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Monday, October 27, 2008

WOTLK is coming !

Yay ! Three times yay !

The 3.0.2 patch came up and with it a lot of excitement.

- Toon overpowering at 70 to allow ppl with (more) real lives (sort of... lol, so called newbs by the so called game experts that don't know what is a flying pyramid doing on top of Stormwind) and those with not so many skills or not so much time to spend raiding, to see end game raiding content, namely, Kara, ZA, SSC,TK, BT). It was a nice move from Blizzard, better than what they did last time, effectively forcing ppl to go and get private servers to see it or wait 2 years. But then again, I noticed there is a multitude of opinions on this.

- My guild downed Vashj, and Netcownt went up to Shahraz in Black Temple, did Gruul and Magtheridon. Not too different from a private server lol... except I have a /kill button. A pity I missed the Champion of the Naaru prequest heroics.

- New talents look nice, I'm training demonic mode for Netcownt. It'll rock soon.

- Achievements. Yay ! I have a lot of them done, ~2000 points. I'm focusing 100% on Netcownt atm, the rest of the toons can wait. Major achievements I want are lore based, and pre-tbc based, since I actually hated all the tbc lore and raid crap. I've ran ZG, AQ20, AQ40, MC, and missing BWL (I went with the guild to try doing it, got saved for 3 days, wiped on Vael with 10 men, and missed a proper BWL 40x70 raid in the next day due to that. stupid move, rememember not to do it again).
It's weird most of my pre-tbc achievements were not recorded by Blizzard (e.g. ZG,MC). Oh well no worries, Ragnaros came down in 20 seconds !!!

- Scourge event again ! I remember when Tarithel was 55, she went 55-60 with my friend Mike the Mage on Skullcrusher. He AOE'd, I healed', I got a big big boost back then. This time the event is better. Amazing zombies. I went to Crossorads and plagued it all over the horde lowbies. Tons of fun, and u can talk to them too. I even infected the innkeeper and flight master lol.

- Halloween boss. I missed it last year due to WoW break, but this year I got it all except (up to now) the epic mount.

The bad part of all this ?
- I won't have time to see some end-raiding.
- My main Frostmane server is full, 1300 alliance on Sunday evening. I'm starting to see options for RP-PVP for WOTLK on my battlegroup. Ravenholdt looks promising (half the population), and Boulderfist a nice server to level 70-80 and achieve my Fishing Extravaganza. It has 1/5 of the population of Frostmane.
- No time to level inscription
- No time to level Wowforsaken
- No time for my Justicar... it's stalled with 200 flags to go.

Time to update my pre-wotlk lore book. Arthas is coming !

Friday, October 17, 2008

patch and TBC for kiddo's

I'm back for a few considerations about the latest patch.

On one hand, it rocks: graphically, it improved by miles. Stormwind Harbor is flabbergasting. The barber shop is fun. The details are way better, we can now see things on the walls that were blurred before. My fps didn't suffer... until now, and "if" (in my case) shadowing is disabled. Good job here.

On the other hand, TBC "standard" gaming is over. 70's can now pvp-kill other 70's in 2-shots.... DPS are tanking trash in BT, as one dude in my guild said happened last night with them... and if Blizz doesn't decrease the legendary drop rate, some pro guilds are gonna be quite pissed off...

I tried a few games with my 66 huntard, and truly, I saw some 65+ retradin dmg dealers do insane dmg. Dunno if it's because of the talent tree. Whatever it is, it's just... quite different from old-tbc. I guess we have to wait until 80 to see wether that scales "down", otherwise it's not going to be much fun, specially for clothiers vs unexpected enemies.

The one thing that I LOL'ed is the decrease by 30-40% of XP needed to level 60 to 70. Today I went 64-66 in a few hours of gameplay and I haven't even entered Nagrand. I guess Nagrand will push me to 68-69. And then Kirin'Tor village will be enough to ding 70. All in all, a bit of a joke, but thank you Blizzard.

Other LOL'ing are the skill leveling dummies. Blizz might as well legalize bots to speed things up! Or just give us 400 skill for all weapons.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I had to test the 3.0.2 WOTLK patch, only to check if the east asians and fat coke american coders had for once succeeded in deploying stabe Software.

The usual sh*t.

You can't fly, you can't ride, you can't logout, there are no lifts, no bg's, no portals in Shattrah.. etc etc.

The only stable thing was the new achievements browsing.

Way to go Blizzard.

Will try again tomorrow...

[Me in WSG as the 11th man... killing the other 10 horde, stuck at entrance. Weeeee]

Friday, October 10, 2008

No WoW

Due to the incoming financial meltdown and the consequent apocalypse, my time is now fully spent short-selling Nasdaq-100 futures and ripping off the n00bs that still have stoxx on their hands, so for now f*ck Warcraft. NQZ8 ftw !

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

GZ Maga Patalogica for 70 !

Yay, Patalogica is 70, only the huntard missing, but as I stand, I'm too bored to level it from 62.

Yay, Netcownt got Medallion of the Alliance after a WSG weekend farm. I found no premades, but was able to get a whooping 50 flags, so only 250 to go for Justicar. It's a pity alliance sucks so much. Still, I got to bring home a dozen flags.

TIP: I also found a way to increase the chances of flag capture, again using teenager bloodthirst knowledge. The trick is to stand behind the tree near the alliance entrance. When horde comes, if just one, he's toast. Usually, more than one comes, and in that case, Death Coil + Felguard Charge = 2 delayed horde, which usually proceed to try to kill me, as I dot+run to the gy, therefore actually avoiding a flag capturing. By the time they kill me, our flag is half way coming in, there are ppl ressurrecting, and they r toast. It works nicely... sort of.

Netcownt is now overcapped (508 res) with a mixed 35+35 set, or 473 with the fear-bonus set. It's enough to pwn. Melee are now easy to deal with, only SP's are slightly hard atm, I got kicked by Kaveira, a SP (S3/S4) on my server, as I gathered herbs without my trinkets. I deserved it, silly me ! I call for revenge !

I also made a stupid mistake of getting the S4 offhand without the +40 penetration. I could have +94, instead I only got +54. NOOOOB !

On World PVP, I joined a raid to horde cities, and we managed to kill Lor'themar (60-raid). We then tried Sylvannas and Cairne (30-raid), but by that time horde was fully aware, helped by the fact that the hormone frenzied teenagers kept yelling at city gates, and we were knocked out.

Finally, I tried Extravaganza once again, and again I "nearly" did it AAAARGH ! This time it was 38-40, in 19 minutes. I was omw to victory, but some horde bastard snatched it from my jaws.

I'll have a few days of Warhammer now... and then back to try the patch.
WTB computer, my toshiba blew up, no machine for dualboxing atm.