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Thursday, October 15, 2015

En route for a break

Finishing Draenor achievements, fast lane for a break, because Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns is coming... (just got my Key from GamesDeal, 32€ !).

Shadowmourne ? The Legendary ? Done. (YES!!!!)

Mountacular ? 250 Mounts ? Done (I was at 249, when I finished Frostmourne, LOL)

Nemesis ? Warlord of Dreanor ? Done.

All Brawling in Dreanor ? Done.
Alani ? The Crimson Serpent in Pandaria ? Done.
Lots of Archaeology in Dreanor and Pandaria ? Done.

What remains ? Glory of Draenor Hero, must hurry, and... the eight Challenges. I'm still considering whether I will be carried by 250K gold or wether I try a few by myself. We shall see.

A nice set of Ashes preparing to kill Rukhmar

Monday, September 28, 2015

The power of the looser

How Asmongold did it all with a straight face, it eludes me. But all the stuff he tells it's Oh So True.


or is it 

The Power of the Looser ?

You tell me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Achievements galore

This month, the only big big achievement I did for WoW was... to kill 500 goblins.

My Nemesis Garrison quest had been stalled since 6.1, because Ashran became an empty place. With the changes for 6.2 and the ressurrection of the instanced battle ground, I decided to give it a try.

It took an entire month, but I'm now ready for my last Nemesis, to kill 500 pandas.

And that's utterly impossible, without cheating.

It would take me six months, hours and hours entering and leaving Ashran instances to find a single Panda.

In all these months, a killed a few, looted a few, and never got the  Pandaren Hide to complete my Bounty Hunter achievement.

It's gonna cost me, but I am going to enable my multibox account, buy WoD (keys at 30€ nowadays) and buy a month, all legal and fine, for the sole (well, not quite, a few things come to mind how I can use my second account to speed up some other achievements, eheheh) purpose of boosting a Horde Panda to 90, get him into Dreanor and get him killed 500 times.

It's gonna take 3-4 hours, but boy, compared to the hundreds of hours that I would have to play in Ashran, without any other purpose (I'm full 730 PVP epic geared on my Warlock), I would have to go to Blizzard and ask for another


Well, I was being too simplistic, a got a few more achievements, like:
- all Instances done in Mythic mode (being 700+ PVE ilvl helps, of course).
- Garrosh Mythic (got it yesterday, and boy, it's still VERY hard with less than 10 people, namely because of Phase 4 - add overwhelming until we learned about the Iron Star, or until we got 15 ppl to force brute it, and because of the MC on Phase 2-3 having a huge pool of health with not so many people interrupting causes... a wipe).
- All quests and exploration achievements in WoD
- Rumble in the Jungle achievement (the 5000 looted claws from Elites in Fang'rila). This one was very easy due to the +50(+9) Jungle green fire buff, together with a few buffs people can see on the picture, like the tent buff, flask buff, pet sacrifice buff, and having a Healing follower !

What remains to be done are of course, Challenges (will have to pay 250K gold for them, as I will NEVER do it with PUGs and my guilds are may be a little too casual for this), and Glory of Dreanor Hero dungeon achievements.

A raid night with Quies, pretty fun, we downed several bosses in BRF.

Me and my healing follower, hunting in Fang'rila

When I go home, the moon goes with me and my shadow follows me (Vangelis)

RIFT is in pause mode, GW2 in pause mode, LOTRO... oh yes, LOTRO, I did all the epic quests up to Osgiliath. The epic chain ends with a set of 3 3-man mini-dungeons. I did the first one, but tbh, cba doing the other two. May be one day...

I installed and tested Skyforge and ArcheAge, and liked both !

I also installed a single player "The Witcher 3", and then 1 and 2, just to test the GUI enhancements and.. oh dear, this game is FANTASTIC!

It's so fantastic I can't wait to play it on my TV. I've been trying to broadcast the game from my PC to my TV (DLNA), but the delay is around 1-2 seconds. I'm waiting for a dedicated Android box that I'll get in October, so that I can stream it from the PC to the Android box via VLC player, using RTP or UDP, which should lower the delay to 500ms or so.

Not ideal, but should be playable.

The Witcher 3 on 1920x10280 on a 55" TV... it's gonna be GREAT !

Last but not least, an amazing video from Ashmongold. I like the dude, and the subtle irony in this video is really hard to spot. Unfortunately, elitism does not come from WoW to RL, it goes from RL into WoW, through the dark path of frustration.

As Yoda put it, "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate.. to suffering"

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hundreds of hundreds

All classes at lvl 100 in WoW.

Death Knight

It's been fun. No achievement for this:)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Bloody night !

Yesterday I had a lot of fun with my Guild. Quies. I asked for help for Blood infusion, and the girls came to help. Blood infusion is a legendary quest part of the chain to get Shadowmourne, the ICC legendary. I thought about doing it on my DK, but my pala was a primal character, and I had a friendly guild, so I decided to get it for Moonprince.

The quest involves killing the Blood Queen in ICC after I bite three players. It seems easy, but after 1 minute, the players become mind controlled, so they have to die.

At first it did not go so well, because it was a bit hard to die, and inform 3 players of what to do. Once the Blood queen almost died, but the mind-controlled priest healed her so much, and I only had one minute to kill the Queen, her HP was still high so it didn't work out.

As it was time for raid, we decided to leave it for later, and went for Highmaul. The guild had killed all but two bosses the day before, a huge success, but they were hungry for more. Luckily I could join, so we went in and killed both bosses. I became so casual these days, I can't even memorize the name of the raid or the name of the bosses. Or may be because everything became kind of trivial, or deja-vu, I don't know.

Down Imperator Morgok went !

Guild Photo! Show-off with Sulfuras :-) 

Anyway, Quies cleared Highmaul Normal. Great stuff for some casuals. Well, some of us are not real casuals, they seem like ex-hardcore players having a nap, with experience and learning fast from mistakes. A few also knew the strategy so I wonder...

After that, the ladies and I returned to ICC, with only 2 helpers, a priest and a warlock, and the Blood Biting went fine, we were able to do it on the first shot.

Bloof infusion complete !

The strategy for me (Pala Retradin) + PriestHoly100 + LockDestro100 was:

1-  Equip the Shadow's Edge, the sword I'm infusing with Blood in ICC25 (TWO IMPORTANT STEPS!)
2- Enable righteous fury on retradin.
3- Priest and lock stay still, marks on their heads. Soulstone on Lock
4- Attack boss until 1/2 HP, wait for the 60s timer for biting to appear as debuff.
5- Ask priest and lock to loose 50% HP by standing on purple stuff or allow damage. If too low, the priest heals herself or the warlock A BIT.
6- When timer = 0, bite the priest.
7- Ask the priest to die fast. Proceed as before.
8- Wait for 60s timer
9- Bite the warlock.
10- Ask the warlock to die fast.
11-Wait for 60s timer. Around 5s left on timer, ask the warlock to ressurrect.
12-Bite the warlock.
13-Ask the warlock to kill boss fast, together.

In general, heal as necessary, and important, have "every man for himself" ready just in case the fear casted by the boss (when she goes up) occurs when it's time to bite.
If if helps, ask the warlock and priest to unequip a few items to get their HP.

Of course, if I was a DK, we could have done this with only the warlock.

A great success !! Everyone thought it was very funny a boss where people don't kill are asked to die, while getting bitten and asked to undress ! A very naughty boss :-)

After that I proceeded with Frost Infusion, took some time to get 4 breaths from Sindragosa and I ended the night taking a picture at the Frozen Throne and getting Field Photographer achievement on Moonprince.

The only mistake I did was kill Putricide&Co wing before going for Sindra, so I wasted 3 shards that I could have gotten to complete my next task: Get 50 shards out of bosses in ICC(25 I guess).

I'll be doing ICC25 HC runs weekly to get the shards, and have a shot at the Invincible mount !!!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Money for Nothing

Yesterday I missed a concert by Mark Knopfler, silly me. Well, actually yesterday it was Lionel Ritchie, but I had enough of him in '84.

Well, talk about money for nothing, that is WoW. I'm not paying these dudes one more dime I really need to. I continue to play with gold, using my professions to craft 6.2 upgrade items, so called essences, making about 80k gold a month or so.

The Tanaan jungle continues to suck, so much, I had to reinvent some silly things like Treasure Hunting, solo old Pandaria raids, etc.

Not all was bad this month, I was INCREDIBLY LUCKY and on the same week, got both the ILLIDAN LEGENDARY Warglaives and the LEGENDARY BOW Thoridal, from Sunwell.

Also, I'm doing PVP with my rogue, so I'm gearing both the warlock and the rogue, and I'm having a nice rating with the rogue, which surprises me, how much easier it is to play a rogue than a lock and "WIN".

On the social side, I met with my Silvermoon Guild, Quies. The GM and family came here on holidays, so me and Caev, my guild mate, went to greet them and I took pasteis de nata ! It was quite nice and fun.

GW2...I went back to the game, and noticed a totally revamped Lions Arch. I also noticed that having 16GB instead 8GB makes a huge difference in terms of game smoothness, specially in MPVP.

RIFT...I got to 65, YAY YAY, and completed the entire (3.2) Epic Quest chain. There's a new patch 3.3 and a new Epic Saga, and I'm doing it, while waiting for my two pals to slowly grind their way towards 65 (still 63).

LOTRO...I went back to the game, and found a new Epic Battle, Pelargir, part of the Epic chain. I won it (the last part was really hard !!!) and I'm now inside Osgiliath. I didn't have enough patience to do all the non-epic quests for Central and Eastern Gondor, it's repetitive like a Nighmarish Hell, and besides the area is quite dark. I had the idea it had something to do with Sauron presence nearby, so I went to check upon it, and it's called a "dawnless day". There's no brithgness, no sun, it's all very dark.

Just like the WoW Jungle, which is also so dark we never see the sun, it's more brown than green, and ugly.  Ugly like hell.

GW2 expansion is called Heart of Thorns, it's pre-buyable atm, but I think I'll wait a bit more. It's probably only coming out 2016.

Same as WoW, it seems next August 6th Blizzard will tell us about the new expansion, which means this silly nonsense, TBC revisited, will end, and all orcs, all this ugly place will be over soon.

I intensely dislike this place. Never liked the TBC ambience also, I hated those minaretes and Blood Elf pinnacles. I'm an Arthas fan, I love fire and ice, what can I say ?

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Back to the Jungle

I was hoping Guild Wars 2 jungle would be ready by Summer time. Maguuma jungle, or so the say.

Unfortunately, it isn't. Actually, thre's no release date yet for the GW2 release.

So I paid 50K gold to get a free month of WoW 6.2 Tanaan Jungle.

It sucks. It's ugly designed, visually it's too dark, a mess of paths, quests of exploration with no sense of discovery, the three factions seem to be planted there just "to spend time farming". It's worse than the .. what was that Pandaria Island called, where the sun was fixed in the sky ? Forgot the name. Ah yes, Timeless Isle. It's worse. Way worse.

Oh wait, there's not just the jungle, there's shipyards too. Just when we thought our Garrison would expand and allow new achievements to be set, for barn, inn, etc... no, they just:

1) Went and created shipyards with missions that are 2-3 days long... I'm on my 7th mission and it takes 3 days ? Ridiculous.

2) Rendered garrison useless, by decreasing the amount of gold one can get. So I spent weeks creating an army of lvl 100, with an army of followers, with an army of treasure hunters and now... I don't need the garrison at all, except may be to sent followers on Oil Missions (as I got, as most players, capped resources at 10K). As to the rest, I noticed the Blood item is now a cheap commodity, since they also rendered it useless.. I didn't even bother how we can now upgrade our crafted items, but I'm sure it no longers uses Blood, or any garrison specific items.

Last night I tried Hellfire Citadel. Another bunch of bosses, another "cavern" with no sky/natural light. Dark as hell.

Guess it's a "must increase gamma" patch.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

F2P month I

Mission accomplished, played for one month without paying 1 €.
During this period, 30 days, I earned a little over 100k gold, enough for 2 months.

I found the easy way !

1) Level alts to 100, letting them build Inns for free weekly Treasure Hunter trait followers. This way, every gold mission gets 2x, 3x, as much gold. Garrison lvl 3 is not needed, lvl 2 is enough, for both the garrison and the Inn. Do missions for each alt. No need to gear followers above 600gear. But get them all to 100, if possible. How many ? A few. A dozen or so. All of them are obtainable by leveling. 

I show half a dozen that I specifically get as they are way easy. The rest comes with questing.


2) Craft items, specially weapons (2H, staffs), Hexweave bags and most important, Steelforged Essences/Weapon Crystals (also Burnished Essence/Hexweave Essence, but less important as they target armor upgrades). These items upgrade weapons from 630-->645, 645-->660, etc. The cheapest upgrade sells for around 10K, the next in line for 11-15K. 

There you have, a Gold factory getting you about 3K/day in less than 30 mins a day, with a single Mine, Herb Garden and Barn (for Savage Bloods).

I'll go for AFK now for a few weeks, holidays and all...

For the last day, I rushed a few achievements to get me above 21000 points on Netcownt.

Weeee !

Thursday, May 07, 2015


WoW went F2P !

Well, kind of. Blizzard enabled tokens, supposedly to attempt a few things:

1 - stop the leaving player base...from leaving, of course.
2 - make more money.
3 - replace gold sellers.

How did they do that ? They now sell a token for 20€. This token can be resold on the AH for gold ! Buyers will gain 30 days gameplay, meaning, they don't have to pay. So what it is doing is that the wealthier players will pay for those that don't want to pay to play (anymore, like me!).


Swedish player A paid 13€, and paid X for gold
Russian player B paid 13€.
Blizzard got 26€ every 30 days.
Gold sellers got X.

Swedish player A pays 13€ to play, and 20€ for gold (35K-45K gold in EU servers)
Russian player B plays for free!
Blizzard gets 33€.
Gold sellers get zilch!

Blizzard wins, because player B won't leave the game and they get 27% more revenue for the same player base !!!
Player B wins, because it now plays for free !!!
Player A wins, because it now knows what X=20€=[35K-45K] and can check the prices anytime, e.g. on https://wowtoken.info/
Gold sellers loose because they must now sell gold way cheaper for player A to use their services.

A few calculations using a multi-character account like mine, and I could make 2K-3K a day easily, partly using Garrison missions. So I reactivated my account with gold, for a month, see how it goes, while I level a few more characters to lvl 100 and have some fun.

For the first week, target has been reached. Legendary Fangs of the Feather, the Dragon Soul rogue daggers !

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Черт русские покупают PvP

I'm sure you didn't understand anything. The meaning is that Russian players absolutely dominate PVP battlegrounds, specially casual ones.

I don't know why this happens, but it seems that a common language helps, a sense of nation pride helps, hell, I don't know why, because portuguese players don't have this "nation group hug" ability, but whatever is the reason, and it should be studied by Psychology, it makes them nearly invincible.


I've been playing WoW the last weeks, finished the legendary quest line for 6.1 (awaiting 6.2 and I think I'll go OFFLINE until it comes out), and did most of the pet achievements I wanted to do, including, 10 minutes ago, AN AWFULLY BIG ADVENTURE, winning a lot of legendary battles with 2 battle pets and a carried non-battle pet. It was rewarding, to say the least.

PVP-wise, I've been battling with Strings/Fiddler, my healing Pala m8, keeping around 1500 (1532 was max. we got), and I'm full epic PVP 660/690 gear now, always as Demo, which I learned to master, in what concerns bursting.

Unfortunately, 6.2 patch notes have come out today and Blizzard will nerf it by a lot, ALL abilities (except Corruption, Yay!) will be nerfed by 10-25%. Absolutely stupid. I haven't seen Demo locks top the PVE charts or PVP charts, so


They seem to act in order to balance whatever happens at the top of the 2400+ PVP charts or Mythic raiding, things that only 1-10% of the player base reach.

The rest of the player base doesn't feel this lack of balance, but they are the Masters of the Game, they rule.

Our Bad. My Bad.

Meanwhile, stay with some arena games I did. I win about half of the games I play...

1-2-3 dead feral !

1-2-3 dead no not dead try again 1-2-3-4-5-6... 1-2-3 yes !

We took our time but boy was it fun to crush these two RUSSIANS !


Blizzard are keen in destroying player fun. The other thing they destroyed...Ashran.

Ashran was king of mass PVP in 6.0. People showed by the hundreds, mass battled, and it was fun to do so, and it was also the ONLY way to make any use of the Gladiator Sanctum building, ie, doing the Nemesis quests, 500 players down for each race.

What did Blizzard do ? Kill Ashran. Nerf most Conquest Point wins, and most important, removing CP entirely from killing the enemy commander. Result ? Horde, as usual (like Russians) now dominate the events that reward CP, and Alliance scatter and simply don't join. Consequence ? It's now utterly impossible to complete the Nemesis Quests.

Congratulations, Blizzard, another stupid move.


I've been slowly leveling my alts, with the help of Heirlooms, and a great XP buff Pot that Garrisons vendors sell (Dunno who gave me the tip, but it was a GREAT tip), one level per day in 30 mins or so.


Last but not least, I've been mount and legendary weapon farming, helped by the fact that SWP, Hyjal, BT are now rewarding pets too, and I got half of the LEGENDARY ROGUE SET from Black Temple !!! 
I'm also near the end of the Legendary Rogue quest chain from Dragon Soul, a few more weeks farming, which I'm also using to farm the Ultraxxion mount and complete my AWAKE THE DRAKES achievement !




(so that they migrate to Western countries and teach western players how to properly play PVP. BloodPet as one good example, he's been my bible for Demo PVP)


Before I go... Quizz !

Yes, it's a waterfall. See my wings and my pets ?
Question: Where was this taken ? 

Friday, February 20, 2015

On feeling blue.. and loved. Really loved !!!

It took a few months worth of trouble, but Tarecqgosa, voluntarily trapped inside the Legendary Staff, is mine. Now onto Val'anyr, which has been damn unlucky to drop on my Paladin.
As to Frostmourne, I'm waiting for some help of Quie for the Blood Infusion with the BLood Queen in ICC. Hopefuly we'll do it soon. 
May be after we kill Kargath ! 2nd attempt, a lot more healing but still he downed us at 41%. 

Another achievement I got last week was the Love Event achievement They Really Love Me!

It was one of the most enlightening times of my 10yo WoW career.

For this, you need to have 50 Love Rays active on you simultaneously. And boy what a task that is.
I got it with the first PUG group I found, but later I found that the leader had been trying to do it for 20 hours, and I can surely believe that, because it's DAMN HARD to do it, in some circumstances.

It's an achievement that Blizzard designed for a group with persistence, that knows what to do, and has an infinite level of patience, understanding and solidarity.

More, it's not exactly ONE achievement. It's Nx1 achievement, 1 every turn, for each member, that have to take turns to get it.

You must stand on a circle for convenience, use a ray that has a 60-sec cd, 50 charges (or a 5 min cd if you have the achiev. + no charges), and time it with your mates in order to allow a buff to grow on the targetted idle member up to 50 times. This buff has only a 10 sec duration, so it must be refreshed quickly. As you've got less than 50 ppl in your party, people will have to time it for those that fired first to fire again, AFTER their cd has elapsed but BEFORE the buff vanishes. Otherwise...you'll have to start again, and you've just lost a lot of charges.

If you do it with around 10 ppl or less, you've got to refresh as late as possible (ie, when the buff is about to vanish) otherwise the first ones that used the prism will still be on CD when it's their time to use it again.

And it takes 5-8 minutes (around 1 ray every 7-10 secs) to do it for ONE member.

And the prisms take AGES to farm (unless you do it like me and go to Scarlet Monastery and use the pits to farm Zombies that spawn every 5 secs or so.. eheheheheheh), so you can't exactly go and buy another because you've used all your charges.

That's when you start thinking... with a PUG ? Right... after the first ones get it, they simply get the hell out of there and it ends in disgrace, because otherwise they have to be there for one hour or more AFTER they get the achievement.

Well, I found a set of 10-11 people that actually stayed there until the end (ok one went offline during the 11th attempt after we failed to do it), some of them with enough tokens for double charges.

Well, of these 11 people, only 7 had prisms with enough charges to do it in the end, so they had to time it PRECISELY to 1-sec-to-the-end-casting, and if you tried this achiev, you know what I'm talking about. 
Moreover, some of them/us had to use the "toy" charge with 5min cd for those that didn't have charges on temporary prisms..and had to know WHEN to use it, in order to allow the cd of some members to expire and for them to be able to use the ray again.

So you had to know how to create yelling/casting macros to shout to your neighbor that he's next, use the prism on time, monitor the chat/yells/event and pray that all the other dudes around you didn't mess up, didn't D/C, didn't go AFK, didn't have lag or a spike....

Two hours it took me. But I got it, and all the other members :)

PS: For the last one, Marlene, we had only 6 ppl with charges, so it was no longer possible and we had to be a tiny bit nasty and invite some + ppl. The good news is that those ppl were able to learn it and saw it done for Marlene. But after doing it for Marlene, we told them the bad news...sorry folks.


TEAKIE-DRAENOR, the leader of this party, he never went mad, he always explained, he was always nice. What a CHAP ! First one to get the achiev, stayed with us until the last one got it, pushing us fwd !!!
KENTRUS, a crazy mage that kept doing ice rings and other spells in the middle of the event, dancing, running, making things be even harder
DREEYNA - left before the end, so that makes him the black sheep. Well, gray...
NETCOWNT - a sleepy 45y old lock at 1AM doing this crazy stuff
MARLÉNE - last one to get it


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ready for Raiding IV (part II)

My RIFT leveling pals went into pause mode, so I've been slowly moving up to 61, still inside the Reef. Below is one of the hardest solo (Epic) quests, having to kill a fast-respawn group of 5 guards and a boss. 

Can't resist a (bad) joke
On WoW, I decided to turn my paladin mode on and have some fun with Quies. And it has been so, we even went for Kargath and got him to 41%. Not bad, considering half of the raid has not been in one in years.

Quies getting ready to die in Kargath's Arena
The bad part is gearing. I had a great great help from my guildies with 3 x640 crafted epics, and had a bit of luck with LFR, so I went from 605 to 632 in 2-3 days. Now it'll be slower, and my slacking garrison helpers/followers were not helping, but I'm fixin' it:


Heroics have been a breeze, I think I'll give a hint for us to try a Bronze of Silver challenge some night, to keep ppl focused and add some diversion.

Also, I plan to ask for help for a help on the Blood Queen towards the legendary item from ICC, since old Net is nearly getting his Firelands staff and Ulduar's fragments are slowly (OH SO SLOWLY) dropping for Moonprince.

Some more funny shots of the last days:

Another (bad) joke

Seriously personality problems on the target

One of the TOP5 cretins I ever found in a PUG, Mr. Tank (ofc).

Monday, February 02, 2015

Quie guild fun run

I went for a Quie guild run on Silvermoon last night. Two dungeons, normal, with me as a recent 100 retro 596i paladin. And it was fun. Long time since I actually took the time to be on Vent...Mumble in this case.

Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Mumble...what was the name of the one I used for LOTRO ? (check) ah yes, Raidcall. A miriad of tools to do the same stuff :)

Anyway...nothing like a pal run to change my mood on WoD. We cleared Shadowmoon Burial Grounds (I think I never did that with old Net) and Grimrail Depot. All in a casual mood, some deaths and some experiments, but smooth overall, with Ganda healing and all :)
Ah while I was killing, I got a notice from my old GM pal saying he had been hacked, all friends removed and chars transferred. Arrgh. I knew something weird was goin' on. Hope he gets it all back.
That reminded me...I still don't have an authenticator.

Hmm, I'd say it's time to get one. Last time I checked, it had to be a physical one, which would be terrible for me, as I keep loosing the damn devices all over the house.
But, it seems we can now get a Mobile authenticator, so I'll be installing it after this post.

Long text. 

Guild Wars 2 frontline ? Nothing actually going on. Stormcallers, my guild, is going to be a little hardcore, I guess, as with Guild-vs-Guild in the expansion, they are getting ready, I guess, to do something like Wow Rating Battlegrounds as premade groups, in this case, all guildies. After I watched the guild meeting docs, I figured it's impossible for a casual to be part of it. They require knowledge of the class and game that I simply do not own. Oh well...

RIFT frontline ? Matadora is now 61, I've been doing some events in Gorboro Reef, the first Nightmare zone. The area is HUGE and beautiful. It beats WoW 90 "nautical" zone Vash'jir fair and square, and adds a nice touch, I NEVER saw on a MMO: 

Water walls. A vertical plane of water that separate sub-areas. If you cross it, you can immediately start swiming and go in any direction. You cross it back and you fall to ground zero level. Well implemented.

I also participated in a guild event (Concordia is the name), going to the Defiant Capital to kill guards (and players eheheh) for a guild quest.

Camping hord...defiants near their portal.
Now, a subtle change in graphics and...

I guess this shows just how outdated the rendering is, compared to GW2 and RIFT 3.0. Yeah I know, I am mean, comparing foliage with mountain rock.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

WoW fun, finally

Last night, yes.

Strings, my PVP pal, told me he has a holy pala ready to rock in 2v2.

And so we went to Arenas.
At first, it was a bit weird, as I had no dps because I was running aflliction.
But then, I switched to destro, and... oh boy.

The worst combos are for sure the same as ours, healer+dps, but we took our time understanding what healers require us to go for them instead me going for the dps. Druid seems one of them.

This was one of fights. Not a fast or a good one, but the only one I remembered to record.

Anyway, I had fun, for the first time in Cata...Mop...forgot the name of this expa.. ah yes, WoD.

This tells you how highly I regard this expansion.

On a sad note, I noticed one of my long time game pals the GM of RGC/Arcadia, unfriended me.
:( reminded me of South Park and Facebook.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Long Time No See

Life out of MMO's has been a tiny litte busy... but still I've been playing.

Getting my WoW warlock to level 100 and doing a bit of questing and such.

Getting my RIFT rogue to level 60 to experience the Nightmare Tide...and swimming my ass off.

I stupidly neglected GW2 and missed a chapter of the Living Season 2. Did you know that after releasing a new chapter, the bastards at ArenaNet disable the previous one, unless you pay gems aka gold aka EUROS ? Bastards. Well, I paid with gold, about 60 gold so I got through with it, but still...well, at least, a few days later, they released the last chapter, Point of No return and today they announced... GW2 HEART OF THORNS.

It looks yummy, a kind of Jungle !

Well, what does not look yummy is WoW. Poor dudes playing this oldie like it's the last heaven on earth, the game graphics and mechanics are so outdated it's laughable. The locations for this release are way way worse than Pandaria. 

So why am I still playing ? I don't think I'm playing, I'm... "vegetating" around like a zombie, doing the daily Pet quest, Garrison quests getting followers to lvl 655, going for some LFR, dungeons, I think I didn't even visit them all in heroic mode, and running some old raids solo. For legendaries, for mounts...I think I'll stop going for mounts, it's getting boring running an entire Ulduar 25 to get a chance of the Mirmiron mount of 1% or so.

I did some fun stuff, like going to an AllvsAll Arena in Nagrand, or playing RP on the 9th Anniversary of my Silvermoon guild, travelling drunk from Goldshire to Ironforge, only to end in some naked dancing in front of Great Father Winter. Disgraceful ? It's a paladin, ffs, it can't be all Light and Brightness !

I'm looking at Queen Jenna and Mike O'Brien presenting GW Heart of Thorns...and what a difference.  Yayayada, WoW is better. Now XXX is better. Just because...it is ? "Clubite" sucks.

Btw, started to play a bit of ArcheAge but not much into it after all. The mechanics look too much alike, a mix of Rift/WoW/Tera/Aion. All in all, the same crap.

A few shots of my WoW journey in the last two months.

A funny bug.

Hoverboard sliding, a needed feature for RL flights, unfortunately.

20 gladiators in an arena, that is fun. Got into the last 10 once.

Me doing the Legendary Firelands Staff quest, talking to Lady Tarecgosa.

Not an exploit, no. A silly bug.