaguelands. Of course, the next day, it dropped after 3 bags, or 30 seconds. LOL. So now, I've got 152 pets, ready for Pandaria !
- Completed a "self" achievement, ie, bring all 5 chars of my main account to be DS-LFR ready and DS-LFR achievements done.

Concerning the last one, it was actually quite fun. After warlock and paladin were both ready and rocking, I turned my eyes to my poor hordies, resto-->elemental shaman, fire mage. Took a bit to decide that I wanted to dps and not heal or tank, as it would be faster, and faster it was.  So I turned my head to the other side, to my warrior, alone on Chromaggus. Decided against tanking, went for arms, and learned arms dps in 48 hours, so quickly brought him to LFR and completed the achievement a few mins. ago.

While gearing Morkin, the warrior, I found Strings, my old mate from SDD, which moved to Haunted Heavens, the "almost" only guild on Chromaggus. We had some good time chatting and he gave me a few tips to improve my dps to allow top10 with a miserable gear, ungemmed, unenchanted, half-unglhyphed. The most important tips were "overpower FTW to get rage back", "slam to drop rage", "heroic strike" only if you are at 100% and nothing else to do.

Btw, try to get gems, enchants or glyphs on a server which has 3-5 lvl 85 in Stormwind at 19:00 h !!!!!!!!

Ok, so I should be ready for Pandaria. Actually, I'd like to complete the Summer achievements, so this means I will have to pay for the account around July, 1st.

But it's good, I'll be AFK for a month, holidays in Barcelona and all that.

May be I get bored enough to get all my pictures back to this blog.

Oh My God Chandler Bing !

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


All my old pictures have gone, quite possibly because of the redirect.

Have idiots taken Google by assault ? Blogger is being changed to use country specific URLs and my pictures have all gone. Orthogonal events ? Hmm...

OMG. All my Picasa pictures have gone. Vanished. That's the problem. I deleted them "supposedly locally" from my Samsung Galaxy S2 yesterday, before I sent it for repair. I revoked all passwords, and even changed my master Google password. Well, somehow, this fucking bitched Software managed to synchronize my local phone deletion and decided to delete all the picasa web albums, including of course all that supported blogger.

Dear Lord, why did Picasa and Blogger get bought by Google.

Why oh Why ?


UPDATE: OK, it's official, All my pics have gone, the absolute fuckers at Google somehow synchronized my phone picture deletion with Picasa and all photos have gone down the drain. My last resort was using "Internet Archive: Wayback Machine" to access a recent version of my blog, but I guess it's gone.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

12K achievements on WoW

It's an achievement in itself, without a guild to or a bunch of rated pvpers to help me.

Yesterday I tried my first rated battleground with an experienced half-group. It's an amazing experience, but at the same time, horrific. I thougt I knew what to do, more or less. Wrong. Although I spammed fearing healers, CC'ing, interrupting, listening to orders, it was VERY hard. Ok, the team I joined had a rating of 1500, so the opponents were not exactly noob. But 10v10 against full 403/410 cataclysmic gladiators ? It's a nightmare. I only wish I had frapsed it, together with the offenses that the wanna-be-leaders voiced on vent, to the so-called-noobs like me. It ended with me yelling, something I never did in 7 years of WoW, and pressing Alt-F4, while venting rage. Luckily for him he wasn't around, otherwise that kid would have been shot for real.

Indeed I think it's time for a little MMO break. It stopped being a game, and it became War.

Easter bunnies are much more fun.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

SWTora tora tora

On SWTOR, I did

level an imperial bounty hunter to 50 √
level a republic jedi knight to 10 √
level biochem and bioanalysis to 400 √
create my own matrix based relic √
find most datacrons √
do all missions at least once, except a few extended √
unlock all 50 dailies √
reach rank 30 in pvp √
become unbeatable in a bg √
participate in all space combats √?

But my main server is empty, there are not enough players to set the MMO feeling to the game, and farming gear does not appeal me as a way to spend my endgaming time.

Bioware does not want to allow server merge or transfer, for several reasons, one being trigging a "failure alarm" in the media.
Other reasons: it will cause the empty servers to become even emptier, full servers to be overflowing, anf ofc people won't spend time(=$$$) making alts on other servers.

Where does it all go wrong ?

First, With the legacy system. The legacy system is designed to be intra-planet, so that players create an entire family. But by the current state of affairs, players will be having multiple legacies, which makes no sense.

Second, it annoys me to be alone in a world, or be part of a community of the same 20 players over and over.

So.. I feel like waiting for server transfer activation to continue playing. Easter break is coming, so it seems like a good time for a break. After that I will think on wether to continue my republic leveling (leveling all over again, YUCK !) and what path to choose for my knight.

To the Great River we march.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

SWTOR Lvl 50.. now what

In the last days, I've been mostly playing SWTOR, I've been leveling my Bounty Hunter, and I'm proud to say, I've reached the cap level.

WoWwise, I've restarted playing my old hunter, moving him to the Portuguese Aggra server. He's now Bimbo, a very nice dwarf captain. I'm gearing him up to try and go Dragon Soul. But it's been hard, gearing up from lvl 333 is very hard, 346 heroics take long because of noobs and until I get 353 to get to the 358 instances... justice+valor takes a loooong time to farm. Oh well.

LOTRO, Update 6 is here and... I haven't touched it yet.

AION, started playing a bit with a RL friend but going slow, 1-2 lvls per week.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Endless Destroyer

I got a few achievements I longed to get.

Veteran of the Molten front was one, after a nice ally parked his horde with Mankrik add in Hyjal for us poor allies to /wave him.

Another was the Glory of the Icecrown Raider, I finally got my skeletal mount. We had to do "Been Waiting A long time for this" in normal, as in heroic, as usual, half the raid was blasted away after the first ground debuff (forgot the name).

Talking about skeletons, I also completed all the Archaeology profession achievements, and in the process I got myself a skeletal reaper and of course, the Professor title.

Herr Prof. Netcownt

I missed obtaining the two archaeology trophies I wanted to get, but they are so rare that.. well.. may be it's not worth farming. I'm talking about the marine AQ-40 silithid mount and the Vial-In-The-Sands twin rider drake mount.

Last but not least, I went with the guild alts to Dragon Soul 10, and killed Deathwing, achieving Destroyer's End. Made a few stupid mistakes. The most accpetable was failing to run away from Blackhorn, it's a bit hard to step away in phase 2 when he damages the ground floor.

Nearing the 12K achievement mark, 11930, I think I'll stop for Cata there.

This weekend, I'll get Insane in the Membrane, after the Darkmoon Faire ends and I get a few decks. Oh, and the 125-pets one is coming today. Damn, they came up with a 150 pet achievement :)

Ah, and most fun, I entered a relaxation guild called Que Inc with Moonprince, and in two days, I was able to tank and learn how to play retradin in cataclysm (quite differen from WOTLK, when it rocked for being so easy), and was able to go for Dragon Soul LFR. DPS is still miserable, as I have half gear tank, half gear dps. Ah, and I had to get Power Auras to be able to keep up with retradin buffs.

In the SWTOR front, lvl 44. Indoor stuff is tremendously repetitive, they made the same mistake as LOTRO. The class quest campaign is very good. Battlegrounds are pretty nice too, I'm getting good in Huttball.

AION went F2P, tried it for a few nights with RL friend. My old sorcerer Varinha is still there, parked at lvl 17.

LOTRO.. waiting for update 6. Went for a 3-man instance once , but my companions are slacking in the showing up part, so I'll have to wait.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Suspicious activities !? Nah

This week I won 12K selling a mount, and got 2 other mounts. Somewhere along the line Blizzard automated system decided I was a chinese farmer or a bot or whatever and so blocked my accounts until I changed my password. No worries. I'm not a cybot AFAIK and I don't speak chinese, so no harm should come from this.

I also finished my PVP weapon farming, full 403 now, and nearly finished my PVE experience before Panda bears come to life somewhere during the fall.

That said, I cancelled one of my accounts, and the other will probably follow.

There's nothing to do besides achievements, and my guild isnt't keen on doing them.

The alternative is to use the free transfer to the Aggra Portuguese server for all my Silvermoon chars and start playing with portuguese-only.

I had a laugh looking at the names of chars and guilds on Aggra, using a lvl 1 spy toon.

I found out that Portucale, my mega ex-guild with 500+ ppl has moved there.

But... the server looks kind of empty, it certainly has way less players than Silvermoon. And then there's the question of portuguese way "My car is better than yours so I'm better than you". So, I'll probably pass.

Monday, February 06, 2012

How to farm the WoW Love Event mount for 2012

I created this to show my new 2500K machine up and running (kind of, the bloody damn Corsair 500W V2 PSU is giving me a hard time with a chirp noise, probably from a chinese set of coils, so it will have to go back to the box and back to the store, and probably back to China. Oh how I love my 11 years old taiwanese Enermax made with japanese condensers!)

Anyway.. Blizzard launched the 2012 Love Event. And although I thought I had nothing to do with it, I do. There's a new mount. An ugly mount. But still a mount.

Now... farming ? Argh. Not if I can help it.

Can't get any easier ;) and it's legal !

In Firelands, I also got my firehawker mount and most of the Cataclysm quest achievements, only a few remain, that will require RNG to play its part, but nearly 0 effort.

In Dragon Soul, I have been having a good luck with LFR drops, but a terrible luck with my free timing and guild raiding, so I still do not have the DS 10 Deathwing achievement. Hopefully it'll still be this month.

On the SWTOR front, I created a Sith Inquisitor alt, at lvl 11 atm, and will probably go towards the "warlock" way of things, ie, Sith Sorceror, as the other is a more of a melee/lightsaber kind of player, although it would be fun tanking with a "clothie".
My beloved Netgold mercenary is lvl24, so it's closing in on the speeder "mount", and collecting rest XP time for another level burst.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Emperors Reborn

This weekend I had some real fun MMO'ing.

It started with me finally completing the achievement for killing Arthas in Heroic 25 mode. So many fools playing this game, made it a disgrace. Old Arthas made good fun of a lot of them for many weeks, watching them fly across the icy platform because of Shadow Traps, or wiping the raid because of defile. Finally, I had a lucky shot with a group where the idiots died soon and the remaining knew what to do, so down he came.
The funny part is that the run was exclusively to get a mount for the RL, that was paying 300K to the one highest roller. It didn't drop. May be I join next week LOL

It then proceeded with me going to Firelands and 1-shotting all the bosses, including Ragnaros. I was the only one in <390 gear (383i atm), so ofc it wasn't as hard as it was a few months ago, but for me it felt good. I was not dps racing, but I actually did some good numbers in the fights where destro is good. Other fights are a disgrace for this spec. We had gone on Tuesday, but only did 6/7.

Finally, we quickly went to BWD to kill Nefarian, and we 1-shotted it. The strategy feels really basic. Ofc it was easy because the boss was tuned for i359 gear, but still bot he and Onyxia kick ass.

Then I switched to LOTRO to help a friend with some quests in the Pit of Iron, and finished the day inside SWTOR.

SWTOR is growing bigger in my appreciation level. It's now approaching 4 out of 5, passed LOTRO :) . I entered in my 2nd month of subscription, and started leveling more seriously. Netgold, my Bounty Hunter, is lvl 20. Both my pals have reached 49-50 and are ready for heroics, so time to step up my game.

My 2500K machine will be ready this week, hopefully. Z68, SSD cache, 4GHz, 1600DDR3, all the new crap.

Ah, nearly forgot, I went dualboxing again..PVE raiding ! Yes, LFR allows it, and I can even trade items between my chars. Tarithel is shadow-specced, around 375i, so it's more than enough to be among the top 15 dps :)
Silly me, won the first two items for my kid's priest because I couldn't trade them (need to be in the same guild, I guess) for my lock. I would have 4pc by now.

Oh well... next week I'm going with the guild, hopefully it will be fun

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WoW: Free week over.

Results ?

All new heroics done, epox looted, CHECK !

Dragon Soul done, Deathwing is dead , CHECK !

Transmogrified my PVE gear to Merciless/T5 (Merciless is so much better!), Used Void Storage, CHECK !

Played the new Darkmoon Faire, doing all the achievements I could. CHECK!

Passed 11K achiev points, back to 1st place in guild :) CHECK

Completed Glory of the Ulduar 25, got my beautiful proto-drake, CHECK !

NEARLY did Glory of the Icecrown Heroic 25 (always some idiot causes defile).

Had fun in PVP, healers rock so much, it's now a healer's war.

All in all, I had great fun.

Is WoW still worth playing ?


My new i2500K machine is nearly ready. SWTOR is waiting.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

WOW: Free week and Dragon Soul .. AH AH AH

I went back to WoW to check whether 4.3 is worth playing.
From what I saw, it is NOT.
Except, of course, if you want to see all the content in one day and be done with it.

There are three new instances, one new raid, which can be entered, and conquered, by anyone, because Blizzard implemented a "look for raid", which gives loot and is (at least from a dps point of view) the easiest thing ever done.

Come on, downing a boss in DS25-LFR is as difficult as the first boss in old Deadmines.

I checked on the prerequisites, it was 370 iLvl or so. I went from 359 to 370 in 2-days by a bit of farming for Justice Points and the three new heroics.

Today I did the first 4 bosses. It was either nuke boss or "go where the other 24 are going and kill whatever they are killing". No strategy, no communication, no "I'll do this". Nothing.

I can't imagine how Deathwing is going to last more than 24 hours, because the next 4 and last bosses will probably be as easy as these first 4.

Oh dear...comparing with BWL and AQ40.. what a joke.

What else happened ?

I suspended RIFT, of course, since I'm now level 50.
My LOTRO minstrel Janariel completed all the questing, and now all that remains are a few deeds and some fun time with 3-instances with my RL pals.
SWTOR...my new PC is still under consideration. And part of it (PVP) is for me atm unplayable. Some PVE parts, the ones with lots of ppl around me, also not. I look at WoW and think that they did a very good job limiting CPU usage. Yes, in 25-raids my machine goes down, or in populated areas. But I can run everywhere on more empty servers (like Chrommaggus) and get 50 fps, continuously.
In SWTOR, I get 10-40 fps. And it oscillates a LOT, with the CPU usage always at 100% for both cores.