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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

To WoW or not to WoW

Today I've talked a bit with people that play other games, and got some info.

- Remember when I tried LOTRO once, and then twice ? Well, LOTRO is fun. It also has a nice environment, ie, the story background is JRRT based, not modern. It also has a nice player base, RPG oriented, as I like it. What is LOTRO problem ? It was created to fight the WoW player base, so it LOOKS like WoW, too much.

- Remember when I tried EVE ? I loved the graphics, I liked the player base, I liked the chaotic, non-linear way to improve, I liked the gamer conventions and prized battlegrounds, live on the Internet. What I did dislike ? The combat. You simply never miss, even when you are in an X-Wing kind of ship. It doesn't make sense.

- Remember when I tried Star Wars Galaxies ? I've read ALL the Star Wars books, so I know the Universe from the ground up, but... the graphics. OMFG. So bad it hurts.

- Remember when I tried A Tale in the Desert 3 ? Nice graphics, a friendly PVE, an easy to learn interface, daring challenges, but a bit too empty for my taste. Might try ATITD4.

- Remember when I tried Dungeons and Dragons Online ? Ha ! That's it. I never tried it, although I played D&D 3.5 RPG, and ffs, I've read a lot of Ed Greenwood's Forgotten Realms books (Elminster, mostly), and I've even have the rules book. Why not give it a try ? It's also Turbine/Codemasters, just like LOTRO. With some luck the graphics engine will be as good, meaning better than WoW. The player base will most certainly be good, with mature players, not hot teenagers with <0.1s hand reflexes.

- Remember when I tried The Chronicles of Spellborn ? Well you don't, it hasn't come out yet. It looks promising. Furthermore the soundtrack is from Within Temptation. Look !

Netcownt versus Xaire

For the record, here is the fight between Netcownt and Xaire on EU-Chromaggus (2007).
One of the best 70 PVP players versus a humble 70 lock with 60 gear !
Ugly Robes of the Battleguard FTW !
Btw, I've confirmed that Xaire is actually Drakonus, the magnificent 60 Horde Shadow Priest that battled against the alliance when CrossRealm battlegrounds were a dream.. and when Shadow Priests were a rarity.
Nice to see engineering shadow reflect trinkets in action (possibly also the fire one)

Utterly bored

And again, only a couple weeks later, I become again absolutely bored with WoW.
Several reasons:

PVP-wise, I find it too stressing to get involved in arenas the hard way. The easier way (dualboxing) is a simple point grinding, with little purpose. And I've proven my point, 60 games played, 30 solo wins. As to battlegrounds, although playing with new toons like Druid or Rogue I'm seeing the same damn things since 2005, everything is just too old.

PVE-wise, high level 25-raids aren't giving me the fun they used to do. One must be having fun with it, otherwise, it's pointless to be wasting 3-4 hours a night... and that's the point, I'm realizing I'll be "wasting" 3 hours a night to get a miserable chance of a loot that will be obsolete in a few months, and not exactly having fun doing it. Part if it derives from the fact that I've been actually coding Boss behaviour for the C++ based DLL's people are using on private servers, therefore knowing perharps too much about how boss mechanics work, yawning at the boss abilities, and sighing at wiping people.

I've also seen most of 2.4 patch content, ie, Sun Offensive dailies, Magister Terrace... ok missing Sunwell Plateau in live servers and with my gear I'll probably never will (remember Naxxramas?) but I'm coding it on the private server side, so... /bah. Tarithel is revered now with Sun Offensive...and yawning of boredom.

Overall, World of Warcraft, besides the roleplaying which is not existing, due to the average age of players and nation diversities (half of the people can't even speak proper english), is getting utterly boring.

So...what to do:
a) Continue running dungeons in heroic mode to collect badges for epic items to go to 25-raids to collect more epics to ... waste more time ? No.
b) Alting to a new toon ?.... but WHAT toon ? I've played them all, have most toons at 70 or around 60, played ally and horde, on PVE and PVP servers, ...
c) Stop playing WoW live until WOTLK comes out, and see what happens.