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Friday, December 26, 2008

Justicar and level 80 !

That's right, a few days before Christmas I was able to finally get Justicar title.
I stalled Netcownt at 79 and in about a week I did get about 250(?) flags.
I myself collected may be half of them, and during that process completed a lot of the Warsong Gulch achievements, the hardest ones, actually.

The only one I didn't get because I really wanted to ding was the 20-kills without dying. I did 10-0 kills a few times, but because I was carrying flags a lot, I also was attacked a lot.

Swiftness pots helped a LOT.

And then, 10 minutes after I got Justicar, I ding'ed level 80 for Netcownt.

Today, I get Tarithel to 80 and so I have my wonder pair ready for gearing.

Yesterday I finished the Winter Veil achievements and got the Merrymaker title.

This weekend I'm going for Loremaster, only about 200 quests remaining in Storm Peaks and Icecrown. I WILL be Loremaster before patch day, when the 730 quests from Kalimdor will be decreased to 700 and then a lot of ppl will get it for free.. well, kind of.

Yesterday I did my first 4/5 guild run in an epic dungeon, but oh boy, I'm so undergeared. A well geared hunter's pet will probably outdamage me :PP

Hopefully Tarithel will farm some cloth and then gear Netcownt up with those clothy epics. If not... well, I got 5K gold now... may be that's enough for some cheap epic auctions.

WTB time to read and plan all the stuff I want to do :( and OMG arena S5 started :|

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Master Angler ! ! !

It took 3 years and a lot of frustration, bad luck, kills, but finally it all went right for me on Chromaggus today.

Arrived at 12:30 in Booty Bay, and took the time to fetch my swiftness and water walking pots from the bank char. Then, activated my Find Fish skill (it helps a LOT!), created healthstone, soulstone, set my $home to Booty Bay and set sail to the location I noticed last week had the highest density of spots, ie, right outside Grom'gol's base camp, south of the river fall. Luckily... no one was there.
When I left the place it was 13:10 and I had around 20, so I was on target. Water walked north towards 2 spots I found via Find-Fish near the Base camp, one of them was busy with a horde mage 80 with half-hp (that was suspicious) so I used the other spot and retreated back south water walking. He followed, non-aggressively. Me and him went through a couple of spots and I reached 30. I went south towards the Buccaneer camps and the boat wreck and did 35. A bear mount horde warrior 80 was around also fishing so I gave him the hard spot (shallow waters) and concentrated on an easier. He water walked south and missed a new one I had on my radar, so I went there and did 35. Then I water walked too southwards towards the naga zone. There were two other spots close by, the mage on one of them. I used both and did 39. Then he mounted.. and as he was mounting, another spot came up righ in front of my nose. I did my 40th as he dismounted.. and then.. I thought, f*cking mage will attack me if I HS from here, so ... swiftness pot, went 3 seconds away and then... HS to victory.

I'm Master Angler YAY !!!!!!

PS: Got myself the Hook of course. Some day I'll try the Arcanite Fishing Pole.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Justice for Justicar

Some very nice news.
Netcownt reached level 79.9 and Tarithel is at 78.5.
And as I expected, Warsong Gulch flag farming becomes amazing at 79. In spite of so much noobish players that comprise the alliance ranks, I was able to farm 60 flags in two days with a few hours of gameplay. Meaning, only 150 left for my long awaited Justicar Title. So I'm stalled at 79.9 and.. ops little mistake, I'n only 100K short of 80, and so shard farming is now very difficult, I've got to farm it with Tarithel and only kill low levels... or get the shards inside a BG. God knows it's not so easy. WTB "Disable XP" checkbox.

While doing it, I've also gotten some nice-to-have PVP ones: [Ironman], [Quick Cap], [Not So Fast], [Damage Control].

I'm also Netcownt the Seeker ! [3000 Quests Completed] Another grand achievement YAY !

And I've also went to Horde cities, got [For the Alliance!], another grand achievement and a new War Bear Mount, YAY again !

On the descriptive side, I finished Dragonblight. Didn't like it. Then I leveled in Grizzly Hills, nominating it my favorite area, although it's also the one where my overclocked AMD3500+ is penalized the most. Trees ftl. Finally I went to Zul'Drak and... boy it's dark. Nice temples and all that, some quests were fun like the ones driving giants. All in all, too easy, did all group quests with Tarithel only. Now I'm stalled in the Basin.

I'll continue my quest towards Loremaster once I get Justicar and then start real 80 tasks.

In another tone, I also went BWL, got the quest from Vaelastrasz but failed in killing Nefarian in 5 hours with 10 ppl. Guess where it all went wrong ? You got it, of course, Firemaw. 10 80 idiots from Chromaggus aren't too different from 30 70 idiots from Frostmane. They storm through the room, start killing everything, then the boss comes, raid leader didnt give warning... wipe. Then he disbands. Asshole Whiskers. One thing impressed me: We did kill Vaelastrasz. I died with the burning adrenaline but I also contributed a lot to it with about 15 seconds of instant shadowbolts. 5K dps ftw.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Crawling up the hill

I'm not very good with pictures. These tell the story of Netcownt and Tarithel and their snail pace adventures through Borean Tundra, Howling Fjords and Dragonblight, finishing with the Battle of Wratghate and the death of Bolvar (/cry) and Saurfang, and the subsequent event in Orgrimmar and Undercity, where Jaina blocks Anduin from attempting to solo Thrall and Sylvanas.

Who does he think he is? An OP Death Knight ?

I can't wait to level Cornelius, Patalogica and Clarabela to watch the even from the Horde point of view.

Questing up to now has been fun, actually better than I expected. There have been some air2air warfare and some funny events. Overall everything seems easier than in TBC, namely quest groups, where up to now I've been dual-manning it with my Felguard being healed by Tarithel.
James Alliance Guide has been helpful to cover over 100% of quests for each zone, towards my Seeker and Loremaster achievements. It seems to stop helping by lvl 76, though.

Lorewise, things are a bit complicated to follow, with the Dragonflight sub-races engaged in combat and a lot of quests dedicated to minor characters and problems.

I will probably start instances only when I ding 80 with both chars... although I'd like very much to halt Netcownt at 79 in order to farm WSG flags while still using my old PVP gear with 520 res. If I ding 80, I'll have to start gearing again.