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Monday, July 30, 2012

Back in business

A lot has happened in two months. One month, I was Afk.

Came back in July and
- bought GW2 and spent some time in the beta. Great game incoming !!
- went back to SWTOR for a comeback week and transferd server, my old was dead and guild was empty. Hopefully I'll find my old pals on the new server.
- went back to RIFT for the same reason and the same happened, transferred to a server as my server was empty and for trials only.
- went back to WoW, to try 12500 achiev points and did it. Guild is empty for the Summer.
- Finally decided to complete the Cataclysm Heroic achievements to get a volcanic drake and did it.
- Now I'll go afk again.

Meanwhile, I'll spend some time recreating the pictures for this damn blog. Hopefully a few can be recovered.

Today I went to the PTR to see what account achievements I will miss because I have 5 toons on each account for dualbox.

From what it looks like, profession achievement account wide requires only 5, not all 11, so it's ok. As to different classes, only two are needed. Factions A/H are covered. Races.. didn't see a specific achievement for that.

Anyway, I slowly started to lvl up my 5 lowbies on the main account, just in case. Lowest I had was lvl 20, so I went strait to LFD for all. It's so nice to level now, with heirlooms, guild perks, lots of XP buffs and dungeons where mobs can be nearly 1-shotted, most times healing is not even required. Ahhh the good old days' 3 hours in UBRS are over.