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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Long Time no Post

Six months have passed, Winter has come, Night has fallen and the foul are abroad.

Jokes, apart, it's been fruitful, mainly on the Single player front. I stopped/paused/? playing World of Warcraft, after getting the Demonology artifact achievement. 
It became a bit boring, though, specially on the ironman front, it has itched me again.

Unfortunately, 7.3.5 will implement Zone scaling, effectitvely (?) killing the ironman challenge, as any idiot and his mother will be able to level up a lot by simply killing the same mobs on the same zone. Hopefully, the challengers will change the rules in order to cope with this, as, since my last attempts (up to lvl 85), I've not been properly single-challenged in WoW.

Well, the Artifact challenges were nice, but still...not so much.

Ok, as to other games... Guild Wars 2, not yet started the new Expansion, but probably will do so the next days.
LOTRO, I've restarted playing with friends and I've done all quests in Minas Tirith, and I'm now bound outwards towards Minas Morgul :) at lvl 105 or so.

Single Player, I've played Hearthstone (OMG, I'm quite liking it now, too bad I didn't start playing it when it came out, ) and Sierra / tribute games: King's Quest, the 5 Episodes. After finishing "Dreamfall Chapters", I'd be wanting some single player puzzle challenges, and I can proudly say I did 99.9% of King's Quest by myself, no help from walkthroughs except a stupid puzzle that was so easy (the answer is : NONE, and by now, those that played the game know what I'm talking about) and I failed to get it.

I'll be back, but if not...

Happy New 2018 !

Sunday, July 16, 2017

On accepted challenges !

Accepted and completed...hurrah. This was not quite as hard as the green fire quest, but I completed the Destruction Warlock Legion challenge (Tugar and Jormog) with 897i (see below, I wanted to make sure I did it below 900i) and got the appropriate achievement for it. Quest is "FelTotem's Fall".

As an advice for fellow locks, I'll leave my strategy. I used a pre-pot and ofc a flask and food. I had 4 interrupts available: This Mortal Coil (joke)(45sec), Spell Lock(24sec), Grimoire of Service-Felhunter(1.5min) and ofc Fear. I used fear mostly for the Earthquake cast but also sometimes for Felburst cast. Focus always on Jormog because of the Sonic Scream cast.
Don't forget to refocus when he comes out of hiding (/target Jormog /focus target /targetlasttarget /cast [target=Focus] Havoc)
Unending resolve comes handy when you have no interrupts available and it's too late to cast Fear so you know you're gonna get a Felburst right in your face.
Talents: Backdraft, Rev. Entropy, Mortail Coil, Soul Harvest, Demon Skin, Grimoire of Service, Soul Conduit.

So next in line is Demonology, Sigryn and its "The God-Queen's Fury" quest. Seems hard because it has 3 mobs to deal with and a bunch of valkyries aiming at you.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Only a bit more WOW :)

Yadayada I quit and all that. Well...Blizz gave me a free 7-days and I figured, why not try and get the class mounts, now that 7.2.5 is out ?

So I went back and got all of them ! Yay, 12 different class campaigns.
Well, it took me a few more days, so I'm still on for a month.
The quests are not that difficult, but the fact that most of my chars are below 850 made it a bit of a challenge.<850 a="" actually="" and="" bit="" challenging.="" hard.="" it="" mage="" makes="" more="" p="" trials="" warrior="" were="">

<850 a="" actually="" and="" bit="" challenging.="" hard.="" it="" mage="" makes="" more="" p="" trials="" warrior="" were="">What to do with the rest of the month ?

- There's Black Temple revisitation week, an idiotic implementation of Timewalking, where your character can enter it once, then you get saved, and then you're no longer invited for other groups because... you're saved. That's deprecated code being effectively used as a "new raid feature" for 7.2.5. Blizzard has become a JOKE.

- There's Chromie scenario. I've saved 5/8 but I guess it needs a lot of reputation to effectively be able to finish it. Furthermore, it's damn confusing, both in gaming and position/movement terms. All in all, another messy thing, chaotic even. Thank god there are offline guides, but it shouldn't be so hard. Fuck, even the Suramar one better, the wandering army scenario or whatever it was called.

- There's a pet dungeon scenario.. Guess i'm gonna try that

- There's the brawling guild.

- There's the Kil'jaeden ramp up in LFR. Probably won't make it to the end, but I can always spend a few hundred thousand gold and get carried.

- Ah, and ofc there's the triple challenge quests (yes, dual for DH) at the Broken Shore. At least for my lock, 895, I should be able to do that. Yes, lets do that!

No pics, I'm lazy. Now back to work :)

Last but not least, I've followed her for a few years, and she's graduating, so congratulations Lana, my favorite gamer (and an artist !): https://www.twitch.tv/shadowila

Wednesday, June 07, 2017


A long long time has passed. I've not been idle. But still...

I waited for 7.2, getting all my 12 chars up to to 110. A major achievement.
Then, 7.2 came out and I proceeded to empower all my 110 characters through the new campaign. The idea is/was to get all the class mounts. Another major achievement LOL.
Of course I quickly got flying in ... omg I already forgot the name of the new zone. Lost Isles ? Echo Isles ?
Meanwhile I was finally able to get all professions to 800. Another major achievement.
But I did not succeed getting Mythic+ runs with the guild or alone... I got so bored I couldn't help myself. I did some Kara Heroics and that was about it.
Ah, meanwhile, I got the Hidden Artifacts for my warlock, by getting 30 (down from 110) dung. runs, some 1K PVP kills and 200 WQs done. Another achievement (not a major one kkk).
But then...somewhere through the progress of 7.2, before the Tomb of Sargeras opened (dunno if it is open by now) I got more and more bored...and I quit.

Yes. I quit. Well, I've quit a few times so this is just another one. But it felt really nice. NO MORE WOW.

Quickly, I went back to Guild Wars 2, update my HoT adventure status to current, and then, started to play solo games again.

Dreamfall Chapters !

YAY. I love it. During the process I had to to a major machine reinstall, but didn't loose saved games on some other games like Witcher, so I'll get back to it to finish it, after Dreamfall Chapters are over.

I'm liking Steam very much. Achievements, forums, a sense of community. Not bad at all.

Then there's Layers of Fear. I just got acquainted with their expansion, "Heran├ža". I finished the game last year with my daughter and some friends, we had a terrific time together in the living room, a 55" TV, a DOKO streaming from my PC, 1080p... and lots of fear and screams. AHAHAH. Amazing.

LOTRO...I uninstalled it. I wanted to keep playing with my RL friends but all quit so...
RIFT; same thing.

This week I (re)installed Sierra's Kinq's Quest revamped series. My anti-demential alarm tells me I already played the chapter 1 and finished it, but since I forgot it, might as well play it again, Sam.