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Thursday, May 31, 2012

All my 85 chars on main acc are DS-LFR finitto

I've been not so much time to take care of this damn blog problem and its photos.

But I've been playing a bit, so a bit of status update:

- Completed the Mastership of Isle of Conquest, and got the Tabard of Conquest for that ! Yay !
- Completed the 150-pet achievement, and got my celestial dragon ! A thanx to my guildie Flanx who bought me a present, a ToC horde pet, and allowed me to reach 150 before I started farming for Mr. Grubs in Eastern Plaguelands. Of course, the next day, it dropped after 3 bags, or 30 seconds. LOL. So now, I've got 152 pets, ready for Pandaria !
- Completed a "self" achievement, ie, bring all 5 chars of my main account to be DS-LFR ready and DS-LFR achievements done.

Concerning the last one, it was actually quite fun. After warlock and paladin were both ready and rocking, I turned my eyes to my poor hordies, resto-->elemental shaman, fire mage. Took a bit to decide that I wanted to dps and not heal or tank, as it would be faster, and faster it was.  So I turned my head to the other side, to my warrior, alone on Chromaggus. Decided against tanking, went for arms, and learned arms dps in 48 hours, so quickly brought him to LFR and completed the achievement a few mins. ago.

While gearing Morkin, the warrior, I found Strings, my old mate from SDD, which moved to Haunted Heavens, the "almost" only guild on Chromaggus. We had some good time chatting and he gave me a few tips to improve my dps to allow top10 with a miserable gear, ungemmed, unenchanted, half-unglhyphed. The most important tips were "overpower FTW to get rage back", "slam to drop rage", "heroic strike" only if you are at 100% and nothing else to do.

Btw, try to get gems, enchants or glyphs on a server which has 3-5 lvl 85 in Stormwind at 19:00 h !!!!!!!!

Ok, so I should be ready for Pandaria. Actually, I'd like to complete the Summer achievements, so this means I will have to pay for the account around July, 1st.

But it's good, I'll be AFK for a month, holidays in Barcelona and all that.

May be I get bored enough to get all my pictures back to this blog.

Oh My God Chandler Bing !