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Thursday, December 06, 2012

On a misty morning

These days Lisbon is waking up misty, much like Holland or England. So my early mornings are spent in the mists, in the tavern of mists, checking if there's an invitation at a reasonable price.

The reason is Brawler's Guild, a new invention by Blizzard, to sum up, a bunch of goblins and you name it, showed up under the tram station of Ironforge. To enter, you need an invitation, and it can only come from a leveled up member of that guild, or from a drop in the PVP dailies from 5.1, or from... the Blackmarket Auction House near the Tavern of Mists.

Can you believe I had not seen it yet ?

Well, now I have. Seems pretty basic. There are 10 items for auction, set up by Blizzard RNG (or no so much RNG), with prices ranging from 1k to ... well, I've seen 50K or more for some items. Invitations have been sold for about 30K which is about 50% of my Geld , so... no way José.

The alternative ? Well, one is to get an invitation from a guildie. But since I'm new in the guild, it's not so easy. Another, is to make money. A lot of money. And another is to make the invitation drop from a rare in the PVP area, something quite hard on an full server. HOWEVER, on an empty server like Chromaggus, it's not. And... now there's this little thing called Cross-Realm-Invitations that allows a player to invite another to his realm (kind of). However, in order for you to be in his realm, he must be as high level as you. So I need a 90 on my dualboxing account.
Needless to say, I started leveling it, the fastest way I know, ie, pure XP farm.

So, I've been having some fun.

PVE-wise guild raiding is still 4/6 MV-25 , my iLvl is 479, because I've again been stupid and didnt roll on some 489 items I needed. We're now using EPGP, which looks much better than DKP bidding, a thing I utterly hated while raiding with Arcadia/RGC, because of DKP burning.

PVP-wise, I started to gear in a more serious way. Luckily, Strings, my old pal from SDD is on Haunted Heavens, so I can go to arenas with him. He plays well and is imba geared. I was noob the first week as I posted before, but my burst has increased now and with PVP power growing on my gear, I will soon become "good old net" and pwn people.

Today I finished chapter 1 on the Legendary Chain Quest from MoP, getting a +500 Intellect gem. Now I just need a 483/496 weapon to use it.

As to LOTRO Riders of Rohan, I bought in on Black Friday, went to the new area but haven't played it yet.

Guild Wars 2, Ive been slowly leveling with RL friends, and I'm now lvl 50. But boy oh boy oh boy, how hard it is to level a profession like Tailoring or Jewelcrafting...

Ah, last but not least, OLD DUNGEONS SOLO !!! Blizzard changed the mechanics of a few fights to allow soloing, so I've tried them, and will continue to do a few, for legendaries, mounts (Ashes of A'lar!!) or pets, since they now also drop.

Remember TK ? I soloed it.
Remember BT ? I soloed it !
Remember NAXX ? I soloed it (and got a lot of achievs :)

Next is Ulduar, I already saw some ppl soloing Razorgore. With dualboxing, it'll probably be even easier.