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Saturday, December 29, 2007


My pala Moonprince, my rogue Matadora and druid Cornelius are now 70 (5×70’s now!) and I’m again enjoying ganking in Orgrimmar, alone or with some rogue friends. On the PVE side,Tarithel continues healing for PORTUCALE, Lurker in SSC and Void Reaver in Tempest Keep are down.
I’ve seen a glimpse of ZUl’Aman, and I’ve run all Kara but the last boss. Now, it’s time to run some heroics. On the private side, my server is now setup and working fine, and I’ve paid a visit the Hyjal Summit, Black Temple, etc. Looks like I wont be visiting it for real anytime soon.
On PVP, Netcownt is stalled, I lost a bit of interest in gladiating.. To get the Gladiator set ? When the extension comes out, all that crap will again turn obsolete in days. Meanwhile, my expertise is good enough to deal with all those S1 geared honor leeching noobs.
I’d like to help Lords of Midnight running Kara/Zul’, but my pala gear is too crap, My healing was good enough to heal through Shadow Labs and Arcatraz for Kara attunement, with no wipes. As a bonus, I got a Primal Nether from Black Morass, so I crafted an Engineering plate helmet for healing. As a dps, I’ve got humilliated LOL, nearly did as much damage as a totem.
By the way, I figured out a glitch in the WoW 2.3 patch, so that my lock and priest (self-controlled) are able to win Arenas HA HA HA. By tuning Emule on my server to increase the Upload to maximum, my latency goes sky high and all the melees have a hard time hitting me. Moral of the story, last week I won 3 out of 10 arenas, and a few points.
Meanwhile, Alfragitax the warrior and Patalogica the mage are leveling, now 50 and 47.