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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Suspicious activities !? Nah

This week I won 12K selling a mount, and got 2 other mounts. Somewhere along the line Blizzard automated system decided I was a chinese farmer or a bot or whatever and so blocked my accounts until I changed my password. No worries. I'm not a cybot AFAIK and I don't speak chinese, so no harm should come from this.

I also finished my PVP weapon farming, full 403 now, and nearly finished my PVE experience before Panda bears come to life somewhere during the fall.

That said, I cancelled one of my accounts, and the other will probably follow.

There's nothing to do besides achievements, and my guild isnt't keen on doing them.

The alternative is to use the free transfer to the Aggra Portuguese server for all my Silvermoon chars and start playing with portuguese-only.

I had a laugh looking at the names of chars and guilds on Aggra, using a lvl 1 spy toon.

I found out that Portucale, my mega ex-guild with 500+ ppl has moved there.

But... the server looks kind of empty, it certainly has way less players than Silvermoon. And then there's the question of portuguese way "My car is better than yours so I'm better than you". So, I'll probably pass.

Monday, February 06, 2012

How to farm the WoW Love Event mount for 2012

I created this to show my new 2500K machine up and running (kind of, the bloody damn Corsair 500W V2 PSU is giving me a hard time with a chirp noise, probably from a chinese set of coils, so it will have to go back to the box and back to the store, and probably back to China. Oh how I love my 11 years old taiwanese Enermax made with japanese condensers!)

Anyway.. Blizzard launched the 2012 Love Event. And although I thought I had nothing to do with it, I do. There's a new mount. An ugly mount. But still a mount.

Now... farming ? Argh. Not if I can help it.

Can't get any easier ;) and it's legal !

In Firelands, I also got my firehawker mount and most of the Cataclysm quest achievements, only a few remain, that will require RNG to play its part, but nearly 0 effort.

In Dragon Soul, I have been having a good luck with LFR drops, but a terrible luck with my free timing and guild raiding, so I still do not have the DS 10 Deathwing achievement. Hopefully it'll still be this month.

On the SWTOR front, I created a Sith Inquisitor alt, at lvl 11 atm, and will probably go towards the "warlock" way of things, ie, Sith Sorceror, as the other is a more of a melee/lightsaber kind of player, although it would be fun tanking with a "clothie".
My beloved Netgold mercenary is lvl24, so it's closing in on the speeder "mount", and collecting rest XP time for another level burst.