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Monday, May 23, 2011

Bane of the Obsolete Expansion

Always liked the word Bane, it's a deity from the D&D Forgotten Realms novels, Lord Bane, the Black Hand. Last week I got to be Bane of the Fallen King, by downing Arthas in Heroic mode. It was nice and hard, even as 85. Our tank and a few dps died at the beginning of the Frostmourne phase, so we did the whole last phase with no offtank to soak the spirits damage. But we managed. It's a pity that our guild doesn't have enough people for a 10-run.

Having 11/12 ICC10 HC downed during WOTLK, it was a shame for me to miss this event. Well, now, no longer.

Meanwhile, I continue my near-solo WoW experience. Got all the gear and saw nearly everything I wanted from ZG/ZA, and I'm horrified to get into dungeons. I'm leveling the last characters to 85, DK, rogue and hunter. DK is so fun and easy to go as tank. I nearly always outdps even dps DKs, I keep the aggro with the blink of an eye, and even have fun doing mitigation all the time so that the healers have nothing to do except heal dpsers.

But I must say, Blizzard does a TERRIBLE and I mean TERRIBLE job in this dungeon business. From lvl 83 to lvl 85, two entire levels, the LFG system only selects Vortex Pinnacle and Stonecore. I know all the mob timers by now. It's so stupid, no RNG, nothing, everything looks dull. This game is really lacking creative development.

Today, I will become Master of Alterac Valley, 2 victories to go on the last achievement.

What else have I been doing ? Solo of course.. I've been completing the new Azeroth quests for the areas to understand e.g. why VanClef's daughter is the queen of Deadmines, etc. So far I completed Loch Modan, Westfall and Redridge. Going slow, no hurries here.

Last but not least... this week I soloed Molten Core (actually, dualboxed it with Tarithel but it's soloable for sure) and what did Ragnaros drop ???

Yes, the Eye of Sulfuras !!! So I will have not one, but TWO legendary weapons.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Legendary fun

Suspended WoW and tried to stick to LOTRO for a few weeks, just having fun with RL friends. It's fun, but we only play late night, and there's a problem with LOTRO. It's always the same thing we do. Kill mobs, click on stuff, und zu weiter. There are thousands of quests, and they always look the same. We don't go into dungeons, because most require 6 and we are only 3. So we advance in the fellowship epic quest chain, which covers all the areas in LOTRO. We are now finishing Mirkwood, and pretty soon we'll be out of things to do outside. There's Enedwaith, a area Turbine created to stall players, while waiting for a new expansion that'll be out.. Christmas ?

Anyway... Star Wars Old Republic is stalling too, Rift.. no thank you, and Star Wars Galaxies ... not yet.

So I decided to give it a go on solo wow (kind of), getting 10-day free on a second account and using it to pay 1 free month for my main account, and doing a few things differently.

Going solo achievements again, for cooking, fishing, PVP, Insane title, mount farming, rep. farming for the 3 reps. I'm not yet exalted and.. farming for Thunderfury ! Yes, that's right, a warrior weapon for my lock LOL !
I farmed Garr and Geddon during vanilla and never saw the bindings drop (think I saw it once, in a 40-raid in 2006-7). Well, bosses are now soloable easily, and Geddon dropped it for me last night!! I also bought 6 enchanted elementium bars, so all I need now is for Garr to be nice and 4 more elementiums, and I will get a *LEGENDARY WEAPON*. That will make (kind of) for the idiocy of not having the AQ40 feat of strength because the fuckers at Blizzard removed the Bang-A-Gong quest, and I'm stuck with the scepter and can't bang it anymore. FUCKERS !

In PVP, I'm at 1400 rating in 2v2, found a nice frost mage to play that is not a FFS kind of guy. I hope he'll stay around.

Raidwise.. everything is the same. Kind of. I lost guild runs for the skeleton flying mount from the ICC Raider Glory as I was too fed up with ICC to enter it again, a few months ago. But tomorrow I will kill the LK in HC and will get the "Bane" title. I know it's a sucky title as I only did 11/12 HC as lvl 80, but still... it was not my fault the bloody damn guild fell apart :(