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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tradução a quanto obrigas

WoW report !
Transferi a maior parte dos meus chars para o Aggra, aproveitando a vaga de migrações livres até fim de Maio.
Mantive o cliente em Inglês, mas não resisto a mostrar este item, tal como aparece no cliente português.
Hilariante !!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Guildless wars

For the last months I've been busy. But I kept playing a bit. I neglected LOTRO and WoW 5.2. But I kept playing GW2 a bit. That enabled me to reach World Completion last month and to look at other GW activities, from crafting to puzzling to structured pvp to WvW to...achievements and to......building a legendary ! I've been virtually guildless and finding a funny thing: I don't NEED a guild in Guild Wars 2 !! Yes it gives some karma buffs yes there are some guild only puzzles now but...no need, much less in pvp. And if you want to be in multiple guilds you can ! You represent one and that's it. All in all GW2 is a nice way to avoid the discipline in WoW, the timetables, the 3hr raids, the pvp chat anger, etc. Now...let's create a legendary weapon, shall we ?