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Thursday, October 15, 2015

En route for a break

Finishing Draenor achievements, fast lane for a break, because Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns is coming... (just got my Key from GamesDeal, 32€ !).

Shadowmourne ? The Legendary ? Done. (YES!!!!)

Mountacular ? 250 Mounts ? Done (I was at 249, when I finished Frostmourne, LOL)

Nemesis ? Warlord of Dreanor ? Done.

All Brawling in Dreanor ? Done.
Alani ? The Crimson Serpent in Pandaria ? Done.
Lots of Archaeology in Dreanor and Pandaria ? Done.

What remains ? Glory of Draenor Hero, must hurry, and... the eight Challenges. I'm still considering whether I will be carried by 250K gold or wether I try a few by myself. We shall see.

A nice set of Ashes preparing to kill Rukhmar