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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Netcownt of the Deeps....classic...and #BoycottBlizzard FTW

8.2 has come out, 8.2.5 has come out, and my solo adventures have been focused in finishing the meta-achievement for Nazjatar and Mechagon. Well, Nazjatar is done today !With it came my first (and last, most probably !!!) rank 4 neck essence.
Other retail adventures..nothing really. My 15 yr Quie guild is now empty, and I'll be leaving soon for sure, if I continue to play (there we go again!).
Oh yes, I've been leveling a lot of alts, mostly to get my heritage armors and allied races to 110 (more achievements, nham nham).
PVP, it's been a failure since I got Conqueror. I can't get people to duel in Boralus, I can't even get in a PVP expedition for some more achievements or PVP essences... my last quote from a fellow player was "My 3rd alt has higher gear than you." as he declined my invite. I'm 424 so ... I'll continue to solo play this wonderful Massive Single Player game, single for those except a few lucky bastards that can get a guild where people actually play, don't leave, are mature, friendly...  a needle in a haystack.

And then there was Classic. I started playing day 1, and have been playing mostly daily except a week on holidays. I went for druid, I wanted a stealth for PVP, and a hybrid choice to be able to change after 60, whenever I wanted.
Druids feel good. Not good enough to kill more than 1 mob at once unless I go tank, so I watch priests, warlocks, mages, warriors, hunters happily kill 2 mobs in a row, while I struggle in feral to kill more than one and live to tell. But it's good, survivability is great, and I even learned to get away from nasty rogues that gank me and live to tell. Well, sometimes I gank too. Previlege of stealth mode.
My classic guild is my old SDD guild from WOTLK, so there's some nice chaps. I leveled up to 30 running dungeons with them, but then I could not keep up with RL+retail+classic, so I kinda went solo mode now, at 45, using rest XP to the max to kill mobs. It's going smooth and by the numbers as the dude in Aliens would say.

Finally... this week there was trouble with Blizzard, yep, I cancelled my subscription. Not the first time. Not the last, quite probably. But 1 month or so AFK after I hit 60 in classic will do me good, a chance to do some more Assassin's Creed and Witcher 3 extra missions.