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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


All my old pictures have gone, quite possibly because of the redirect.

Have idiots taken Google by assault ? Blogger is being changed to use country specific URLs and my pictures have all gone. Orthogonal events ? Hmm...

OMG. All my Picasa pictures have gone. Vanished. That's the problem. I deleted them "supposedly locally" from my Samsung Galaxy S2 yesterday, before I sent it for repair. I revoked all passwords, and even changed my master Google password. Well, somehow, this fucking bitched Software managed to synchronize my local phone deletion and decided to delete all the picasa web albums, including of course all that supported blogger.

Dear Lord, why did Picasa and Blogger get bought by Google.

Why oh Why ?


UPDATE: OK, it's official, All my pics have gone, the absolute fuckers at Google somehow synchronized my phone picture deletion with Picasa and all photos have gone down the drain. My last resort was using "Internet Archive: Wayback Machine" to access a recent version of my blog, but I guess it's gone.