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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Flame Warden and a few other things

In the last days, I've been concentrating on getting my 75 pets.
I've got now 68, with some luck I'll get a rare and a fishing one, and complete my thing.
It's a pity that I didn't know the mechanics to get the fishing pets. All pets are actually crocodiles, obtainable by the random daily Crocodiles in the City. Unfortunately they are BoP, otherwise I'd have my 5 70+ toons going for it.
To help with whelpling farming (1 more to go), I had to code some nice ideas on my "dualboxing helper" application, one of which is OCR to get past the stupid idea of Blizzard of not allowing data to be saved on disk. Oh well, nothing DCOORDS and a little C++ won't get around. 600 whelps later I got my Swamp of Sorrows whelpling, and I've now turned to Wetlands. My kid also helps a bit, hunting whelps, but I dont want her to get too much interest with WoW... until now I've allowed her to drive her little lvl 5 cow in Mulgore, and that was it.

On PVE, a few Ulduar runs, but nothing new on the horizon. Mirmiron is still up, and Ulduar 25 is not working, ppl are slacking too much.

One guildie is pushing ppl to try to be more aggressive, asking for hard-mode runs, which is actually a great idea, but not with much support until now. We did one last night, and may be getting 2 conquest medals will give ppl a push forward.

On PVP, i'm totally stalled, my partner hasnt showed up, and I've got 75K HP and nothing to spend it, as I still got 1399 rating. Damn.

Luckily, I had the Midsummerfest achievements to do, but they are too easy, I completed them in one day.

Tbh the hardest thing is to solo Atune, the Frost Lord, in Slave Pens. Soloing is out of the question. I dualboxed it with a lot of healing, and took me 4 attempts to do it. Now I got the hang of it. It's a damn thing as I can only do 2 trials a day.

Oh well, nothing else new on the Western front, except the release of patch 3.2 info and my fucking back pain, that's getting worse again, and not allowing me to sit for more than a few minutes without medication. Fuck it.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Kick my ass

To begin with... I still have four lvl 200 items.

Yesterday was one of those days... I spent 3+ hours in Naxx25 half-guild/half-pug to get a chance on KTZ head to complete my T7... did the most dmg while I was there, and finally... two heads dropped from KTZ, and fuck, I missed the roll.

That made me think on the purpose of helping alts from other guilds or guild newbies gearing up from blues/greens directly to 213 while I'm stuck with 200 gear, and then having to roll with them with 1/N chance.

Then I went to Ulduar, did everything perfect, coming 2nd overall behind a great DK but again, my good will prevailed over my gearing needs, and I gave up Razor's cloth head to others that lacked dps... later I went to check it, and found out the head was the best head in game for me at this moment, with some tweaking. I also found out that some of the "others" had equivalent gear, and had done half the damage.
And exactly the same thing happened with a dropped wand in XT-002 later on.

Should have gotten the head/wand, should have bidded more /Kick /Kick /Kick /Kick /Kick

As a fellow hunter said.. we're too good to noobs.

I was never good bidding watches and tshirts in thailand LOL

In my old guild, items had fixed DKP prices, and ppl would whisper their wish to the master looter, and then a council of officers would check on the wishers, their gear, attendance, etc, and give it to whoever "deserved" it the most. It was fallible, yes, but avoided things like DKP burning, and credited ppl like me that don't wish to fight others over a stupid thing like a virtual gearing item, or think others deserve it more, for guild helping purposes.

After last night, 10-raids showed up to be more appealing than 25-raids.
- Ppl have to know what to do, or they wont succeed. No slackers.
- The speed of fight is higher, we kill more bosses per hour.
- Rewards are given to whoever needs it the most, discussed, or rolled with 50% chance, not bidded. So, more my style.

To make my wow mood darker, today I went for arenas to get from 1450 to 1500 rating, and ended up with 1399, after a sequence of discipriest + pala/rogue combos that me and my fellow mage simply couldnt handle. And the worst part of it is that I didnt buy the +1400 rating furious item, coz I wanted to spend it on the +1450 item.. and now I got a bunch of honor to spend and not enough rating. Seriously, it can't get any worse, can it ?

Wait.... this means, I'm not actually having fun playing atm. or at least, playing it like I am now. So... better stop to think wether my time is worth this crap.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Frozen Wastes of Midnight

25 years later, I'm again a Champion of the Frozen Wastes, not in Midnight, not in Icemark, but in Northrend.

This week I went to Eye of Eternity with a PUG, and owned it easily.

Phases 1 and 2 are too easy to be commented, phase 3 is a bit of a problem for a newbie there, but it was ok.

The last days I've been hunting rares for the Frostbitten achievement. Only 9 to go.

PVP wise, the ladder is slow above 1400. 1500 is within reach this week, lets hope we make it.

PVE wise, we're stalled, guild is lacking something to push forward. There's will, there's only 2 bosses left before Yogg Saron.. but "casual" means ppl show up when they can, there are no fixed days, so we never know when we can go or not.

As to pets and mounts:
I'm stuck with 65 pets, 10 to go.
5 of them can be the Argent Tournament ones, but boy it's painful to get to 200 medals. And then I still need 5 more, from fishing dailies or AH or farming like hell for the dragonlings.
53 at the moment. Yesterday I made a computation and... I can get 95 pets, by paying 10K gold, and assuming I get the ZG mounts, the zhevra mount and the baron mount.
I'm farming reseach medals for the 2 Halaa mounts, the 170 medals I already have after using a funny lock-only "ability".
But from 95 to 100.. there's simply no way I can do it, unless I go for the expensive Argent Tournament mounts (100-150 medals each), and it's simply crazy.