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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

On Brawling and soloing

A new year with some funny things, for a change, implemented by Blizzard. For a long time I've been thinking, why didn't they allow viewers, spectators, in PVP arenas. Well, they made the first step. The Brawler's Guild is not PVP, but it's 1v1 PVE, hard as hell, and people strangely join together, more than in instances, and help each other, with buffs, ressurrections (much like GW2), and advice.

I joined the Brawler's guild by buying a very cheap invitiation (1K) on Chromaggus, and as it's applicable for all chars on all servers of the same account... there we go. Actually I only found that out after a few rare farming that also drops (3%) that invitation, using a cross-realm invitation for Chromaggus, since the server is virtually empty so I get the rares all for myself (nearly). The rare farming in Krazarang Wilds has another advantage: It gives you a ton of free HP (750HP/hour or more.. shooo don't tell anynone) so you can gear up for PVP and upgrade your equipment in no time.

Talking about PVP, that's my other achievement from yesterday, I got my T1 weapon and that helped making to 1550 rating in 2v2 Arena with Strings, my Arms Warrior pal, so next step is now 1750 :-).

As to PVE, our guild cleared 25-MV (I still miss Elegon, as the damn dudes decided to kill it the night before Xmas when I was away :) and is now battling through 25-Heart of Fear, the 2nd raid in MoP.

My personal raiding was fun too, I decided to solo Ulduar and do a lot ( I mean a LOT) of achievements I missed. Boy, is that hard ! I soloed a lot of bosses, doing the 10-achievs that are not meant for the Glory meta-achiev, and I sweated to do them, but they are done. Only 1 missing, a nearly impossible one to do alone, as it requires interrupt every 5 or 10 secs or so.

Naxxrammas I soloed it completely, cleared all 10-achievemnts too (some are hard because of the excess DPS) and I found that Blizzard is now dropping pets in old raids like this, MC, AQ, BWL, etc. So I get a few more reasons to go inside and visit some oldies like Nefarian.